• 29/10/2020


U-pack Moving Container Company is one of the newest company that is becoming widely known. U-pack is a pretty cool way of moving your items. The company lets you pack the stuff yourself and then it comes for them. U-pack moving containers uses Relocubes to deliver things. Relocube is a weatherproof metal container that is perfectly sized to accommodate your furniture and belongings while still fitting into a standard parking space. The container has a durable steel framing and aluminum side panels which makes it strong to carry heavy mass units. Thee steel framing together with the aluminum side panels offers security to your items during the moving process.

While other containers may be made of other constituents or require room for parking, the cube is an excellent choice for both large and small moves. U-pack container is an ideal solution. The brand name offers an easy and affordable way of moving your stuff rather than renting an expensive truck. The advantage of choosing U-Pack over other moving container and storage companies is that U-pack will allow you to reserve as many Relocubes as you want but will only charge you for only the Relocubes that you end up utilizing.

The Moving Process

The moving process of U-Pack is more straightforward. It uses cubes which can hold up to a maximum of 2,500 pounds of household commodities. The container size is made in a way that your stuff can fit into standard –size parking space. It allows your units to sit flat on the ground to enhance a convenient loading and unloading. During the moving process, the company uses various delivery options in a U-Pack Relocube. Each relocube has a different internal and external cube with approximately 305  cubic feet of loading space which is typically enough for the furniture and belongings from one room. When you choose a door to door services, the company delivers Relocube right at your place. Depending on your location they can either use a flatbed trailer or a drop-deck trailer. The flatbed trailers require plenty of room for both turning and parking. When using this type of delivery option, the company can deliver up to four cubes at one time.

U-pack moving containers are cost effective and most convenient solution for long distances move. The company delivers as many as you require, you only need to load. The cubes sit flat on the ground, and thus you can easily carry heavy boxes, and furniture’s in and out. Also with a tie- down points which are located at the interior ensures the security of your belongings for safe transit. In U-pack you are not forced to pay for the storage, the company does not include storage in its moving quote.

Nevertheless, the company allows you to add storage to your quote if you would like it. Optional storage is helpful especially when you are moving to long distance, and your final destination is not ready. Knowing that you can add storage relieves the pressure and gives you time to organize the place to keep your stuff.

U-pack is the most efficient moving container company in long-distance moves. It has an estimated transit time of between seven to nine days. The company offers reliable services and includes features such as liability coverage of up to $60,000 per trailer or $7500 per Relocube. It also has a carrier negligence liability of $ 0.10 per pound. The company features offer the security of your items throughout the, moving process.

It offers the most affordable national and out of state moving container with quality delivery services to its customers. If you cannot afford full-service mover or the expensive truck moving services, U-Pack is the best option to explore. The company has an effective tracking system for shipment through its site by using your unique supplied tracking number which helps you to check the moving of your container.

Pros and Cons of U-Pack Moving Container

U-Pack moving containers have various advantages which make the company have a competitive advantage over the other moving companies. It has an efficient tracking system, and thus you can easily know how the moving process us going about through the company online site. Also, it has got instant online quotes which do not require filling of an online form. This makes the delivery process to be timely taking acre of the lead times.  Unlike other moving containers in u-pack one does not have to pay for the deposit ahead of time making it more preferable by most customers, this gives the customer a flexible pricing system which is cheap fair and affordable.

Other than U-Pack having a lot of advantages it has got some cons which affect the company negatively. Some of the cons include no loading assistance if offered to the customers. The company rules and regulations state that one should load their units by themselves. Also when one is using smaller containers may require multiple containers for a large family move. This makes a move to be an inconvenience and affects the customer’s way of planning effectively. Another major merit of using U-pack is that it expensive for local moves. This discourages a lot of people to use the company services when they want to move locally.


U-Pack is the best option for moving your stuff in a long distance. It offers readily available services which satisfy your moving requirements. I would recommend U-Pack to anyone moving their items as it is one of the best methods. The fact that you don’t have to pay any money before moving makes it the best choice. Unlike other moving and storage companies who require one to pay for the reservation up front or make you put a certain amount down before they deliver your items U-Pack moving and Storage Company does not charge anything.

U-Pack is available countrywide, no matter the state where you live the company ensures its services are available in more than fifty states in the United States of America, for example, Canada and Puerto Rico. You should choose U-pack moving and Storage Company as it offers the best services which even exceeds your expectation.


Overall, U-Haul is a great truck rental company that offers lots of things to make your move easier and more convenient. The only major downside to this company is that a lot of their fees are not advertised on their website, so you may think you’re only going to be paying a certain amount for a rental but by the end of the check out process, they’ve added fees that raise the price to more than you were expecting.

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