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Saatva launched back in 2010, and provided customers with a range of bedding products. This brand was one of the first to offer US customers with mattresses from an online platform. They are unique in that they have no physical stores, meaning that customers need to head onto the internet to find their perfect sleep setup. While the company is best known for its Saatva mattress, it also creates accessories such as a pillow.


The Saatva pillow has three layers. On the outside, you’ll find an organic cover, and the inside provides a micro-denier fiber outer core, plus an inner core which has been filled with shredded American Talalay latex. What’s more, the pillow has been created so it’s hypoallergenic, and Saatva have made the effort of repeatedly washing the latex core in order to rid it of allergens and proteins. The gusseted design of this pillow means it easily retains its original shape and won’t go flat. Furthermore, you can machine wash both the cover and the outer layer of this pillow. Customers will particularly enjoy adjusting this pillow, as the outer core will easily separate from the inner one. This means you can choose which parts of the pillow you want to sleep on at night.

Firmness and Support

The shredded latex found inside the Saatva pillow makes for a plush and supportive feeling. It’s only used as fill within the core – the innermost layer – which provides a nice contrast with the fluffy feeling of the down alternative around it. Overall, the Saatva pillow provides a nice level of loft and fluffiness, with the inner core operating as a support for the plush around it. There is microdenier material also featured, which offers a cushion-like place for resting on, and the latex works in combination with this to both conform around your head and neck and promote a neutral spine alignment to reduce the possibility of back pain. Furthermore, the construction of this pillow means that it’s got a good level of foldability and a high level of loft which remains consistent despite prolonged use. While it will be easily assumed that the lofty construction of the Saatva makes for an ideal sleeping companion for side sleepers, it’s also softly firm enough that it works well for back and stomach sleepers too. It’s malleable and compressible enough, thanks to the microdenier, that the support and alignment functionality remains for these sleeping positions as well.

Materials and Down Quality

With the Saatva pillow, you’ll get a mixture of plush and support as the company uses three layers of construction. The cover comprises breathable organic cotton, while the outer pillow has been stuffed with microdenier fiber, which acts as a down alternative. Meanwhile, the inner core has been filled with shredded Talalay latex. To go into more detail about the cotton cover fabric, you’ll find a sateen weave which gives the pillow more of a sheen and makes it silky to the touch. Furthermore, the creators at Saatva say that this fabric is naturally moisture-wicking and breathable, making for a cooler night of sleep, especially if you tend to sleep hot. There are gussets on the sides of this pillow, making it easy to keep the pillow’s shape and loft during the night. This means you’re unlikely to wake up with a flat pillow.

There is a zipper along one side of the Saatva pillow cover, which means it can be removed with ease and placed in a machine wash. Right inside the cover layer is a plush layer with plenty of loft. It has more organic cotton and is filled with microdenier fiber, which is designed to be fluffable and hypoallergenic. It also creates a good level of airflow, so that those with allergies or sensitive skin can rest easily with a decent amount of thermal regulation.

When you unzip the second layer, you’ll see an inner pillow which acts as the core of the overall pillow construction. It’s covered in polyester and has been filled with shredded American Talalay latex. It differs from a typical section of Talalay latex in that it’s light and fluffy instead of providing bouncy support. This inner latex core serves the purpose of aligning a sleeper’s head, neck and spine. The responsive nature of this functionality allows for healthy sleeping posture during the night.

Comfort Guarantee

Upon purchasing a Saatva pillow, you will be part of the 45 night sleep trial. It becomes active from the day you receive your pillow. This differs from other retailers, which count their trials from the moment you place an order. From the point of receipt, customers therefore have a month and a half to test out the pillow and decide if it works for them. If it doesn’t, it can be returned to the company for a full refund. Similarly, you may decide you want to cancel your order. In such a scenario, you will need to call the company before it ships. Alternatively, you can simply return the pillow once it’s been delivered to you. Saatva doesn’t offer exchanges, but that doesn’t stop you from returning an order and replacing it yourself with a different one.


There is no warranty for Saatva pillows outside of its 45 day sleep trial.

Key Features

  • Good for combo sleepers – This pillow will suit those who tend to switch their positions several times during the night. Some positions will work better than others, and you will most likely need to fold and adjust the pillow as you go, but overall this is a good option for many sleeping positions.
  • Good for alternatives to down – If you don’t want to sleep on animal products but like the feeling of feathers, this pillow is likely to work well for you. Thanks to the microdenier material, you can benefit from the fluffy squishiness which traditional down provides, while resting safe in the knowledge that no animals were used in the making of this pillow.
  • Sleep trial available – For those who want to try out a product before committing to a purchase, the Saatva pillow allows customers to test it out for 45 days before making the final decision. If you decide it’s not for you, you can ship it back to the company for a full refund.
  • Good for allergy sufferers – As the Saatva pillow features Talalay latex which has been washed several times with fresh water, the latex proteins which cause allergies have been removed, making it hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to take care of – To wash the Saatva pillow, simply unzip it and remove the core. You can wash both the outer cover and microdenier fiber pillow, as long as you use mild detergent and a cool cycle. Bear in mind that the shredded Talalay latex core cannot be washed at all. It’s recommended by Saatva to wash this pillow twice a year and to replace it after three years.


  • Doesn’t suit those who love memory foam – The Saatva pillow won’t provide the sinkage and body conforming features that memory foam does. Instead, it provides more of a feathery feel.
  • Not for those who need firm support – It’s true that this pillow has a decent level of loft, and the inner latex core does a good job of providing additional support, but it’s still on the softer side in terms of firmness.
  • Won’t work for those who need a flatter pillow – If you need less of a loft for your sleeping position in order to maintain a good spine alignment, you should test out this pillow before committing to a purchase, as it may not suit you.


The Saatva pillow is a lofty and supportive product which will help those who want to sleep cool, people with allergies and those who sleep in a combination of positions each night. It’s breathable and uses high quality materials to promote a good night of sleep. Overall, the Saatva pillow is well worth considering.

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