• 25/06/2021


US Bank offers a variety of checking accounts to suit every need with a range of features, low fees, and many useful services.

US Bank can trace its history back to 1863 when the First National Bank of Cincinnati opened. Following a series of mergers in the early 21st century, the bank took on the name US Bank and established its headquarters in Minnesota. Today it is the fifth-largest bank in the country. They offer a number of different accounts to ensure that there is something for every need.

Anyone who has had problems with ChexSystems or a bad credit history will be pleased to learn that they can bank with US Bank. ChexSystems is a credit reporting and check verification agency and they can list people for even the smallest of banking infringements, such as forgetting to pay a fee. Those listed may have issues opening bank accounts, but this problem can be avoided by opening an account at US Bank.

Account Features and Fees

US Bank offers a number of different bank accounts and it is highly likely that there is one to suit your needs. When you open a bank account there will be no credit check nor will they check your ChexSystems record. There are six account types in total: Safe Debit, Easy, Silver, Gold, Premium, Platinum, and Student.

The Easy Checking account is the one that most customers will be interested in. It is a basic checking account with great standard features. You will get a U.S. Bank Visa Debit Card, no-fee transactions at U.S. Bank ATMs, and Online/Mobile Banking with mobile check deposit, bill pay and more. The account has no fees if you have combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000+ or an average account balance of $1,500. Otherwise, the account costs $6.95 per month with e-statements.

The Safe Debit account is also very popular, it is an unusual account as it has no checks and no overdraft fees. It comes with most of the features of the Easy Checking account, such as a debit card, but has a lower monthly fee of $4.95.

The Silver, Gold, Premium and Platinum accounts all bring additional features, such as free withdrawals from non-US Bank ATMs, personal check discounts, interest payments and so on.

The Silver account is free if you have combined monthly direct deposits of $1,000+, an average account balance of $1,500 or you have a Package Money Market Savings account. Otherwise, it has a monthly fee of $6.95.

The Gold account is free if you have an open US bank personal loan, line or credit card. Otherwise, it has a monthly fee of $14.95.

The Premium account is free if you are over 65 or you have an average account balance of $5,000. Otherwise, it has a monthly fee of $10.95.

Finally, the Platinum account is free if you have $25,000 in combined personal deposits, credit balances with U.S. Bank and/or investments through U.S. Bancorp Investments or you have a personal trust relationship with U.S. Bank Wealth Management. Otherwise, it costs $24.95 per month.

Additional Services

  • Free mobile check deposits
  • Personal check discounts
  • No fee for copies of checks
  • Family member accounts
  • Overdraft protection transfer discount
  • Interest payments



US Bank is one of the best banks for those with ChexSystems problems. It is a highly professional and impressive outfit and offers an excellent range of accounts and services that are sure to cover the needs of the vast majority of people. Those looking for a hassle-free checking account could do far worse than visit US Bank.

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