• 25/11/2020


The Craftsman Weedwacker 41ADZ46C799 is a powerful, gas-powered string trimmer designed to help the average individual beat back the weeds, long grass, and other unwanted growths that plague every garden and yard.

This weed whacker is a string trimmer from one of the most well-known tool manufacturers, Craftsman. It includes a strong 4-cycle gas engine and a straight shaft design intended to reduce user fatigue and the vibrations from the tool while it is in use. The operator handles are adjustable, making the weed whacker more reliable and usable for the average individual. A variety of attachments are available for purchase with this particular tool, including options like a blower, another weed whacking implement, and even a small chainsaw. This string trimmer has one advantage, which is the 4-cycle engine that doesn’t require any mixing of gas and oil, which is common among older tools.

Features of the Craftsman Weedwacker 41ADZ46C799


This Craftsman Weedwacker 41ADZ46C799 is powerful and reliable, but also manages to be discreet and quiet because the gas engine is designed to reduce noise and vibrations. The 4-cycle engine is capable of displacing 30 cubic centimeters of volume, which is the equivalent of a 14 in. string area. Unlike a lot of older machines that require users to combine conventional oil with gasoline, this engine has two separate compartments to keep the liquids separate and functioning properly.

This is a small and lightweight weed whacker, with total dimensions of 12 x 11 x 39.38 in. and weighing a small 14 lbs. This means people ranging in height from 5 ft. to 6 ft. will have an easy time using this tool.


This black and red tool has a large plastic shield to stop the strings from flinging debris back towards the user or around in general. The shield is durable and won’t be displaced by small rocks and other dangerous items. The gas tank is also durable and capable of holding 12 oz. of fluid at any given time. The weed whacker will shut off when it runs out of fuel.

Multiple heads and attachments are included with the string trimmer upon purchase, including one to switch the trimmer into a basic plant and grass blower and another to make a small chainsaw. If you don’t have a ton of money but would still like a reliable set of gardening tools, the Craftsman Weedwacker 41ADZ46C799 works great.

There are three different ways to start this Craftsman weed eater. The first is a P3 electric starter, which eliminates the frustration of finicky pull cords. A Power Bit Start accessory is the second option. You do need to purchase this bit, but it enables you to start the weed eater without needing to use electricity or the traditional pull cord yet again. The final method is a cord, but Craftsman has a reputation for easy cold starts, so you don’t have to struggle.

At the head of the machine are two openings to feed the strings through, meaning you can chop through weeds and plants from two different sides. You can use it by feeding an 18 in. string through the first opening and pulling it through the second. This is a simple process that requires little experience to do properly. Once the string breaks or wears down, you can open the compartment easily and pull out the useless material, replacing it with a new one. The simplicity of this process is appreciated, because many weed whackers make theirs far too confusing to operate.


This Craftsman weed whacker runs well and doesn’t have too many issues, making it ideal for people who only want to invest their money once and receive a tool that will last for years.


So, what can be made of the Craftsman Weedwacker 41ADZ46C799? Overall, this string trimmer is a powerful model, much stronger than many other tools available for the price. It costs between $180 and $200, and even comes with a 2-year warranty to help cover damage that comes with regular wear and tear.

One feature that stands out is the adjustable heads, which allow you to use the straight shaft and motor for a variety of purposes, including cutting branches and blowing away grass trimmings. Another notable detail is the three different methods of starting the engine, so there’s something for everyone here. How many tools can claim to have an electric, powered, and cord start?

Finally, this Craftsman weedwhacker is perhaps one of the easiest ones to replace the strings on. Many models make the head of the trimmer too complicated, which often results in broken strings, choice expletives, and a lot of time spent trying to fish string through small holes. However, there is none of that here!



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