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You have a choice of two pillows with the Purple. There’s either the original Purple Pillow, or the new Purple Plush Pillow. The original variant has been constructed with the Smart Comfort Grid found in the Purple mattresses. Now patented, the design features a hyper elastic polymer grid, and makes this pillow truly unique in that it has no fill.


This pillow is designed to provide a soft feeling in the centre, combined with firmness around the edges. The cover is made of nylon, spandex mesh and polyester. The grid has been created with the intention of providing top notch neck support. This is because it will relax under pressure without a loss of support, and there will be no breakdown of this structure over time. Furthermore, the lack of fill within this pillow makes for a pillow which has a high level of breathability, as air moves freely throughout it and prevents it from getting too hot. Finally, the soft middle and firm edges have been designed to offer an increased level of support for the sleeper.

Meanwhile, the Purple Plush is a more affordable option with a traditional design. It has been filled with poly fiber puff balls, termed Smart Fluff. As you may have guessed, this gives the pillow a puffy feel, which will be more familiar for those who aren’t ready to use a design with a smart grid yet. The cover is made of nylon and lyocell, which has moisture wicking properties designed to make a product which is both breathable and cool as moisture will be moved away from the skin. What’s more, a feature which sleepers are likely to enjoy the most is the adjustable fit. If you zip and unzip the expandable gussets of the Purple Plush Pillow, you can adjust how firm this product is in order to meet the level you prefer.

Firmness and Support

You may already have surmised that the Purple Plush Pillow will provide sleepers with a plush feel. It’s fluffy and offers a nice cushioned feeling, but combines this with a high loft of around five inches. This makes the product particularly useful for back and side sleepers, as it will conform well around the head and neck, relieving pressure points in the shoulder area in the process. As the pillow is quite malleable, it can be shaped according to the firmness and loft the sleeper desires. That being said, these very features mean the pillow isn’t great for stomach sleepers. This is because, generally speaking, those who sleep on their stomachs will need a pillow with a loft which measures 2 inches at the most. When sleeping in this position, stomach sleepers may find their heads are pushed upwards, forcing their necks to become out of alignment with the spine. As a result, stomach sleepers may be prone to back pain with the Purple Plush Pillow. The traditional shape and feel of this plush pillow makes for a comfortable sleep if you rest on your back or your side. Furthermore, leaving the zippers open will allow for greater airflow around the fill, leading to a cooler sleep overall.

When it comes to the Original Purple Pillow, you will find this product doesn’t feel or look like a pillow upon initially unpacking it, and it’s fairly hefty, too. However, when you lie on your back you’ll discover that your head will be gently supported in perfect alignment with your spine. Furthermore, no matter how many times you use this pillow, it will not lose its shape. You’ll benefit from a durable response to pressure, combined with tight conforming around the head area whenever you switch positions during the night. This pillow has a low loft, however, which doesn’t make it as comfortable if you sleep on your side. These sleepers may find that their heads end up tilting downwards, with the bulk of your weight resting on your shoulder. That being said, this pillow is great for stomach sleepers, precisely because of its low loft, as well as its top notch pressure conforming and contributions towards healthy posture.

Sizing, Materials and Down Quality

The Purple Pillow comes in a standard size, and its dimensions are 24 inches by 16 inches. The Purple Plush Pillow also comes in a standard size with dimensions of 26 inches by 18 inches.

The Purple Plush Pillow has a construction which is less complex compared to its sibling. The cover fabric is made of a nylon and lyocell blend. For those who don’t know what Lyocell is, it’s also known as Tencel, and is made from dissolving wood pulp. Its benefits include being resistant to wrinkles, being sustainably sourced and having a natural ability to wick moisture. There are two zippers along the longer sides of this pillow. However, upon unzipping either side, you will not be able to access the internal fill. Instead, this will make the pillow firmer, as leaving both of them unzipped makes for a firmer feel. It will also be softer, as the fill will be given space to breathe thanks to this increased airflow. The fill within this pillow is made of polyester fiber, which is fluffy and plush. It has been designed to offer a cushiony feel.

