• 25/11/2020


The Shindaiwa Trimmer T235 is an efficient and reliable tool that is easy to use and suitable for medium to large yards. It has the greatest warranty we have seen from any manufacturer, and in addition, it comes with multiple attachable heads.

The Shindaiwa T235 is a straight shaft weedwacker, intended to help users deal with pesky growths such as overgrown grass around walkways, or thick berry bushes. This Shindaiwa string trimmer is known for being reliable and efficient, not to mention, simple and easy to use. When purchasing this power tool, customers will also receive a couple of adjustable heads for ease of use and a great warranty. This weedwacker comes with a powerful engine with a reasonably large fuel container.

Features of the Shindaiwa Trimmer T235


The Shindaiwa Trimmer T235 uses a 21.2 cc, two-cycle engine that is both powerful, yet lightweight. It runs off of a mixture of oil and gas, in addition, the fuel canister is quite large and can hold up to 14.9 oz. The amount should be enough to run the weedwacker for an entire hour on full blast, which is quite a long time for a heavy duty option.

This red and black straight shaft trimmer has adjustable handles that makes this tool easy to hold and stand at an average height. Moreover, the straight shaft is adaptable, therefore users can change the height to suit their convenience and comfort while using the tool. The entire product weighs around 14 lbs., which is the standard for string trimmers of this size.


The Shindaiwa string trimmer comes with a few features to make it stand out from the crowd. One of its most impressive aspects is the 20 in. cutting swathe, which is 6 inches larger than the industry standard. This enables users to eliminate more weeds and growths in a shorter amount of time, decreasing how long it takes to do yard work.

A few other features that are beneficial along with the cutting swathe is the ease of replacing strings, and their general durability. The trimmer head is simple to open, and new spools can be removed without becoming tangled in the mechanisms. A bump line feeder is included, so all you have to do to get more string out of a still-full spool is tap the head of the feeder on the ground.

There are also a couple of useful and easy-to-install-and-remove attachments that can replace the standard string trimmer head of the Shindaiwa T235, such as a brush cutter, hedge trimmer, pole pruner, and wire and nylon brushes for power sweeping. While some more expensive weedwackers have more attachments, these are versatile options that can be used for almost every type of yard work that needs to be done in a residential area.

One area where this weedwacker stands out from the rest of the competition is their warranty. Each of the Shindaiwa trimmers comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty covers labor and parts as well as the drive shaft. Should for some reason (and this does not happen often), the warranty does not cover a specific damage, the customer support team will direct you to the nearest certified repair shop. Shindaiwa responds to customer questions and queries within 24-48 hours, making them one of the most responsive companies in the industry.


This weedwacker is truly one of the best, requiring little maintenance and eating through weeds without any difficulty. It can be used around the entire yard and doesn’t struggle or kick back when trying to trim hard plants.


Overall, the shaft and strings are sturdy and reliable, and the engine has enough power to tackle tough jobs without bending or breaking. The Shindaiwa weed eater holds a lot of fuel, and there are multiple adjustable heads that can be used to handle all areas of yard work. Even the warranty stands out from the competition, covering five years of use. This is definitely the best option for those with a little extra money to spend.

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