• 25/05/2021

What is eGaming and How Can We Use It?

Remember the times when playing on a PlayStation 1 seemed like a whole new world popped up in front of our eyes? Well, if we have to admit, we still think of those moments with a wide smile but the world of video games has come a long, long way. Not only we can engage in play sessions with people over the Internet but we can even play for much more than the glory.

eGaming (or eSports) is one of the phenomena in modern sports revolution. While back in the day, video game nerds were just a bunch of fellas playing on an old game station in a room, nowadays we can see whole stadiums filled with people watching online games in action. Essentially, online video games have turned into a legitimate sport and there are two main ways to win actual cash from it.

The first one is a bit dreamier, and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to put in motion – becoming a professional eSports player isn’t something everyone can do. We need to be extremely good at a game, to know the characters, the strategies, the counter-plays, the teamwork, and many more factors. Titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite, StarCraft 2, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and even Call of Duty are holding high-level tournaments for the best gamers in the field. While some of those have lower prize pools than others, it is still a dream come true for some of the old-school video game enthusiasts. Who would have thought that wishing video games could have been a legitimate profession can actually turn into a real thing? It not only became a real deal but we can see some online video game competitions go up to $25 million in altogether rewards (yearly). But let’s not get carried away. We are here to talk about the other option for winning profits via eGaming.

eSports betting is surely a new addition to the bookmakers’ world but it is steadily gaining speed. Just a couple of years ago, very few sites were even considering to allow sports betting on online video games. In 2018, betting platforms like Betway, Pinnacle, and Bet365 offer video game fans wagers on their favorite picks and snatch winnings out of it. GG.bet and Thunderpick are taking it a step further by emphasizing solely on eSports – we have statistics, odds, live-action betting, and streaming, all at one place. And we can make some serious bucks with it.

Similar to betting on traditional sports, eGaming bets are conducted in a simple manner. We choose our desired fixture, check the odds, study the info (otherwise it is just plain guessing), and we place the bet amount as our final choice. If our prediction is right, we get to take the spoils home. Or into our virtual account, at least until we decide to withdraw them. But the nice thing about eSports betting lies in the many possibilities we can try out – we can bet on almost all online game aspects – First Blood/Towers taken/Dragons and Bosses slain for MOBAs, Total Kill number, maps played, winner of a map for FPS (First-Person-Shooters), Games played or handicap winners for RTS (real-time-strategy), and some more. It is even neater to know that some of those bet options are available cross-genre. Yes, they can be placed in more than one type of game, and this makes eSports betting so diverse!

How Does It All Happen?

Online video games began gaining popularity in the early 2000s, and since then, they have become a massive force to take into account. We, personally, never thought that we would be able to play Blizzard’s Diablo with other people unless we gathered for a LAN-party. And speaking of the big guys in the industry, StarCraft can be named as the one game that paved the road for all other eSports. Played at a very competitive level right from its start, it caused a worldwide hype for the virtual sport. If we have to address the current state of eGaming, Dota 2 has made it the farthest in the prize pool department – those $25 million we mentioned earlier were aimed exactly at them. Today, all we need is a stable Internet connection and a verified account in an online game to begin learning it and becoming better. We can even scale to the rank of Pro and play on the big scene!

On the other hand, if we prefer just betting without actually making it to the max proficiency levels, we can do it easily now. An account in any trustworthy eSports betting site is enough to get us started. We need to deposit any sum we find okay and find the best bets we can take on. We can also follow each fixture in real time thanks to the high-speed streaming services most sites provide.

What is the Core of eGaming?


In essence, eGaming is a vast online field filled with various titles we can choose. We can launch any modern product and join a server to test our skills against other enthusiasts. The core of this gaming universe lies in the vision for unlimited gaming possibilities. We can engage any game, at any time, for whatever time we want. And we can even be profitable by doing so – be it by playing side by side with the best or betting on those crazy heads who have what it takes to bring every game home!

What Should We Know?


Do we have to pay to participate in eGaming?

To put simply – all we need to start a career in eSports is a paid Internet-Connection bill and the purchased game we want to play. Some of them are even FTP (free-to-play), so we don’t even have to pay anything extra.

  • Is this a legitimate sport?

Definitely. In recent years, the field of eGaming has covered many platforms – we can play and watch on our PCs, laptops, even TVs. There are dedicated eSports television channels where we can follow major competitions in eSports.

  • Will this last or is it just another one-day-wonder?

In our opinion, eSports is here to stay. The online galaxy is just getting bigger and bigger, and we don’t see it going out of fashion anytime soon.

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