• 13/04/2021


The Wise Company is regarded as one of the best food storage companies and specializes in the long-term preservation of food. In this Wise Company review, we will be looking at its top features, shipping and prices, and more, to explain why it is a leading brand in the industry.

The Wise Company has been around for over a decade and offers dehydrated or ready-made freeze dry products with a long shelf life of up to 25 years. Located in Salt Lake City, the company delivers high-quality food storage services through FedEx or LTL Carriers. These kinds of meals are ideal for both camping and emergency situations.

In addition to food services, the company offers water storage, such as water purifying and storage equipment, featuring water-filtration bottles, water boxes, desalination techniques, and an emergency stove for boiling of water.



Wise Company has a selection of high-quality products that serve as a quick way to get money-saving meals. Each meal comes in different servings, ranging from 84 – 360, 360 – 1080, 1080 – 2160, and 2160 – 4320 servings.

Due to the facilities of the Wise Company, food storage time can be extended from a 72-hour supply to 12 months. And under the best conditions, the food shelf life can last up to a period of 25 years.

Most of the products come with a selection of sauces to heighten the taste of the foods, for example, caramel is used in the packaging of freeze-dried fruits, whereas vegetables are accompanied with cheese, mushrooms, and butter sauces.

Food & Nutritional Options

The site provides starter kits which offer breakfast and entree options, which goes up to 120 servings. There are also several different gluten-free and organic meals available, which we think is a wonderful addition as the market is growing more health-conscious by the day. These meals have a higher amount of 160 servings.

Not forgetting the meats, sides and drink section, customers can also select different types of fruits, vegetables, eggs, and milk to have with their meal. To prevent customers from growing tired of eating the same thing again-and-again, Wise Company offers a variety of different components in the meals, for example with the meat food bucket, there’s roasted chicken, southwest style chicken, cheesy beef, stroganoff beef, and more.

All of the meals have received a 4 Star (and up) rating, showing much it is enjoyed by Wise Company customers,

Shelf Life

Certain foods can be sensitive to oxygen and moisture, therefore the Wise Company decided to add an ultra-high barrier film to its collection of packages, which provides a longer shelf-life. This smart packaging gives a food shelf life of up to 25 years and comes with 0.28% oxygen per pouch, and a 0.032oz potential moisture penetration per pouch per year. Moreover, being contained in pouches allows easy storage of products.

Shipping & Pricing

The products are usually shipped through FedEx and LTL Carriers at affordable prices. In terms of the delivery date, it varies per customer and the quantity of their order.

Wise Company has a 90-day refund policy (starting on the date of the customer’s purchase). However, returns shipped via U.S. Postal Service or with a value of over $100.00 should be insured. The company claims not to be liable for return merchandise that does not reach their return department. Users can get a refund within 20 business days after the return has been received.

Customer Support

Through the Wise Company’s official website, customers are able to receive fast support concerning their purchases from the company. Customers that want to contact the brand’s representative agents are able to do so via telephone (800-393-2570) and email ([email protected]). A section for FAQs is also available which has pre-answered queries for topics such as the products, benefits of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients, shipping, and more. Furthermore, it also has several social media accounts i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and a blog section featuring helpful articles and educational tips to help customers with their preparedness.


Since its conception in 2008, the Wise food storage company has surpassed many of its competitors and has won the trust of thousands of customers due to its high-quality and unique storage for food. The food meals available are not only nutritious but will last for two dozen-plus years, Additionally, it offers various water storage systems and accessories, as well as an assortment of preservation and preparation tools. The support team of the company is topnotch and they have a strong presence on social media platforms as well, where customers can get regular updates and obtain information about the company. Looking at all of its features, it is clear to understand why it is a stand out in the industry.

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