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The Layla pillow is a product offered by the well-known mattress brand. In this Layla pillow review, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from its firmness and support to the warranty, key features and a comparison with a top brand.


This pillow contains shredded memory foam which has been filled with kapok tree fibers. The Layla covers are infused with copper and made from a blend of three main materials – viscose, polyester and Lycra spandex. There is a non-adjustable loft which is roughly 4 inches thick, and you’ll get a medium level of softness with this pillow.

The Layla pillow is pretty cool for hot sleepers. Thanks to the copper infused into the cover, there is a neutral temperature when sleeping, and this could also help out sleepers who suffer from poor circulation. The medium level of softness leads to a surface which has close conforming to the head, neck and shoulders. Furthermore, sleepers will potentially benefit from a decrease in aches and pains, as well as an improvement in their spinal alignment if they are side sleepers.

You’ll find a competitive price tag with the Layla pillow, and after a purchase has been made you will be able to make the most of free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. What’s more, customer reassurance is provided with a five year warranty and a sleep trial which lasts 120 nights.

Firmness and Support

With the Layla pillow, you will only be able to purchase one style, but it comes in two sizes – standard and king. In terms of dimensions, the standard edition measures 18” x 24” x 4”, and the king measures 18” x 32” x 4”. These pillows are made from the same kind of gel infused memory foam you’ll find in Layla mattresses, and they have a slow response to pressure as well as the ability to stretch. This results in a certain degree of adjustment power when it comes to the total loft, as the sleeper can distribute the fill inside the cover – or stretch the pillow out to make it longer than it was when it first arrived.

The pillow is rather thick, weighing almost 10 pounds, and it has a soft feel to it. This means you’ll get both the benefit of a soft pillow and supportive contouring. If you want to have your head and neck pressure points supported while also being able to sink deeply into the foam, the Layla could be for you. Plus, if you tend to toss and turn at night, or roll about a lot, the king size Layla pillow could work well for you, as its length means you’re unlikely to roll off it.

Materials and Down Quality

When it comes to the cover of the Layla pillow, you’ll find it’s made of ThermoGel infused stretch-knit cotton. This is the same material which is found on the Layla mattress. In other words, you’ll find it soft, cooling and able to withstand usage for a long period of time. There are copper fibers woven into the fabric of the cover, which serves the purpose of creating an anti-bacterial barrier. Therefore, if you’re accustomed to picking up dust and other allergens easily, this pillow could be a top choice for you. Another benefit of the copper fiber is that your body heat will be evenly distributed instead of flooding into one area. This makes the feature beneficial to those who tend to sleep hot.

Within the pillow you’ll find a tree fiber called Kapok, which is soft and airy. In contrast, there is a dense and durable blend of memory foam. Combined, these materials offer the best of both worlds. Furthermore, Kapok is hypoallergenic and the memory foam used with the Layla pillow is CertiPur-US Certified.

Overall, you can expect the Layla pillow to offer you a medium level of firmness, along with effective pressure relief around the neck and shoulder areas.

Comfort Guarantee

In order to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase, Layla provides customers with a sleep trial lasting for 120 nights with their pillow. You will need to try out the pillow for a minimum of two weeks before sending a claim for a refund. If you do this, however, due to not finding that the pillow meets your personal needs, you will receive a full refund. Furthermore, Layla will cover the costs of shipping and transportation. To get started, all you have to do is email the customer support team at Layla and inform them of what you’d like to do.


There is a five year warranty in place for the Layla pillow, which is sure to provide prospective and existing customers with peace of mind around their purchase. This warranty is designed to cover product defects such as fading colors, shape loss, flattening or unraveling of seams or stitches. Customers should be aware that this warranty is only valid for the original purchasers, and anyone who buys or obtains the product from the original purchaser or a reality which is not authorised by Layla will not meet the eligibility criteria to make a claim under the warranty.


Going by the warranty, it’s safe to assume that the Layla pillow will last for around five years, providing it’s handled properly and not misused. There are several signs that a pillow is on its last legs and needs replacing soon, and it can be helpful to know what to look out for. If you find clumps in a pillow, this is a sign that it will need replacing. Similarly, foam will become too hard and lose its ability to conform around your neck and shoulders. Finally, down and feathers which struggle to fluff up after plumping may indicate you need to purchase a replacement pillow.

Key Features

  • Good for allergy sufferers – As mentioned, the Kapok inside the pillow keeps sleepers completely away from natural allergies and pesticides. Furthermore, the memory foam is hypoallergenic, as it is CertiPur-US Certified.
  • Good for vegans – The light feel of Kapok fibers mean they are regularly chosen as alternatives for down in pillows. That being said, the creation of these fibers did not impact any animals in the process.
  • Good for hot sleepers – The copper fibers in the Layla pillow help to lead heat away from the body, which will work well for those who tend to heat up while they sleep.


  • The fill can’t be adjusted – As you’ll know by now if you’ve read this Layla pillow review thoroughly, this product is filled with a combination of Kapok and memory foam. However, the pillow does not have a zipper, which means you can’t change the amount of fill it contains.
  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers – As mentioned above, the fill in this pillow can’t be changed, and the height of the product is five inches. This means that, over time, the loft will remain this way. That’s good for some, but it won’t work well for those who are stomach sleepers or prefer pillows which can be flattened or easily compressed.
  • Cover can’t be removed – There isn’t a zipper on the Layla pillow, and while some may appreciate the fact that there isn’t any plastic sticking out of this product, others will want to have an option to quickly and conveniently wash the pillow cover.



The Layla pillow is a product which sleeps cool and is even said to improve circulation for those who use it. Customers can make use of free shipping within the contiguous US, along with a 120 day sleep trial and a five year warranty. Furthermore, this pillow is hypoallergenic and suitable for vegans. It’s generously filled, making for a well-lofted pillow, and it conforms well around the neck and shoulder areas in order to provide pressure relief for a restful night of sleep. Overall, the Layla pillow is well worth considering.

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