When it comes to the Original Purple Pillow, the cover fabric is also made of nylon, but it has been blended with spandex instead of lyocell. This makes for a stretchy and breathable feeling, as well as a soft touch. However, the part of the pillow which makes it truly unique is what’s inside it. Instead of the traditional fill, there’s ‘Purple stuff’ which you won’t see in any other pillow on the market. Referred to as Hyper-Elastic Polymer, this stretchy, resilient and bouncy material has been formed into the Smart Comfort Grid. This design means that there are dozens of soft, small triangles which conform around the head and neck areas without losing shape elsewhere. Furthermore, you can use this pillow as often as you like without experiencing the grid breaking down or going flat. This grid structure is highly breathable, promoting a good level of airflow which helps to prevent body heat from generating and remaining in one place. There is a consistent loft of around two inches throughout this pillow, and the sides have been designed in such a way that they are firmer than the middle section. This is because side sleepers require a firmer level of support if they want to maintain a neutral spine alignment during the night.

Comfort Guarantee

There is a 100 night sleep trial in place with all Purple pillow products, which provides customer reassurance in that they will be able to return their purchase if it doesn’t meet their needs fully. If you want to return your Purple pillow, all you have to do is get in touch with customer support. They will issue a return label to you, and once they have received the product back you will be given a full refund.

For those who own the Original Purple Pillow, rest assured that the Hyper-Elastic Polymer in the main section of the product is completely waterproof. This means it can be washed with warm water and a gentle detergent.


There is a limited one year warranty in place for Purple pillow products. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser, who buys the product for personal use. Once the pillow has been resold, regardless of whether its condition is new or used, it will no longer be eligible for warranty claims. In order to make a claim using this warranty, you will need to provide proof of purchase, which has to include the date. The warranty document will also be needed, as well as the law tag from the pillow. These documents should all be kept in a safe place during the warranty period in order for service to be used, should it be required. The warranty only applies to the pillow and pillow cover, providing they have been used for normal consumer purposes within a personal home.

The warranty applies during proper use of the pillow, if the materials have cracked, split or failed in some other way during ordinary handling. This handling must have been in accordance with the care and use instructions issued for the pillow by Purple. If the company deems that the pillow has been abused, neglected or damaged in some way, the warranty shall not apply. Examples of this include odors, stains, tears, footprints, folds, unsanitary conditions, punctures, cuts, insect damage, infestation, rodents and damage from liquid, gels or bodily fluids. Users should be aware that applying a pillowcase which isn’t stretchy or breathable will render the benefit of the pillow to nothing. Purple are entitled to refuse to inspect products to see if they are covered by the warranty if this would leave them at risk for health and safety reasons. In such a circumstance, they would have the right to deny warranty coverage.

One factor which is not covered under the warranty is comfort preference. Users must always cover the pillow during use, or the warranty will become void. This is because UV light has a negative impact on cushioning materials. If Purple does deem a purchaser’s pillow to be defective according to the terms in the warranty, they will not charge for a repair or replacement of the product. Any transportation, handling and inspection costs associated with repairs or replacements will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Customers should be aware that the warranty for a repaired or replaced pillow runs from the date of the original purchase, not the date of its replacement or repair.


It would be fair to assume that the Purple pillows will last for at least one year according to the warranty. However, pillows are capable of lasting for around ten years if they are looked after well. In other words, avoid the following:

  • Exposing the pillow to direct sunlight without its cover
  • Exposing the pillow to mold, mildew or damp
  • Spilling liquids or bodily fluids on the pillow
  • Ripping or tearing the pillow
  • Staining the pillow

Key Features

  • Good support levels – The smart grid technology seen with one of the Purple pillow models means that customers can be reassured their head and neck will receive a high level of support.
  • Good for self adjusting – The ability to adjust this pillow is useful for people who like to play around with the firmness and loft levels.
  • Good for hot sleepers – If you struggle with temperature regulation, you will benefit from the cooling materials in this pillow.
  • Good if you don’t like feathers – The non-traditionally styled Purple pillow suits those who don’t like traditional feather or down products, or who simply want to try something new.


  • Doesn’t feel traditional – The non-traditional feel of the grid-based pillow may take some getting used to for those who are used to a feather or down fill.
  • Doesn’t suit all sleeping positions – Both pillow variants will particularly suit one sleeping style but not work well for another, so if you sleep in the ill-favored position or are a combo sleeper, you may experience difficulties with this product.


It’s clear that Purple have gone above and beyond to create pillows which cater to both customers who prefer a traditional feel and those who want to try some innovative new technology. A unique design is at the forefront of both pillow variants, and choosing the right pillow for your sleeping style will ensure you have the perfect night of sleep.


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