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You may recognise the Leesa brand for its mattresses, but what you may not know is that this company also offers two pillow models. There is the Leesa Pillow, which has a premium polyfoam core and a removable pillow, and the Leesa Hybrid Pillow, which is reversible and has different firmness settings.


To go into more detail around the construction of both models, the Leesa Pillow is a one-piece product with tiny holes within the foam for ventilation purposes. The removable cover is made of rayon and polyester, and overall this pillow offers a medium level of firmness. In total, the loft seen with the Leesa Pillow is five inches. With the Leesa Hybrid Pillow, you’ll find a product with various firmness settings and other features depending on the side you choose. If you go for the medium soft side, you’ll get a quilted and contoured sleeping experience, as this part of the pillow makes use of microfibers as padding. It is also flat and features a padding layer of cooling gen, plus polyester interlining which is ideal for removing and machine washing. The Hybrid features a cover which is made from a blend of nylon and Tencel lyocell.

Customers’ sleeping experiences will vary depending on the Leesa pillow they choose. On the one hand, the Leesa Pillow offers close conforming around the neck, shoulders and head areas. The overall benefit of this feature is that customers will have pressure points eased as well as improved alignment of their spines. Furthermore, the core – made of solid foam – keeps its shape well, meaning you won’t have to carry out a daily morning ritual of fluffing your pillows. If you’re looking for a cool night of sleep, you’re in luck, as this is what is achieved with the ventilation holes.

On the other hand, the Leesa Hybrid Pillow is more catered towards sleepers who will sleep in a different position each night of the week – or who switch it up constantly during a single night of sleep. As you may have guessed, this is due to the multi-side feature of the pillow, which either makes use of cooling gel to help hot sleepers, or provides a soft feeling for those who like down alternatives.

With the Leesa pillow, you will be able to make the most of free shipping to all customers in the 50 United States, and there are also shipping options available for Canada. One downside with these pillows is the price tag, which is generally seen as above average – and as one might expect, the Leesa Hybrid Pillow is the more expensive of the two. However, you’ll be offered customer reassurance with a combination of 100 night sleep trials and three year warranties with every pillow purchase.

Firmness and Support

If you like the feeling of cotton when it comes to your bedding materials, you’re in luck with the Leesa Pillow. There is not only cotton, but it’s stretchy and features a lined pattern which makes it feel more comforting when you’re drifting off to sleep. We recommend swapping out the case for a lighter one during the summer months, as while the foam within the pillow has been designed to be breathable, the cover may warm up hot sleepers too much. That being said, it should work well during the winter purely because of its warming properties.

The foam within the Leesa pillow has a similar feeling to latex, as does the polyfoam. It’s slightly firmer than your average latex pillow, but that doesn’t seem to be a factor which has inhibited the company’s success. Generally speaking, if you want a good amount of medium firmness support and good contouring around pressure points, you’re on to a winner with the Leesa pillow.

While the sleeper is able to sink slightly into the Leesa pillow, it doesn’t offer a feeling which is reminiscent of memory foam. For one thing, it has a quicker response to pressure, and for another, the sides of this pillow will puff up around you whenever you do sink slightly. Although the build does not allow for a consistent loft, it’s clear that it will stand the test of time and manage to maintain its shape.

Materials and Down Quality

The Leesa Pillow cover uses the same fabric as that used in the Leesa mattress. In other words, there is a blend of viscose, nylon and polyester. This creates a cushion-like quality which is both soft and enjoyable. You’ll find a zipper along one side of this product, making it easy to remove and wash. There will be a piece of performance foam within the cover which has been created with the goal of improving the pillow’s breathability.

There is a piece of polyurethane foam in the Leesa pillow called Avena, which is also used in the Leesa mattress. It results in a pillow which is both breathable and contouring. When you apply pressure, there will be a quick and bouncy response. Essentially, this pillow can be used with any sleeping position as it will adapt to the needs of the sleeper.

