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NewHosting is a titan in the field. They offer some of the fastest connections, longest retention rates and advanced security features.

With up to 60 connections and a two-week trial, Newhosting is a giant in the Usenet market and well worth your consideration.

NewsHosting review

NewsHosting has a long history. Starting their operations in 1999, NewsHosting has managed to remain one of the key Usenet providers up to this very point in time. Their loyal customer base plus the low pricing make them an attractive proposition to try out. Another reason that may sway your decision is the fact they have a fair share of servers across Europe and America, thus being able to guarantee a great performance no matter where you are. Plus, there is the user-friendly client that’s available for a wide range of platforms, so what’s not to love?

Today, we will be checking out the platform in more detail and see what NewsHosting truly is all about.

Number of newsgroups

There are in excess of 125,00 news groups you can browse through. As an added benefit, the number seems to be growing day in and day out.

VPN software

With the XL Powerpack, you get the VPN software for free (it’s available for $4.99 with all the other packs). There are clients available for Windows as well as Mac OS, so pretty much every type of system is covered. Also, there are plenty of servers from a wide range of different countries to choose from. In concrete terms, you are free to choose from 70+ servers in 17 different locations.

Data transfer and connection speed

The total amount of data transfer allowance depends on the plan you’ve decided to purchase. The Lite plan has it capped at 50 GB (note that whatever you don’t use up gets rolled over to the next month), while the rest of the plans come with unlimited data transfer.

As for the speed, we decided to conduct a couple of tests. According to the results, 50 Mbps seems to be the absolute maximum speed that’s possible.

Number of connections

The number of connections available depends on the plan that you purchase. The XL Powerpack comes with 60 connections, while both the Lite and Unlimited packs will give you 30.

Binary retention

At the moment, the binary retention seems to be at 3959 days. Placing NewsHosting side by side with the rest of the cast, the binary retention seems to be increasing all the time, so that’s a major plus.

Search client

The search client is available for Linux, Max OS, and Windows users. Apart from its versatility, it’s also a pleasant experience to use, as well as being quite fast. By using it, you won’t only be able to search for files and find what you need within seconds, you also get to utilize the file preview feature that streamlines the process quite well.


The NewsHosting support seems to be rather standard. You can contact their customer support department via email and their friendly team will answer your questions and try to resolve the problem in a timely manner. Alternatively, there is also the option of getting in touch with them through social media, but if you’re facing a technical issue, shooting them an email is probably the best way to go.

Payment methods, free trial, and pricing

To accommodate your needs, NewsHosting offers a plethora of pricing tiers to choose from.

NHXL Powerpack is the first one and it’s also the most comprehensive option they offer. Priced at $15.83, you get 60 connections, with free SSL and zero download limits. This one also gives you a free VPN (a value of $4.99).

Then, we have the NH Unlimited. Priced at $12.95, this one also comes with free SSL and no download limits. However, the number of connections is restricted to 30. Do bear in mind, however, this is an annual subscription and that the $12.95 is what you’ll be paying on a monthly basis.

There is also a Lite package priced at a flat rate of $10 a month. This one also has a free SSL and 30 connections. So what’s the difference, you may ask? The caveat is that your data transfer amount is limited to 50 GB. The good news is that if you don’t use up the full capacity, what’s left over gets rolled over to the following month.

In case you feel like additional testing is needed before deciding to bite the bullet and hitting that ‘subscribe’ button, all of the above-listed plans also have a free trial option. You get 30GB of data to play around with for 14 days (feel free to cancel at any time in the specified time period at no charge). Note that you’ll need to input your credit card details in any case, but if you cancel before using up your 30 GB allowance and before the 14 day trial period is over, you won’t be charged a penny.

According to the NewsHosting official page, you can pay for these with pretty much any popular credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, etc. Paypal is supported as well. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are not a supported payment method as of yet.


Unfortunately, there is no way to complete the registration without handing over your personal details, as cryptocurrency payments are still not supported. From the perspective of preserving your anonymity, this is not the greatest of news.

On the flipside, the privacy policy does mention that NewsHosting never monitors your online activities, which, apart from the newsgroups you visit, also includes the files you download. But even that does not seem to be a foolproof kind of protection, since the company openly admits they will share your information with the government upon request.

If you are prepared to live with that, there is the 256-bit SSL protection to cover your back. Of course, we should not forget the NewsHosting VPN that does a solid job at keeping you anonymous.

The verdict

All in all, NewsHosting is tried and true, and you can hardly go wrong with them. If you’re willing to go ahead and get your hands on the 1-year deal, you also get to use their VPN for free, which is a nice bonus to throw in the mix.

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