• 26/11/2020


The Weed Eater Gas FeatherLite string trimmer is small, reliable, and lightweight, making it ideal for those on a budget looking to complete small jobs around their yard.

Launched in 1972, Weed Eater is a well-known, gold standard manufacturer for string trimmers, mowers, hedge trimmers, and blowers. It’s most popular creation is the Weed Eater Gas FeatherLite, a gas-powered weedwacker, designed to be used by individuals who want the benefits of a string trimmer without investing too much money. This device comes with few additional features, however it is easy to assemble and use straight out of the box.

Features of the Weed Eater Gas FeatherLite


One thing that stands out about the Weed Eater Gas Featherlite is its low weight. The green and black trimmer weighs a tiny 10 lbs., making it one of the easiest weedwackers to carry. A shoulder strap is also included, and the model’s straight shaft design is adjustable for people of different heights.

Inside each of these weedwackers is a 25cc engine that connects to a small fuel container, which can hold up to 10 oz. This is a mixed container, meaning it can hold oil and gasoline at the same time.


Instead of a regular shoulder strap, the FeatherLite weedeater offers something that can be identified closer to a harness which wraps around the user’s back and shoulders. This, combined with the low weight, is a magnificent feature that makes yard work much easier.

The head of the weed trimmer has a dual line exit, meaning that the strings used for cutting protrudes from two ends. This is pretty standard, but the head also includes an easy open function that allows users to crack it open and remove a broken spool of string in less than twenty seconds. Considering how long it can take to get the strings out of other weedwackers, this is a great, innovative feature from The Weed Eater Gas FeatherLite.

Besides these features, there are only a couple of other aspects that stand out. The first is the inclusion of an easy-to-attach brush blade, which can be attached to the head to eliminate tougher weeds like nettles and berry bushes. The second is a plastic brush or debris shield, a standard addition in most weedwackers. This helps stop grass, weeds, nettles, and rocks from being kicked up by the strings and hitting you.

A 2-year warranty is available with every purchase and is great for when a part replacement is needed. Some of the liabilities covered includes typical wear and tear from standard use.


The biggest thing about the Weed Eater Gas Featherlite is that you’re going to need the warranty. This weedwacker works great for minor jobs such as trimming overgrown grass around driveways and walkways, but the strings struggle to cut through anything much stronger. The engine, while surprisingly powerful for the trimmer’s size, cannot make up for the construction, which uses hollow and lightweight materials.


Overall, the Weed Eater Gas Featherlite is an inexpensive and lightweight tool, which makes it great for people who are on a budget for tidying their yard. It features one of the best carrying harnesses we have ever seen, allowing the user as much mobility as possible. Given our analysis, we believe that The Weed Eater Gas Featherlite is best suited for small yards.

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