• 25/06/2021


FastUsenet is a fresh face on the scene, but they’ve taken what other Usenet providers have done, and refined these brilliantly.

Being established in 2010, one could argue that FastUsenet is relatively young. The seat of the company is in Colorado, but their services are available worldwide. Despite them being a relatively newer contender in the market, they’ve managed to acquire an ever-growing user base due to the quality and flexibility of their services. Today, we’re going to take a deeper look and see if this particular provider is worth your time and money.

Number of newsgroups

With more than 100,000 of newsgroups to choose from, you won’t be running out of consumable content any time soon. There are scattered across the American as well as the European servers, thus making accessibility a non-issue.

VPN software

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there were no signs of a VPN being offered. Given that FastUsenet’s competitors seem to be offering it in either a free or a paid version, we feel this is a shame and certainly could be added to the service.

Data transfer and connection speed

The tests we’ve conducted show the speed seems to be jumping around the number of 60 Mbps. This was made possible due to FastUsenet’s usage of specialized software for the purposes of storing information on their servers. As you’ve probably guessed, their Unlimited plan comes with unmetered bandwidth usage.

That being said, there is one known restriction: you are only allowed to connect to FastUsenet through one IP address. This security measure was put in place to enforce the no-account-sharing rule.

Number of connections

No matter what package you decide to take, you will always get 50 SSL-secured connections with your purchase.

Binary retention

With the binary retention exceeding 3500 days, this is more than enough to stay competitive when compared against other providers. It seems to be growing consistently and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. Sitting at a solid 99%, the completion rate is practically flawless.

Search client

With your purchase, you also receive the Grabit newsreader. Since there is a lot of content to consume, you’ll want a nice and functional search feature that’s designed to get you through the results in no time, and this is where Grabit shines. The great news is that no matter which plan you’ve decided to grab, the newsreader is always available for free and comes with unlimited searches. Better yet, there is a mobile version of the newsreader, so with FastUsenet, you can enjoy your favorite Usenet content on the go.


FastUsenet doesn’t provide an email address for getting in touch with the customer support team, but don’t fret it. Instead, there is a ticketing system you can use at any time there’s trouble. Before you do, however, you’re well advised to check out their extensive FAQ section where it’s more than likely you’ll find an answer to all your questions. In case you’re facing an urgent situation, you’re best advised to pick up the phone and give them a call, as this yields the highest chances of having your issue resolved as soon as possible.

Payment methods, free trial, and pricing

Just as you’d come to expect, FastUsenet offers multiple packages to best suit your needs.

Starting with the $2.95 per month price level, you get 6 GB of data transfer. If you want to up this to 15 GB per month, the price is only a dollar higher, totaling at $3.95 per month. If you’re still hungry for more, you can purchase the 35 GB per month package at $5.95. On the off chance that nothing but the infinity satisfies you, there is the $9.95 unlimited package.

Unfortunately, there is a caveat. Since all of the above-mentioned plans are pre-paid, there are no refunds available. Given the nature of these packages, however, such a business decision makes sense, although some will not be in favor of it.

For those who are still unsure about opening their wallet before giving things a spin, there is a 14-day trial you are free to take advantage of. Unfortunately, it’s limited to 15 GB of data transfer, but it should be more than enough to get a feel for the service before jumping on board. Now, do bear in mind that you’re going to be asked to input your credit card details before being able to take advantage of it, and prior to activation, you’ll be charged a symbolic fee of $0,01. This is to ensure that you’re using a legitimate card. With that in mind, you can cancel at any time, either before using up the 15 GB of data transfer or before the 14-day period is over and you won’t be charged a dime.

As for the payment options, if you have a credit card of any sorts, chances are it’ll be accepted. As you’d come to expect, Paypal is supported too.


No matter the price plan, there is always the 256-bit SSL you can count on. However, privacy may not be one of their strongest points, particularly because they offer no VPN software of any kind. Moreover, there is no way to make your payment anonymously (such as with Bitcoin), so exposing some of your personal details along the way cannot be avoided.

The verdict

FastUsenet is certainly faithful to the name they’ve chosen. The connection speeds are one of the fastest in the industry, all the payment plans give you a hefty amount of connections to play around with, and the retention rates are generous (plus, they are growing all the time). Their pre-paid payment plans are flexible enough to accommodate everyone’s needs, so you are free to choose the one you believe will prove to be the best fit. We feel that FastUsenet is a bit weak in the privacy section, since they don’t offer you a VPN software of any kind. Plus, there is no way to pay anonymously (typically, this would be in the form of cryptocurrencies), so there is certainly some room for improvement. But given their fantastic download speeds, flexible and affordable pricing, as well as the functional newsreader that also has its own mobile variant, FastUsenet is definitely worth a try.

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