• 03/03/2021


Ring Central is a top-notch cloud communication provider, with award-winning features, flexible subscription plans, and a touch for what matters in the business communications world.

We doubt that any person with a bit of knowledge in cloud communications and collaboration options hasn’t heard of Ring Central. They are capable of connecting the entirety of your business team through mobile, land phones, voice/video chats, team messages, high-end conferencing, online collaboration meetings, enhanced contact center, and even fax! Ring Central is an integrated open platform which enables maximum flexibility for the company’s workflow and business communications. With over 350,000 organizations under their wing, the company is setting award-winning records in the industry by the day – all-around connections, boosted productivity, bigger knowledge base, and a better company-customer relation are just the main benefits of implementing them in your business!


As expected, Ring Central doesn’t disappoint when it comes to beneficial features from a VoIP service. They do their best to optimize your business communications with voice, text, fax, calls, apps, and amazing BYOD options. Their phone system is easily combined with Microsoft, Google, Zendesk, Dropbox, and much more!

Convenience for All Employees with BYOD Capability

We couldn’t seem to find an easier way to connect all of our employees with Ring Central. They offer a huge range of free apps for Android and iOS devices. Not to forget PC, too – even home-office workers and remote cogs in our business will have the smoothest of times setting up the communication software. All settings are adjustable to user preferences and each unique user base becomes a force to be reckoned with!

Business is Business

Ring Central realizes the irritating process of number transfer for most companies. To ease the pain, their software lets you transfer current business numbers, as well as local numbers, without paying any additional fees. There is also a toll-free option along with international numbers possibilities. Setting up with them doesn’t get any easier than this!

Software Integration of the Highest Level

It isn’t enough to just purchase a cloud communication software and be set for life. The leading providers need to be in touch with the dynamic environment of business creation and development. Ring Central gets us good as they work amazingly with Google, Zendesk, MS Office 365, Oracle, and Salesforce. Implementing Ring Central in our already established system of applications is the core of our business advancing to the next level!

Call Management and Voicemail

Ring Central are the ones to offer the fullest of ranges when it comes to call management. Automatic call recording, call forwarding, call screening, and many valuable notifications are in place to make our employee relations a breeze. The Voicemail options let us create customized inboxes and greetings. In addition, they can be accessed from all compatible devices in the communication system.

Phone Services and Fax

Both analog and digital devices can send out and receive calls with Ring Central. There is also the Rental Option which enables IP phones and additional conferencing equipment for our business. The added Internet Fax lets us send messages from PCs, mobile phones, clouds, and other devices (not that many more are left, wow)!

24/7 Support Regular backups needed
Auto-Call Recording Can feel pricey for some businesses
Up to 75 people Video Conferencing
Free Business and Local Number transfer


  • Ring Central Essential – $19,99/month. The first subscription plan of Ring Central gives us cloud phone system for up to 10 users with toll-free or local numbers, 100 toll-free minutes monthly, and a video conferencing capability of up to 4 users.
  • Standard – $24,99/month. Taking it up a notch, the Standard plan gets us unlimited users, a fully-developed cloud phone system (for small businesses mainly), 1,000 minutes in the Toll-Free department, and as many internet faxes as we want.
  • Premium – $34,99/month. The Premium version works best with a flexible working environment. It packs features from the previous two plans, and tops them off with 2,500 toll-free minutes/month, a whopping 50 people present in a single video conference chat, as well as automatic call recording.
  • Ultimate – $49,99/month. The Ultimate is just what the name suggests – all possible features included, along with an increased video conference cap of 75, Voicemail-to-text, and 10,000 toll-free minutes.

Customer Support

A phone contact, a 24/7 Live Chat option, a website-based case discussion, a helper-forum, a lot of guides and videos, and the Ring Central University are all eligible means of resolving issues with those guys. Even if we stumble upon a problem, we wouldn’t waste unnecessary time resolving it – it’s all there!


Ring Central can turn into your go-to cloud communication provider in varying setups – be it a small business, a medium-sized one, or an enterprise – they have solutions for every situation. Their levels of service and technology features are hardly matched by any competitor. Even if their phone customer support can be a pickle at points, their overall score is one of the highest in the field. A high-functioning VoIP provider with excellent business software and a promise towards a new-era workforce enhancement!

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