• 28/10/2020


The Homelite UT33650 Weedwacker is a small, basic, and reliable gas string trimmer that works in small yards and tight spaces, making it ideal for someone with just a little yard work.

The Homelite UT33650 gas trimmer is an inexpensive crimson and black unit that costs between $70 and $90. It includes many fundamental features from the traditional string trimmer, including a straight shaft and adjustable head. This model is designed to be extremely lightweight, weighing a minimal 10.5 lbs. and coming with a shoulder strap for easy carrying and use. The small head makes this weedwacker ideal for people with small lawns that do not have tons of difficult edging work. The product dimensions are around 9.4 x 10.2 x 62 in., so people of average heights should be able to use the tool without any issues.

Features of the Homelite UT33650 Weedwacker


When it comes to the Homelite UT33650 Weedwacker, less is more. There isn’t a ton of spare features packed into this streamlined implement, so buyers will get exactly what they pay for. And what they pay for is an efficient unit with a compact engine that won’t guzzle gas or wear the arms out.

This tool has an adjustable straight shaft, which determines how long you want the shaft to be when using the device. A simple knob allows you to adjust how tall or short the shaft will be, so you can use this gas trimmer whether your 5 ft. or 6 ft. tall. The shaft doesn’t stick when you try to move it.


This trimmer operates using a 26cc two-cycle engine, which is pretty close to the middle on the spectrum of engines available in the average weedwacker. So while it isn’t the most powerful, it also isn’t weak. This kind of engine is capable of running for several hours without backing up, and propels strings with enough strength to tackle common yard pests like long grass, dandelions, stinging nettles, and ivy.

A plastic shield protects you from flying debris while the Homelite weedwacker is in use. This deflector can stop small rocks as well, but is easy to displace if any heavy debris should be kicked back by the tool while it is in use. Another characteristic is the lack of an anti-vibration feature. Most modern string trimmers include some sort of mechanism to help reduce the vibration produced by the tool’s engine, but there is no mechanism in the Homelite UT33650 Weedwacker. This means arms might become tired more rapidly than they might when using more advanced tools.

The head of this tool has a 17 in. cutting swathe, which is ideal for most trimming needs. It works well when used along fences, gardens, and driveways. The strings can be easily installed and replaced in the head without too much effort since there aren’t any complex mechanisms involved. This is actually a great feature, since many companies over-complicate their trimmers and make it difficult to install new strings quickly and easily.

Outside of these fundamental features, the Homelite UT33650 Weedwacker offers a limited 2-year warranty with each product. The warranty covers basic wear and tear on the parts and also covers mistakes made during the manufacturing and assembly of the trimmer. Homelite does have great customer service and responds rapidly to calls and emails, so you can always talk to someone if you experience any issues with your trimmer. Recommended repair services are also available for assistance.


This trimmer operates using a 26cc two-cycle engine, meaning it is not the most powerful on the market, but not the weakest either. This kind of engine is capable of running for several hours without backing up, and propels strings with enough strength to tackle common yard pests like long grass, dandelions, stinging nettles, and ivy. The Homelite UT33650 weed wacker is an inexpensive purchase and offers an average performance.


This is the sort of weedwacker you buy when you’re on a budget and don’t have much to spend. While the Homelite UT33650 Weedwacker doesn’t come with a ton of extra features, it makes sure to include what is important. In this case, the important elements are sturdy construction, reliable string replacement, and a competent warranty that allows for repair and replacement in case of any accidents.

With this in mind, there are a couple of nifty features packed into this compact gas trimmer. The straight shaft adjustability is great and perhaps the smoothest we’ve seen, with almost no sticking or frustrating slips. It’s also easy to replace the strings in the head, and the grass shield does its job and is easy to clean. Finally, the engine is surprisingly powerful for such an inexpensive trimmer, and it’s easy to see where the company spent much of its money during development.

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