• 25/11/2020


If you’ve purchased a Casper mattress and want to upgrade your accessories too, there is also a Casper pillow on offer. Available in two sizes and providing a high level of support for many types of sleeper, this pillow is a versatile option for many.


The Casper pillow contains a microfiber fill, and there is both an internal pillow and an outer pillow. The internal one has been cushioned with crimped microfibers to provide sleepers with enhanced support around the head and neck areas, while the outer one has longer and softer fibers for additional cushioning. On the outer pillow you will also find a polyester inner lining, two inch gussets and a cover made of pima cotton-percale. You can remove the inner pillow for washing by utilising the zipper on the cover.

This Casper nap pillow is easy to shape, making it pliable for sleepers no matter what their body shape or preferred sleeping position is. Furthermore, the cover and microfibers both promote cooling, regulating the temperature so you shouldn’t be stuck searching for the cool side of the pillow. The gussets around the edges help with the overall shape of the pillow, as they keep it consistent and enable the fill to be distributed evenly. You can also put both layers of this pillow in the washing machine to keep this product clean. The Casper pillow can be purchased in one of two sizes – Standard or King.

Firmness and Support

This pillow offers a middle ground between a soft feel and strength. While the inner section is firm enough to ensure you won’t sink all the way through, the fluff on the outside provides a feeling of comfort. Because this product offers benefits from both ends of the firmness spectrum, it may not work for those who want either one or the other. When you rest your head on the Casper pillow, you’ll get a nice level of initial sinkage, with low-friction fibers supporting your head and neck in a way which isn’t similar to the contouring memory foam provides. Instead, the fibers will fluff up around the key areas, enabling you to maintain a posture that bypasses back pain and joint pain. Thanks to its quick response to pressure, it’s also easy to switch positions during the night.

Materials and Down Quality

The outer layer of the pillow is made of a cover fabric which is pima cotton with a percale weave. This weave has been created to promote the airflow which goes through the pillow. In terms of fill, the outer layers contain low-friction fibers which provide a silky feel. It’s resistant to clumping, because each cluster of fibers has been blown into the cover on an individual basis.

While the outer pillow has been created with the aim of providing a soft and cushioning place to lay your head at night, the inner pillow is more supportive. It’s also filled with polyester-based low-friction fibers, but it has a firmer and more compact design compared to the outer layer.

You’ll find a zipper which goes across two sides of the pillow. This makes it easy to remove if it’s time to give it a wash. You will also have easy access to the inside of the pillow if you want to adjust the fluff or ensure your pillow is molded into your preferred shape.

Comfort Guarantee

If you are apprehensive about making an investment in a pillow without knowing if it will definitely suit your needs, you can purchase the Casper pillow with a risk-free trial. From the date of delivery, you will have 30 nights to try it out. If you don’t like it, you will be able to return it to the company and receive a full refund. There is free shipping included with all orders, and returns will also be free.


There is a warranty in place for all Casper pillows which remain with the original buyer. This ensures that you will be protected against material and workmanship defects for one year from the point of purchase. This warranty is dependent on the pillow being used normally for the purpose it was created within a personal home. If it is used for commercial or medical purposes then the warranty will become void. It will also not be valid if the pillow is passed on to another person and they want to make a claim.


It’s safe to say that this pillow will last for at least a year, and there are ways to make this product last longer. For example, don’t wash and dry clean it too often, as this can have a negative effect on the fill and reduce its quality or stop the pillow from being shaped as easily. Furthermore, giving it regular time to air out in the sun will ensure any dust or bacteria, plus smells, leave it. The issue of how often and whether to wash a pillow is an ongoing debate – cleaning it every three months seems to be a common consensus, and regularly plumping it up will prevent the fibers inside from clumping together.

Key Features

  • Cooling capabilities – The fabric on the Casper pillow is cool and breathable. This is because it is made of percale weave, and there are silky fibers within it.
  • Suits combination sleepers – As the Casper pillow adapts to your body due to its quick responsiveness, it will work for pretty much any sleeping position – or if you switch between several during the night.
  • Good for pillow fluffers – If you like to fluff your pillows regularly, you’ll be pleased with the Casper, as it already has a fluffy feel to it – but you’ll get more height the more you fluff it.


  • A little noisy – When you roll around in bed with the Casper pillow, the polyester lining makes a crinkly noise.
  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers – As those who sleep primarily on their stomachs will need a flatter and softer pillow for the best quality of sleep, the propped up support from the Casper may not be the ideal choice for them.


Comparing your prospective pillow brand with other competitors on the market is always useful if you want to make the most informed choice possible.

The Purple pillow is made with a smart comfort grid, which means it won’t be prone to losing shape. It will give under pressure but not lose its support in the process. The temperature of this pillow is neutral, and the design allows for a good level of airflow. The materials used will protect against allergens and dust mites. Meanwhile, the Casper keeps its shape in that the internal gusset will expand and provide the product with structure. However, the filling will move around for added comfort and it can be moved back to its original shape by being fluffed.

The Purple pillow features a cover which is made of polyester, spandex and bamboo. Its Hyper Elastic Polymer has been certified by the FDA, and its foam is part of the CertiPUR-US certified program. Meanwhile, the Casper comprises entirely cotton textile material, with polyester and other fiber. Finally, the Purple pillow combines a firm design around the edge with added softness in the centre to ensure the neck and back receive enough support during the night. With the Casper, you’ll experience comfort which lasts all night long, and the product can go back to its original shape quickly with a fluff each morning.


The Casper is a versatile pillow which is designed to help people of all body and sleeping types enjoy comfortable sleep. It easily retains its shape after regularly being fluffed and can be machine washed. It comes with a trial period and a warranty, offering customer reassurance. Furthermore, the mid-level firmness means it will suit many people who like to combine a soft pillow with one that provides firm support.

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