Comfort Guarantee

There is a 100 night sleep trial in place for new Leesa pillow owners, whereby they can test out the product and see if it will meet their expectations. Unlike most sleep trials, there is not a minimum break in period. In other words, you are allowed to return the pillow at any point during the trial if you don’t believe it will work for you after a test run. As an added bonus, Leesa will pay for the shipping and transportation costs, should you wish to return your pillow. If you request a return, you will be mailed a prepaid shipping label to make the process easier.


Customers who purchase a Leesa pillow will benefit from a 3 year warranty on their product. If you make a claim on the warranty and it is deemed valid, you will need to pay for the shipping and transportation costs which may be linked with the repairs required. However, Leesa will be liable to pay for all of the additional costs. Customers should be aware that they cannot claim for ordinary changes in the pillow, which includes a difference in softness or natural wear and tear. Additionally, you will not be able to claim for a change in your personal comfort preference, or any physical damage which has been inflicted on the pillow such as a stain, burn or cut.

Furthermore, this warranty is non transferable, which means that it only remains valid while the product is in the hands of the original purchaser. This customer must also have purchased the pillow from either Leesa or a retailer authorised by Leesa. If you purchase a Leesa pillow from an original owner – or a non-authorised retailer – you will unfortunately not be eligible for coverage under the warranty.


Going off the warranty timeframe, it would be realistic to guess that the Leesa pillow will last for roughly three years. That being said, pillows can last for up to ten years if they are looked after properly. Basic measures include ensuring the product doesn’t come into contact with excessive heat or cold, avoiding mold, mildew or similar, keeping it in a breathable bag when it’s not in use, washing it regularly and letting it air dry out in the sun from time to time to remove any smells.

Key Features

  • Good for combo sleepers – Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, you will find comfort, pressure relief and support with the Leesa pillow. Those who are aware that they tend to switch positions a lot every night during their sleep should be reassured that this product will keep you comfortable no matter how often you switch things up at night.
  • Good for those who like latex – People who want a foam pillow but don’t want to miss out on the durable bouncy quality of latex will be able to combine these features with the Leesa pillow. You will be able to feel buoyant on the pillow while also enjoying the body conforming features it has on offer.
  • Good for those who already like the Leesa mattress – As this pillow makes use of some of the materials also seen in the Leesa mattress, if you like that product already – or even own one yourself – then getting the Leesa pillow is likely to feel like a no-brainer.


  • Pillow isn’t machine washable – Before you start panicking, let’s get specific: it’s the pillow itself which can’t be cleaned in a washing machine. The pillow cover, however, can be put in for a machine wash. All you have to do is wash it with cool water which is paired with a mild detergent, then tumble dry it on a low setting. If you want to clean the foam inside the pillow, it must be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and cold water.
  • Can’t be adjusted – The foam found inside the Leesa pillow can’t be adjusted on an ad hoc basis once the customer receives the product. This is because the material is one solid chunk, and can’t be reached into using a zipper to change its position in any way. What’s more, you won’t be able to fold or change the position of this foam, so if you tend to play about with a pillow before heading to sleep – or during the night – it might work best to look elsewhere, or at least take advantage of the sleep trial first.
  • Different to other popular styles – Because the Leesa pillow is buoyant, responds quickly to pressure and provides a good level of support, it’s unlike other styles of pillow you’ll find. Generally speaking, you’d either be going for the fluffy feel of a down-filled pillow or the sinkage of a memory foam pillow. Due to this unique feel, it’s recommended to make use of Leesa’s trial period before making up your mind about this product.


Leesa offers two different types of pillow to either complement its existing mattress range or work well as a standalone product in your bedroom. It has a unique feel to it which makes it different to many competitors on the market, but any uneasiness about this change in sensation is alleviated with the 100 day trial and 3 year warranty. Made of breathable materials and with a durable construction, this product will suit those who don’t tend to adjust the shape of their pillows frequently, as the Leesa can definitely hold its own.

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