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Kasamba is a legitimate and one of the longest running online psychic reading websites with experts capable of dream analysis, career forecasts and fortune telling, among others.

Kasamba has been running their legitimate online psychic readings services since 1999. They have many different readers working for different areas of topics to help the customers lead better paths ahead.


The pricing of the psychics at Kasamba depend on the individual advisor. They start at $1.99 per minute. You can see each of the psychics’ rate before starting.

There are a couple of promotions:

  • The first 3 minutes with any psychic are free. This is a good way to learn how an individual works and if you are comfortable with them.
  • They also have a promotion where you pay 50% off for the rest of the session after the first 3 minutes.

Types of Psychics and Services

When you use a service like this, you’ll want to figure out what category you are looking to get advice on and through which method. Each psychic is an expert in a different kind of reading and most of them specialize in certain categories – such as love & relationships, or career. The reading method you choose depends on what you are comfortable with.

Psychic Readings

The readings at Kasamba can mean anything like using means such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and others. The readers can also use the help of angels and spirit guides to answer your questions. The different types of psychic readings you can have done at Kasamba are Crystal Readings, Rune Casting, Aura Readings, Pet Psychics, Remote Viewing etc.

Tarot Readings

Your tarot cards can help you understand your past, present, and future. The cards work with your subconscious mind to guide you through the hardships of life. A tarot cards reading can help you answer the hard question, no matter if they are specific or general, small or large. Put your trust into what the cards show you about your fate and what you can expect from the future.

Love Readings

One of the most sought after categories is love & relationships, because that is what troubles most of us. The love readings at Kasamba can help you sort out your love life, no matter what the issue is. The issues might include Marital Life, Divorce and Breakups, Cheating and Affairs, Soulmate Search etc. Your heart chakra may be cleansed in the process. The site is extremely gay and lesbian-friendly.

Fortune Telling

The future is not set in stone, but fortune tellers can help you see certain occurrences based on your current situation. Many Kasamba psychics are experts in fortune telling and can help you prepare for what’s ahead. If you’ve never had your fortune told before, prepare to have your expectations exceeded and learn more about yourself.

Dream Analysis

Dreams can often be very compelling and leave us with a sense of unease or with a gut feeling that there’s something more to them. That is because they are your subconscious speaking to you to get you through life and can reveal a lot of things about yourself and your circumstances. Dreams are clairvoyant. If you are confused about something, Kasamba experts can read your dreams to help you gain insight into how to move forward and understand more about your primordial needs and desires.

Career Forecasts

You might be feeling confused about whether or not you are making the best choices in your career, which can naturally lead to anxiety and stress. Especially in times of economic hardship, our careers weigh heavily on our minds. Psychics at Kasamba can help you forecast the career you want and give you peace of mind.

Astrology Readings

Your horoscope can reveal a lot about you and all it takes is knowing how to read into the alignment of the planets, their influence, and what that means for you, personally. Are you a moon sign or a sun sign? What difference does it make in your life? At Kasamba, readers will tell you insights about your past conflicts, present struggles, and your personality traits. They can also guide you through the hardships to get you to a better place in the future.

Different Metaphysical Areas

Experts at Kasamba also offer solutions to different areas such as Paranormal, Numerology, Occult, Picture Readings, Past Life Readings, Palm Readings, Universal Laws and many more. There are numerous ways in which your fortune can be read, so don’t be afraid to try something new. These areas can help you find interesting paths in life.

Satisfaction guarantee on first session, or full refund The first 3 minutes are free only with a new reader
15% discount on new sign-ups Psychics can set their own prices, which can become very pricey
Thorough FAQ section
Online sessions via live chat phone, and email

Why is Kasamba Unique?

Modes of Communication

Kasamba offers many different options to connect with your psychic. They give you the option to communicate and get your reading done via live chat, phone calls, email, and an online Q & A. This is not something offered by many online psychic reading websites.

Availability of PayPal

Kasamba is one of the few online psychic sites that have PayPal as their mode of payment. PayPal is the most commonly used payment service used by most people these days. The availability of PayPal makes the payment convenient for most people.

Free Mobile App

Kasamba has free apps for both Android and iOS users. The app lists down the necessary information about your reader. You can also learn what tools they use and how long they have been at it.

Screening Process

All the psychics who operate on Kasamba have a star review publicly accessible on their profile, as well as the number of reviews they’ve received in the past. That way, any new customer can screen the experts based on these reviews from the community. These readers have been vetted by the community. The front page also displays 40 of the top psychic readers on the website, if you’re looking for a quick recommendation.

Kasamba isn’t particularly forthcoming when it comes to information on how the website vets the readers on the website, and in their disclaimer, they renounce responsibility regarding the authentication of the services, but that is a legal issue that is pretty par for the course for these types of services; it just means you can’t take legal action against them.

Security and Privacy

Kasamba is a safe and secure site. They keep your sensitive information private from the outsiders. Your username is the only thing visible to anyone, including your psychic.

Is Kasamba Legit?

After everything is said and done, is Kasamba a legit psychic business you should trust? We can say that: Yes, Kasamba is a legitimate platform where you can find psychic professionals to help you with your woes. It’s been around for 20 years, which is a testament to its quality.

Like most websites like this, customers are able to rate the psychics, so you always have access to these reviews and the ability to judge based on that information. The better the review, the better the psychic.

Help and Support

The customer support team is available at +1 212 918 2100. Their mailing address is Kasamba Psychics, 5, 475 10th Ave, New York, New York, United States – 10018. They have related articles on their website to get the answers to common queries.


Kasamba has been running online since 1999, which is a pretty long time for a psychic reading website. The many different versions of psychic readings from many different readers are a huge plus, because you are able to choose the right psychic for your needs from a wide range of experts. The readings from Kasamba will help you get through difficult times, and if you happen to not be satisfied, you can even get a full refund on your first reading, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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