• 13/05/2021


Offering a wide variety of features, Duda is the ideal place to create small and medium-sized projects. The design templates are visually attractive and easy to customise.

Duda is the answer to the question ‘what is a website builder that can also incorporate mobile?’ Back in 2008, the founders of Duda correctly anticipated that the world would become much more focused on mobile devices and created this awesome website builder. However, if Duda was only about mobile websites, it would just be another mobile website builder – and it’s so much more! With Duda, you can create multilingual websites available in a number of languages, although of course, only with the paid plans.

Duda provides 94 modern templates which you can then customize with your own colors and fonts as well as a number of other additions such as widgets and specific personalized sections. Also, for the more experienced customers among you, Duda will let you dig deep into the HTML of the website to make the exact corrections you deem necessary! If you look at site builder reviews online, you’ll see that Duda’s services are highly sought, specifically for its top-notch quality!


Duda offers three plans to cover all of your needs. Let’s take a look at them.

Basic Plan – When you get the cheapest plan with Duda, you get the possibility of opening a 10-product online store, as well as a single website. You will have continuous e-mail support from their experts as well. Here, you get the unique opportunity to sell art online without paying much for a store.

Team Plan – A bit more expensive than the basic one, but it has a number of features the basic plan doesn’t have such as the white label builder, preview tools, client dashboard, team/client roles and permissions as well as 24 hour e-mail, chat and phone support! This is the best option to create a mid-level portfolio website.

Agency Plan – Comes in at a hefty $888 per year, but if you’re actually running an operation big enough to need it, it won’t be a problem for you. This plan supports 8 websites, a widget builder and API, all the features from the previous plan as well as priority tech support through e-mail, chat and phone. This option gives you everything you’ll likely need to get your business up and running and it’s a good fit for all but the largest enterprises.

Duda also offers to quote you for a custom plan if you have a large volume of clients or you want some more advanced features, better account management, training or developmental assistance. This gives you the option to build the best portfolio websites you can think of, no matter how large!

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