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MyFoodDiary is an online calorie counting tool that has a food database maintained by trained personnel to avoid mistakes and missing nutrition data.

MyFoodDiary is a popular calorie-counting tool that brings with it a food diary, exercise log, diet journal and more.  The tracking tools are designed to remove ‘what ifs’ from your diet, as it will help you to make predictions about how much weight you will gain or lose and monitor your progress. Using the food entry tool, you will build a daily log of what goes into your body and can then plan your meals accordingly.

Diet and Fitness

MyFoodDiary offers a range of exercises and options for you to use to aid with weight loss. In many ways, the platform is a large food calorie calculator, but there are many components to this. There are tools to measure your daily calorie intake, exercise logs, body logs to keep track of your weight and health, and far more.

Body Log

Body Log gives you a weight chart to help you stay motivated. Since scales are often misleading and there are several ways to monitor your weight loss, Body Log shows you eight different methods of tracking your progress and provides a more accurate weight calculator. It also has 4 health indicators that measure your blood sugar, hours of sleep, blood pressure, and cholesterol level, and thereby assess how healthy you are.

Nutrition Analysis

The Nutrition Analysis provides you with a color-coded chart that shows nutrient details of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and other dietary elements. You even have a video tutorial of the dashboard in case you find it too confusing to comprehend. The nutrition analysis also helps you form daily charts of how much minerals you consumed, for example, monthly data on your consumption of sodium and so on. This is an exceptionally helpful tool as it shows you your recommended consumption together with how much you are actually eating.

Exercise Log

The Exercise Log is extremely helpful for keeping track of your workout routine as it produces graphs showing how many calories you have burned, the amount of time you exercised and the intensity of your training. Thus, you can keep track of how much hard work you have put in and use this as motivation to propel you forwards towards your goal. You can even download your Fitbit data if you so wish.

Weight Loss Motivation

MyFoodDiary will guide you in the right direction as it helps you develop a calorie chart and a weight loss chart. It displays how many calories are remaining in order for you to meet your daily goal and provides estimations for the future based on your current form. It states, at your current success rate, how much weight you will lose by the end of a week when you will reach your set goal, and how much you are likely to weigh after one month and three months.

Tracking Capabilities

The Body Log, Exercise Log, and Weight Loss Motivation are excellent tracking tools to keep a record of your weight loss, calories burned, training hours, daily intake, etc. Compared to other online platforms, MyFoodDiary has the best tracking tools to monitor a range of activities and your progress.


MyFoodBook allows everyone a 7-day free trial but once the trial is over clients are charged $9 per month. Clients can cancel the service anytime.


MyFoodDiary has a large online community for you to be a part of. People share their recipes and also what exercises help them. Learning about how others changed their lifestyle or about their success stories can provide a huge boost.

Help and Support

The website does not have an FAQ section nor any email address, but they do have a help section where you can message them. Plus, the online community can be a great help in solving the majority of problems you may have. It is also worth noting that MyFoodDiary can be contacted via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Comparison to Other Weight Loss Programs

MyFoodDiary takes a more rounded view on weight loss that many other programs, rather than focusing on just one tool, such as exercise, it tries to help you balance all techniques. It provides an impressive seven different ways for you to log your food, and the database of over 100,000 foods is almost unrivaled. Another aspect of the platform that makes it stand out from the crowd is that it logs all fifteen nutrients on food labels, including calories, protein, cholesterol, sugar, carbohydrates, and saturated fat.

The blog is also excellent, it is divided into six sections, Exercise, Lifestyle, MyFoodDiary, Nutrition, Recipes, and Weight Loss. The aim is to help you lose weight without making you feel like you are sacrificing. That is why you will find tasty recipes such as baked asparagus or vegetable fried rice, and healthy snack ideas. These ensure that you keep enjoying life while working to lose weight.

In the past, people who are on the go may have found it difficult to keep accurate food diaries. That is why MyFoodDiary has developed one of the best food diary apps available. The food diary app ensures that you can update your food journal at any time. It also provides you with access to the platform’s other resources such as diet motivation, dieting tips, a weight calculator, weight loss tracker, and so on.


MyFoodDiary is an excellent tool for those serious about tracking their eating and exercise habits. It offers many useful features, such as weight loss trackers, nutritionally analysis, exercise logs, and so on. The database is vast and maintained to the highest of standards, ensuring that the information is always accurate, and to top it off, the service is very reasonably priced. As a result, MyFoodDiary is easily one of the best weight loss apps available.

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