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Mayflower Transit is an Indianapolis, Indiana based moving company. It was founded in 1927. The founders were Don Kenworthy and Conrad Gentry but later in 1995 the company was bought by another relocation company by the name UniGroup.

It has agents in over 270 locations and it is one of the largest moving companies in the USA.

Summary of their services

  • Full-Service Moving Packages
  • Storage-in-transit (SIT) options
  • Corporate Relocation Services
  • Moving residential house stuff
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Long distance moving (across states)
  • Logistics (project management services)
  • Auto transportation services

If you are looking for a long distance moving company that will offer you a full-service transportation package, then Mayflower Transit could be a great choice. The company has been in operation for over 90 years and is currently ranked at one of the largest moving companies by the US Department of Transportation.

Some of the unique services that you will only get at Mayflower Transit include:

  • A moving coordinator is assigned to you to guide you through the entire moving process.
  • Mayflower offers Storage-in-Transit for household moves in case you do not want everything to be moved to the new place at once.
  • In case you do not require a full-service move, you can customize your move. They have a variety of moving packages to select from.
  • Mayflower can also get a maid to do cleaning and trash removal when moving out of your old house and when moving into your new house.
  • If you own the house you are in and want to sell it and buy a new one where you can move into, Mayflower partners with CityPointe Real Estate to help you in selling and buying homes.
  • They offer Full-Value Protection (FVP) for your personal items in case the unexpected happens.
  • They offer pet moving services.
  • It is a ratified General Service Administration carrier for moving military families and government workers homes.

What does Mayflower Transit offer?

Mayflower Transit offers you a variety of full-service long distances services. The services include Packing, unpacking, loading and unloading belongings, packaging material, Padding, Furniture Blankets and also Debris Pickup.

They also offer full-value protection although it comes at an extra cost.

Also, in case if the new house isn’t completely ready to take in everything, Mayflower offers in-transit storage services to store your belongings.

In addition to the full-service package, Mayflower has a number of add-on packages for additional insurance coverage, debris pickup, move out and move in cleaning by a maid, disassembly of computer network, and setting up of home theater among others. Depending on the number of add-ons you want to be added, the price for the add-ons ranges from $195 to $1,395. All the add-on services are provided by third parties after Mayflower contracts them for the services.

If you are military personnel or a government worker, Mayflower is a ratified General Service Administration carrier and it can help in moving your household to any location.

Mayflower also allows you to include vehicles in your moving package. It offers auto transport services.

The average cost of moving your household depends on a number of facts, which include:

  1. The list of services selected for the move.
  2. Distance between where you are moving from and your new location.
  3. Weight of your items.

The month you choose to move. There is a peak moving season which is May through September and moving in this time is more expensive. To save money, you could choose to relocate in December, January or February. Also, moving during the weekdays is cheaper than moving during the weekends.

Below is an average of what it would cost you to move 1 to 4 bedroomed house without the extra add-ons:

Home type Weight of your items (lbs) The average cost per mile
1 bedroom 2,500-3,500 $1.8-$2.5
2 bedroom 5,000-6,000 $3.5-$4.2
3 bedroom 7,500-10,000 $5.0-$7.5
4 bedroom 12,000-15,000 $8.0-$10.0
Studio apartment 1,800-2,000 $1.5

The Moving Process

  1. Book for an in-house estimate

You can opt to call or visit an agent by person to schedule a meeting for the in-house estimate. You could also choose to fill in the form in Mayflower official website and an agent will call you to schedule for the in-house estimate.

During the in-house estimate meeting, an agent will have to visit your house and see what is being moved and also discuss any other services that you shall require for the move.

  1. Moving coordinator

Once you choose to use Mayflower to move your belongings, you will be assigned a moving coordinator to help you along the process.

  1. Packing and unpacking

You may decide to do the packing by yourself though you will need to purchase the packaging material plus do all the hard work. However, if you want a helping hand, you can ask Mayflower professionals to help.

During the in-house estimate, you will have to specify if you require the packing and unpacking services. And if you want them, what services you would prefer: full packing services or partial packing services.

  1. Loading and unloading

Mayflower staff also helps in loading and unloading of your items into and out of the moving truck respectively. You don’t have to pay extra for these since they are included.

  1. In-transit storage

In case you don’t want to move all the stuff to your new house, Mayflower offers storage facilities. You will have to specify this to the agent during the in-house estimate meeting.


Mayflower can be your state to state moving solution in case you get a job transfer from one state to another or if you simply just want to move your corporate to a new state. They have a variety of long distance moving services, especially with their add-on services package.

More so, it is one of the best choices for military personnel as well as government employees since it is approved for general service administration services.

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