• 12/04/2021

Why choose browser games?

Browser games can be played by anyone with a computer and an internet connection which makes them super accessible. Best of all, they are FREE to play which means you could try them all out with no financial loss to find your style.

There is a lot of diversity between these games: while some focus on a single character you build to give an RPG feel, others allow you to grow an empire and test your strategy skills and others still encourage player diplomacy or combat in MMO style gameplay. However, all of them are excellent games in their own right and will provide you with hours, or maybe even years of entertainment.

If you’re new to browser games, or just this selection in general, then head over to the Knowledge Centre for beginners guides through to pro-tips to learn how to get to the top of your game.

We have searched for what are, in our opinion, the best browser games that are currently out there though we are always on the look out for the next hottest thing! If you have any favourite games we haven’t included feel free to let us no by leaving a comment or contacting us by email.

History of browser games

Browser-based games, otherwise known as BBG, first came to light in the late 1990s when they were based on HTML/DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language). The oldest web browser game is Swirve’s Earth 2025 which launched in 1996, it was developed by Mehul Patel and was a strategy-based game. Though it did have a large customer base by the end of the 90s, Earth is not the most popular browser game in its time as three years later, Utopia was released.

Browser games are distinct from other video and computer games in that are does not require for players to install any additional software other than a web browser. It is typically written in browser-based languages such as:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Browser games are designed to be less graphically intensive because they are aimed to be played on a wide range of systems and devices. Since the first introduction of browser games over two decades ago, there are now thousands of browser games available to play including brands new creations and classic games which have been modified as a browser game, for example, Pac-Man.

If you need a recommendation for a fun browser game to play, check the games above and read our detailed reviews. Our list is always growing and expanding, so be sure to check this page regularly to find out which games are the best.

Benefits of playing browser games

Despite popular belief that online games “melt a child’s mind”, they actually make the kid sharper and mentally more active. As these games come with several levels and missions which must be completed within an allotted time, it teaches children about time management and problem-solving.

Playing browser games in a room does not necessarily mean that the player is being anti-social. Some games allow kids to be socially active as they are forced to interact and play with or against strangers online. Ultimately, you will be making new friends and not feel lonely or isolated.

Another benefit that players gain is better mind and hand-eye coordination. The child starts to learn how to coordinate their mind with the action of their hands to make sure they hit a target just in time or dodge any flying debris.

Unlike video games where you will need to purchase a certain home console, controllers, a headset, and the electronic game, browser games are free to play on any web page.

Furthermore, when played regularly, browser games offer several health benefits, such as:

  • Reducing stress for people who are constantly busy with their daily work routine. Research has shown that playing certain games can normalise your heart rate.
  • Escapism as it demands high levels of concentration to stay focused on a game. Playing browser games work exceptionally well for people who suffer from depression as it helps them forget their worries and frees their mind from other disturbances.
  • Improves vision. We do understand how this health benefit can seem a bit unorthodox as there are many articles online which stamps how spending time staring at a screen i.e. computer, tablet, and mobile can be damaging to our eyes. However, research has shown that playing games can enhance the player’s vision and helps them identify colour shades more efficiently.

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