• 25/11/2020


The Troy-Bilt TB32 EC is a handheld string trimmer and weed eater that uses a powerful gas engine to eliminate dandelions, long grass, and other unwanted plants around the yard.

This black and red string trimmer features a straight shaft design that works well in tight corners, making it excellent for small yards and packed gardens. The multi-position adjustable handle helps reduce vibration and the fatigue of the operator, meaning the Troy-Bilt TB32 EC works well for individuals unaccustomed to a lot of yard work or with weaker upper body strength in general. The handles can also be moved, unlike those on many other weedwacker. One unique feature of this weed eater is the inclusion of TrimmerPlus attachments which helps transform this gas-powered string trimmer into a blower, edger, and other worthwhile outdoor implements.

Features of the Troy-Bilt TB32 EC


This Troy-Bilt weed eater is gas-powered and features a resilient 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. This engine is small but powerful, making it good for trimming small yards. It requires little fuel to run properly and is easy to refill and empty as needed. This model comes with SpringAssist starting technology as a potential add-on. This technology makes it easier to jump-start the Troy-Bilt for people who might struggle to get the tool started.

Because of the engine’s relatively small size, it fits well in the hands. It produces just enough power to be an adequate string trimmer without violently shaking the user’s arms, which can be a major concern when using any weed eater. The straight shaft splits into two parts that can be adjusted with a simple knob, and the handles are ideal for people of most heights. These handles are also highly adjustable, making them excellent for users of other heights as well.

The full dimensions of the product are 11.2 x 12.4 x 38.2 in. It weighs about 12 lbs., meaning it is quite lightweight. The total voltage of Troy Bilt weed eater is around 80-100 volts depending on how strong the engine is running at any given time.


Unlike many other string trimmers or weed eaters, the Troy-Bilt TB32 is unique for including multiple adjustable heads to change the function of the tool. So, once you’re done with the string trimmer, you can take off the tool and replace it with options like a snow blower, edger, and even a small chainsaw to help cut down unwanted branches from pesky trees.

The bottom of the string trimmer contains a sturdy protective shield to stop the rapidly rotating strings from bouncing debris back towards the user. This Troy-Bilt weed eater uses a 17-inch cutting swath and dual line bump head. This swath is great for moving around tight corners or navigating through small areas. Many people have great success around stone borders, fences, and even near gardens.


On average, this gas-powered string trimmer costs between $150 and $170 and runs reliably. This isn’t the best weedwacker for the money, but does have some features that make it ideal for those on a budget or who suffer from overall muscle fatigue or weakness. It’s easy to use, has the multiple heads, and has a warranty if it breaks down. The performance is average, so these are qualities that should be expected from the typical weedwacker.

When you buy the Troy-Bilt TB32 EC weed eater, it automatically comes with a 2-year warranty from the company. This warranty covers standard wear, tear, and damage from regular use but does not apply to extreme situations. This is actually a great deal since a lot of inexpensive pieces of lawn equipment do not come with warranties, so the Troy-Bilt TB32 is truly exceptional.


The Troy-Bilt TB32 weed whacker is a reliable model that can be customized and adjusted as needed. Because it comes with more than one head and has a decent 2-year warranty, this gas powered string trimmer is definitely worth the money. The engine is reliable even if it is rather weak, and the handles are comfortable to grip and adjustable.

The strings know their own limits, so you’re unlikely to get tangles or broken strings from the trimmer trying to cut through an obstruction that is simply too difficult or hard for the tool. The jump start is also great for people who struggle with the average pull-string start, since it will kick the engine on automatically.

The lines (strings) are easy to replace and the entire system comes with instructions for installation and string replacement. Just remember to replace the strings as they break because, if they get to small, it will be almost impossible to yank them off to put new ones on.

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