• 03/03/2021


Dialpad is arguably the best no-desk-phones VoIP provider right now.

Dialpad is a business VoIP provider suited for workplaces without the existence of actual desk phones. While the software can work pretty well with them, they aren’t needed. All of the traditional phone features can be accessed through PCs, laptops, or mobile devices without the sense of missing out. Designed with the sole thought of technological advancement, Dialpad could be the right fit for any straightforward company looking towards the future!


First off, Dialpad is not an ordinary VoIP provider service. They specialize in built-in integrations to open emails, contacts, and documents in the Dialpad app alone. The system is well integrated with Microsoft Office, LinkedIn, Zendesk, Chrome, Google’s G Suite, and Salesforce. Furthermore, Dialpad uses the VoiceAI, an artificial intelligence tool to process and track real-time calls while collecting valuable data for your company. Instant call transcribing is just a bonus while calling out various “action items” during a call sends them over to your screen immediately.

Let’s take a step back, however, and look at the “normal” features of Dialpad. The biggest benefits of the software come with their desktop and mobile apps which isn’t a surprise with all we have said so far. Full access functionality is guaranteed while using them, and they are 100% compatible with each other. Your employees have the choice to work on any Internet-connected device to achieve maximum efficiency in their workflow. Let’s go through the apps’ possibilities really quick now:

  • Making & Taking Calls
  • Video Chat
  • Contact Lists
  • Company Directories
  • Live Calls switch from one device to another
  • Call transfers
  • Send & Receive Texts/Group Messages
  • Instant Messaging
  • Co-worker availability status/Out of the Office status

In addition to those, users get the chance to explore Visual Voicemail, instant response to calls via text messages, call recording, screening, awaiting, and the possibility of Multiple-Ring – all of your devices will go off in a symphony when you receive an important call. But wait, we are not quite done yet. There are virtual attendants for better customer service, interactive responses (unique voice greetings/farewells), custom dialing features, name dials, and customer call routing.

The call analytics of Dialpad make it possible to automatically track all incoming/outgoing calls to better determine call volume at any time of the day. It adds additional information like customer specifics and employee information for every call made. This data also ensures the best level of staff evaluating when you reach this stage. And in our opinion, this should be a crucial part of developing your team and expanding its horizons!

Mobile friendly application Phone support doesn’t come with the Standard Option Plan
Smart Virtual Assistants for collecting data/connecting with customers Yet not accredited by the BBB
Triple Monthly Plan option for maximum flexibility
Enhanced call analytics


Dialpad comes in three different monthly plans and depending on your employee base, some of them will be more suitable than the others. There are some similarities, too, as all subscriptions grant unlimited calls in the US and Canada, along with unlimited messages, and conference calling of up to 10 people. HD quality calls are in the mix, too, with a virtual receptionist, G Suite/Office 365 integrations, and softphones to round up the basic package needs.

  • Dialpad Standard – for $20 a month per user, any business with less than 100 employees can cover one office and three departments of their choice. Additional features here are email/chat support and the basic level of analytics.
  • Dialpad Pro – $25 per user monthly gives you unlimited user base and covers 10 offices and even 25 departments. All of the Standard goodies come with advanced analytics, a call center add-on, voicemail transcription, and the fastest integrations with ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Salesforce. Phone customer support here is 24/7 during weekdays.
  • Dialpad Enterprise – the annual contract plan costs $35 for a user each month. It is used for a minimum of 100 employees and doesn’t set a limit to offices or business extensions. Custom analytics, an SLA, an admin API and phone support at all times are available with this one!

Customer Support

Immediate responses are guaranteed with the phone connection of Pro and Enterprise users – and they were more than just friendly, we assure you. Every customer employee is dedicated to answering all questions without pressuring us into joining the herd or hanging up. For Standard users, Live Chat and email are an option, too, with lightning-speed answering method again. We also have the usual knowledge enhancers in their website, as well as an FAQ page and many videos!


We honestly don’t know where to begin with concluding Dialpad’s amazing VoIP services. They are obviously going strong for the new technologies, their subscription options are flexible to suit every type of business, and the customer support is plainly exquisite. The many communication features and the AI implementation are more than welcome, and we would recommend trying them out on your own!

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