• 12/04/2021


With an extensive coverage (all thanks to AT&T’s network), the Cricket wireless carrier is inexpensive; it is one of the prepaid carriers with unlimited data and also no-data plans at the same time.

It is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) that is owned and powered by AT&T. Its price and plans are similar to other carriers, but the difference is that Cricket has a limited data speed cap which is enforced on all its plans and this makes it a less desirable option. This carrier is ideal for users who are in search of a wide range of plans and not necessarily one with the fastest speed. Cricket Wireless can be gotten from any store closest to you. You need not pay tax or any fee as it has already been incorporated in the prices of the various plans.

Features of Cricket Wireless


The top Big Four Wireless networks in the United States include Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. Therefore, you should expect that Cricket will perform reasonably well since it is a subsidiary of AT&T. Cricket makes use of AT&T’s extensive and stable national network coverage to operate. However, Cricket has not been able to meet up to standards as it falls short in term of network speed as compared to other carriers. It has a data speed limit on all its plans; most plans have an 8Mbps speed cap while the cheaper ones have a speed limit of 3Mbps.

When compared with other cellphone carriers in a nation-wide test carried out by sites like Tom’s Guide, AT&T was able to have an average download speed of about 22.1Mbps, but Cricket Wireless could only manage 6Mbps, falling short by 18.1Mbps. If you are not so hooked on downloading large files, then you can stream music and use other social media platforms without much interference when you are on the 8Mbp unlimited plan. However, you may need to check the network performance of your location before switching over to Cricket Wireless as not all areas have good network coverage.


Cricket wireless offers five unlimited plans for calls and text. You have the option of going for a no-data plan, 2GBs, 5GBs, or any of the two tiers of unlimited data. It has an excellent range of plan options since it offers both unlimited and no-data option as compared to other prepaid cellphone providers who offer either unlimited or no-data option but not both. Its most basic plan for talk and text goes for about $25 per month, while the top tier plan goes for about $60 per month.

These prices can be compared to other Mobile virtual Network Providers but have fewer features. With Cricket Wireless, majority of the mobile hotspot and unlimited music streaming which do not add to the speed of data are combined in Cricket Wireless. The limited data plans give you the ability to customize the plan to suit your need as you can add extra data mid-cycle if you find out you have exhausted the one you were on. Nonetheless, note that any unused limited data plan will not roll over to the next month.

Carrier Features

There are a good number of phones that are compatible with Cricket Wireless. You also have the choice of using your phone provided it is consistent with the network. Usually, any phone from T-Mobile or AT&T will work just fine. You have the option of adding up to five lines on a single account. Also, plans worth up to $40 per month have discounts on every line added; the plans can also be paid for using auto-pay.

Our Verdict on Cricket Wireless

The Cricket Wireless doesn’t have the highest data speed, but then it offers a wide range of option that is ideal for the family. For consumers who use data frequently, there are far better options to choose from that suit your pocket. There is also great talk and text options for people without smartphones or those who only use data occasionally.

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