• 28/10/2020


The Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTAT is a large and reliable gas string trimmer capable of tearing through the toughest of weeds and most difficult of situations. If you have the money for it, this weed eater is worth the investment.

The Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTAT is one of the more expensive options on the market, costing over $300. However, it is money well spent. This weedwacker is sturdy and durable and packs quite a punch with its 4-cycle engine. As long as you have plenty of gasoline, this string trimmer will tear through long grass, dandelions, nettles, and anything else you can throw at it.

Besides being strong, the Honda HHT25SLTAT is lightweight and easy to carry, an unusual feature for such a long shafted product. The length of the shaft is adjustable, and there are a couple of surprise features like a bump head and blade brush which keeps the Honda gas trimmer exciting to use for years to come.

Features of the Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTAT


The Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTAT is a tough and reliable black and red weedwacker designed for heavy-duty work. This is a straight shaft gas string trimmer with an adjustable handle and mechanism that allows users to adjust the length of the device. The full product dimensions are 10 x 13 x 74 in., making this one of the longest trimmers currently on the market.

Besides the basics of appearance, the Honda trimmer weighs around 13 lbs. This is quite unusual, since it has one of the strongest available engines in a weedwacker. The product utilizes a four-cycle engine and 25 cc of displacement power, meaning this has some of the greatest cutting ability out of all trimmers. The four cycle engine also means you don’t have to mix oil and gasoline since they have separate compartments. The fuel tank can also hold 19.6 oz., almost 5 full oz. more than average.


There are a couple of things that make the Honda Trimmer HHT25SLTAT a great product. First and foremost is, of course, the combination of a light weight and powerful engine in this product. Normally, when companies make gas-powered string trimmers, they use heavier engines that can weigh down the user. In the case of the Honda weedwacker, the manufacturer deliberately used lighter materials to make the straight shaft to help offset the weight of the engine.

Second, this weedwacker manages to be quiet and efficient while also suppressing vibration. This stops the arms from tiring out while trimming weeds and also helps protect the ears from the decibels of noise typically produced by weedwackers. Again, this is quite an amazing feat considering how powerful the Honda HHT25SLTAT’s engine is.

Third, when you have a spool inside the trimmer head, all you have to do is bump the head on the ground to get more nylon string to spin out and replace its worn counterpart. A tough plastic debris shield also stops rocks and other things from striking your feet and legs.

Fourth, the Honda HHT25SLTAT comes with a limited 2-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as a lifetime guarantee for the drive shaft. As far as we know, this is the only weedwacker to include any sort of lifetime guarantee, making it stand out once again. Honda is also easy to reach by phone to cash in on this protection.


When it comes to performance, this gas string trimmer can’t be beat. The product can handle tough weeds like bushes and nettles, and includes a bush blade attachment for even stronger growth. The weedwacker can be used for extended periods of time without refueling, and works well in tight areas despite its large cutting swathe. It is definitely worth the money and will require little maintenance in the long run.


The Honda HHT25SLTAT is a gas string trimmer that definitely earns an “A” grade. It is strong, sturdy, reliable, lightweight, and comes with a great warranty. It can do tough jobs fast and easily and doesn’t need to be fixed all of the time. The materials are durable and features like the bump head on the trimmer make string replacement a breeze. If you have a lot of tough yardwork ahead of you, then this is the model to invest in. Just make sure you have the money for it, because it is quite expensive.

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