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Keen is one of the first legitimate psychic reading services to launch online. It has been in operation since 1999 and it just keeps on expanding with more psychics and more specialties becoming available.

Keen is a legitimate psychic site working for the longest time in the online psychic reading services. The site has many different psychics ready to deal with your issues, no matter how specific and uncommon they might be.


When you sign up, you get the first 3 minutes free for any psychic you choose to get a reading from. The better psychics with better reviews obviously rate more than the rest. The reputation among the user base is an important factor in the pricing matter. Based on the psychic’s expertise and experience, sessions could cost from $1 – $10 per minute.

Sometimes the psychics will offer discounts on their own. You can check the official deals from the Keen site to get the details on the discounted rates.

Types of Psychics and Services

Keen offers various different kinds of services. You can either use a phone call or get the readings done over a live chat. The site has a unique network of psychics with different expertise, in order to offer you the best experience possible and help you find the area where you need specialized help.

Different Niches

The site has many different niches on offer. This is helpful to get your reading on a specific topic. These niches cover subjects such as:

Jobs and Money

Worried about your finances? Wondering whether there will be a windfall, or if you just need to keep a closer eye on your budget? What about your career? A Keen clairvoyant can help you discover what you are meant to be doing in life and how to maximize the profit from that.

Love and Relationships

Matters of the heart chakra are always painful and complicated and more often than not, we’re too involved to be able to discern objectively. That’s where a good psychic can intervene using love tarot and set you straight on whether you’ve met your soul mate or if you need to keep kissing frogs.

Life Questions

There are some major life questions that haunt most of us and that we’d like an answer to. Can anyone give you a real answer on them? Perhaps a psychic reader can help.


A good psychic can reveal a lot not only about your past, but also about your present and future. Whether they use numerology, palm reading, or a different type of psychic reading, these specialists will hold all the answers.

Spiritual Guidance

What most people need, without even knowing it, is a spiritual guide. Why not give the reins to someone who know what they’re doing and can offer you the proper guidance to move forward positively?

Tarot Cards Readings

Tarot cards can be mysterious, but they reveal themselves to the right person, and that person can undoubtedly be found at Keen. Find out what the cards have in store for you and what they can show you about your journey in a tarot reading session.

Astrological Readings

Always wanted to be able to read the stars? Perhaps you can’t, but astrological experts can tell you exactly what is written in the stars for you, including astrology compatibility or numerology compatibility.

General Readings

Your fate can be read if you want an idea of what is to come in every aspect of your life. If you don’t have a specific question and just want a general fortune telling, this is for you.

Other than the readings on the different niches, Keen also lets you see each of the psychics’ live profiles. From here you can see which categories they focus on. You will also be able to see their qualifications and experiences.

Remember that each of the psychics has a different schedule so make sure they are available before you decide to sign up. The one-on-one reading session with the specific psychic will cost you a price based on their rate. The rate can be more than average if the psychic has very good ratings.

In general, all the psychics should be able to answer your questions regarding the daily horoscopes. Horoscopes are one of the most commonly used topic psychics use to get the readings from. The site has many categories overall, as mentioned earlier, so you should be able to get a good reading even if your question is super specific.

Easy to use The best psychics are pricey
User-friendly site Some psychics are not reliable as the screening process is not very thorough
Different psychics with knowledge on a range of topics
The first 3 minutes are free for the new members

Why is Keen Unique?

Website Layout and Design

The site has one of the most attractive graphics and layout for a psychic reading site. The site is very user-friendly, and the navigation to different web pages is easy and simple. Finding the different features is also easy to do.

The main page of the site features the free articles and free horoscopes of the day. It also offers many different categories which are available for readings. This will help you in narrowing down the search for a psychic based on what kind of issues you are dealing with.

Some good psychics are features on the main page as well. They generally have a very high level of trust with their clients. They also have higher rates compared to others.

Customer Deals

The Keen site will offer you the first 3 minutes for free when you first sign up. This can be done with any of the psychics who are available on the site at any given moment. This will help you get a basic feel of the psychic and if they can actually help you out or not. The long-term customers will get other deals from time to time, for example, discount deals from certain psychics on the site.

Screening Process

As expected, the screening process isn’t really described, as far as the website goes. We don’t know exactly how an aspiring psychic gets to be accepted to operate on the Keen platform and whether they need to present documentation, proof of their experience, etc.

However, like on other websites, you benefit from other people’s reviews on the platform. Each and every psychic available has a rating that is publicly visible. That way, you can see their star rating (as well as how many reviews they’ve gotten) and make your decision based on that. You can also see the number of readings they’ve performed, as well as how long they’ve been operating for, which gives you an idea on their level of experience.

Security and Privacy

The Keen site has been running since 1999, and being on the market for this many years is not easy unless you are reliable. The site will keep your private information secured, even from your chosen psychic. Your email address and phone number will not be shared with your psychics either.

Help and Support

The site offers phone call support via 877-533-6435. You can also email them for a pre-automated response to certain FAQs. These might take a while to arrive though.

Is Keen Legit?

All that’s left to do at this point is talk about whether or not Keen is legit. We can confirm that it is, indeed, a legitimate platform hosting psychic services. There are multiple benefits to Keen, and some aspects that place it above some of its competitors, such as its wide variety of psychics specialized in a range of different reading categories. What is more, newbies can get 3 free minutes, so anyone can take advantage of that offer and get their reading done, if only just as a test or one-time thing.

As it’s usually the case with sites offering psychic services, the screening process on the website’s part is pretty opaque, and we don’t get a lot of details regarding certifications and what it takes to become a psychic on Keen. That may or may not put you off, but this is par for the course in the industry, so it’s not really a negative point for Keen, specifically.


Keen has been in this industry for 20 years now, and they know what they’re doing. The site has some reliable psychics, but it is true that there are some frauds as well. Do your research and you should be able to get a good deal here.

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