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If you’re searching for the best front load washer, the Samsung WF50K7500AV is worth your consideration. When it comes to getting the laundry done, Samsung washers are sure to exceed your expectations.

This model will ensure your clothing is cleaned to a high standard, while making sure you’ve not spend a fortune on the appliance. All washers manufactured by Samsung are well built and designed with exceptional features to make sure you’re guaranteed a high quality experience.

The Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV is both quiet and capable of holding multiple sizes of laundry load. Additionally, its features are easy to get to grips with and control.

About the Samsung brand

Samsung is a South Korean appliance and tech giant. Samsung manufacturers offer front load washers with sleek appearances and advanced features to suit any laundry task.

In fact, Samsung is one of the few brands which have created washers capable of handling giant loads. Their models also have advanced features such as the AddWash to add more clothes to your load. The price of these appliances tend to vary between $1000 and $2000.

Besides front-load washing machines, Samsung also creates a range of other products, such as TVs, mobile phones, air conditioners, computers and more.

Overview: Samsung WF50K7500AV

The Samsung WF50K7500AV/A2 front-load washing machine is packed full of useful features to enhance your laundry experience. Here’s an overview of what you can expect with this appliance:

Smart care app

If you need to troubleshoot any issues with your appliance, Samsung has developed a smart care app to help you connect and solve any problems with your washer and dryer.

Smart Control

The Samsung WF50K7500AV has Wi-Fi connectivity. You can connect the washer with your phone and receive alerts to keep track of how much time is left on a cycle, see when your laundry is done and set washing times. You can carry out all of these functions conveniently and remotely even when you are away from home.

To get started, insert the Smart Home Adapter and connect the washer to your WiFi network using the Samsung Smart Home app. These steps enable you to start using the wash remotely. Press and hold the Smart Control button for three seconds, and the indicator should blink before the washer door locks. The washer will then wait for remote commands.

Steam wash and special foam function

Unlike similar products on the market, the Samsung Elite WF50K7500AV is fitted with a steam wash and special foam function to help you clean your laundry thoroughly and make it extra fresh. This feature uses a mixture of detergent, air, and water to deeply penetrate the fabric.

Child Lock

You can keep children from starting or changing the settings on your appliance by locking all of the buttons on the machine except the power button. To activate this function, all you have to do is press and hold the Soil Level and Spin buttons for three seconds. Then press the Start/Pause button to switch it on. At this point, the door will lock and the Child Lock indicator will turn on. .


The Samsung WF50K7500AV is one of the most reasonably priced high-capacity front-load washing machines available. You can purchase this appliance for approximately $1499. When considering the numerous great features which come with this washer, it’s definitely an excellent long-term investment to consider.

Washing features


The Samsung WF50K7500AV is a machine with an internal capacity of 5 cubic feet. A large capacity washer saves you time and energy as you won’t have to do several loads of laundry in one go if you have a lot of soiled clothing to get through.

For instance, if it currently takes you two loads to wash your clothes, with this washer, it will only take one load – and your clothes will still be cleaned thoroughly. An added bonus is that, as this appliance can handle considerably more items per load, you will be able to save on your water and electricity bills in the long run.

Energy efficiency

Compared to similar products on the market, the Samsung WF50K7500AV is less energy efficient. However, given its advanced features and functionality, its energy-efficiency is above average.

Regardless, there’s no need to worry about this factor – the Samsung WF50K7500AV is EPA EnergyStar certified, which makes it better than previous generations of washers. You can be sure that this appliance won’t be gobbling up electricity and water. In fact, Samsung front-load washers have between 4 and 4.5 star ratings for water and energy efficiency.

14 wash cycles

The Samsung WF50K7500AV comes equipped to carry out 14 wash cycles, such as cold water cleaning, quick wash, sanitize, extra rinse, water temperature and heavy items.

Pre Wash

This cycle allows you to add a preliminary wash before you put on your main cycle of choice. To operate, add detergent to the pre-wash section in the detergent compartment, then switch on the pre wash option. The laundry load will carry out this function by rotating the drum and draining it, then it will continue to the main wash without you needing to do anything else.

Extra Rinse

If you want to remove laundry additives in an extra thorough way, you can select the extra rinse option to have the machine run water through the wash an additional time before the cycle finishes.

Extra Spin

As the name suggests, you can have your cycle spin the laundry for a longer time period. This function will remove more water from loads, making them easier to dry.


If you press the Steam function on your appliance, this will set the process in motion. You can use the Steam option with washes which are Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Sanitize, Deep Steam, Whites and Allergens. If you have colorfast and heavily soiled items, the Steam function will provide a tough action on stains and use less water in the process.

My Cycle

You can create a bespoke washing cycle using your own settings, and then set this cycle in motion by pressing a single button.

Self Clean+

If you want to clean the appliance itself, you can set this mode to remove dirt and mold, clearing out the drum and making it fresh for future laundry loads. It’s recommended to perform this function every 40 washes, and when you do so, don’t add any detergent or bleach.

Super Speed

If you’re in a rush and have a laundry load which is Normal, Deep Steam, Heavy Duty, Bedding or Allergen, it’s possible to shorten the washing time with just the click of a button. Please note that the amount of time you can shorten a cycle depends on the style of cycle, laundry load and other selected options.

Delay End

You can set your appliance to finish washing a load at a later time. The range goes from 1 hour to 24 hours as a delay.

The AddWash feature

The Samsung WF50K7500AV front-loader has an Addwash feature, which allows you to quickly wash a pair of socks or a shirt while a wash is underway. This small door makes use of technology that deeply penetrates fabric with a steam wash function and foam to make sure that your clothes are clean and fresh. This is a unique, innovative feature that isn’t available with most washers.


The Samsung WF50K7500AV warranty is well above average when compared with other products on the market. It has a 10 year coverage for the motor, 3 years for the tub and 1 year coverage for the rest of the machine.


– Unique features such as the Addwash and steam wash cycles
– Strong warranty
– High capacity


– Not the cheapest option on the market


The Samsung WF50K7500AV is a large machine with innovative features which makes it a real upgrade for your home. Its capacity allows you to handle larger loads more quickly, thus saving you time.

If you forgot to throw in an essential item for washing, you can use the small Addwash door. The foam and steam wash cycles offer deep cleaning for your clothes, leaving them fresh. Additionally, with 14 cleaning cycles, the Samsung WF50K7500AV washer is a versatile machine to use.

Although purchasing this appliance may require you to dig deeper into your pockets, you’re sure to obtain true value for your money over time. If you go for this washer, we hope this Samsung WF50K7500AV review has proven that you can expect only the highest quality experience.

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