• 12/04/2021


This is yet another low budget cell phone carrier powered by T-Mobile. As a prepaid subsidiary of T-Mobile, it also runs on the network and offers great network speed at a discounted price.

With its super-fast yet pocket-friendly mobile network, MetroPCS is one of the most preferred choices when it comes to prepaid cellphone network. It is so good that we recommend it above some other network provider. However, opting for MetroPCS means you will have to put up with their not so efficient customer service, but if this is the price to pay for its blend of performance and terrific plans, then it’s worth it. Even when the name was changed to Metro by T-Mobile, MetroPCS continues to be one of our favorites.

Features of MetroPCS


As a subsidiary of T-Mobile, MetroPCS has great network coverage nation-wide and also impressive network speed. This is not surprising as T-Mobile is said to be one of the networks with the fastest speed, this is according to the verdict given by Opensignal, Ookla and SpeedScore. According to a test carried out by Tom’s Guide, MetroPCS was found to benefit significantly from their parent’s company fast network. Nevertheless they tend to suffer a bit when network is busy as T-Mobile tends to favor their direct customers rather than MetroPCS, but this seldom happens, and even if did happen, MetroPCS has kept pace in every way.

A look at another test carried out by RootMetrics shows that T-Mobile is ranked lowest of the top four network carries. This conflicting report is because the test sites earlier mentioned carried out their surveys in urban areas while Rootmetrics did a general study of America. As it stands, MetroPCS perform better in cities than in rural communities.


There are four plans offered by MetroPCS, and these plans are limited but sufficient enough for a user. One of our favorites is the 5GB of 4G LTE that can be purchased with just about $40. It offers unlimited call and text rate, mobile hotspot, discounts on lines added or bought as well as unlimited music streaming. MetroPCS is much cheaper than Verizon. It has a basic data plan that can be purchased with about $30 per month; with this, you get unlimited talk rate and a 2GB data plan.

These two plans are similar and yet different. The difference is that the expensive ones allow you to use 10GB just for mobile hotspot. Not only that, but it also allows you text and talks without limit, including unlimited music streaming as well as discounts on extra lines added. You get to also use as much as 35GB data at high 4G LTE speed before it decreases a generous amount of data as compared to other companies if I must say. The unlimited data plan with mobile hotspot goes for about $60 monthly per person, while for the four lines it cost about $150. However, you can get a better deal than these as MetroPCS often run promos that you can benefit from.

Carrier Features

MetroPCS depends solely on T-Mobile speed of data, and this is good because it has allowed it ride on its glory to achieve its fame. When tested across several cities in recent times, it was discovered that MetroPCS could stand up to T-Mobile in terms of LTE speeds; this is asides from cities such as Chicago and Houston which could be a result of network traffic. Therefore, users need not fear network failure when they opt for MetroPCS as it is one of the best you will ever get.

Our Verdict on MetroPCS

If you are willing to overlook their poor customer service and the inability of videos to be streamed in HD and look at the fact that it has unlimited music, calls, and text options then the MetroPCS is the best choice for you.

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