• 28/10/2020


Bekins is one of the oldest moving companies in the USA. It was started back in 1891. It can literally be said to be the pioneer on the moving industry and it has since then grown to be a world class moving company.

They have offices in almost all 13 states. Their offices are located in Sarasota Area, Carlisle/Harrisburg, Las Vegas Area, Tri-Valley Area, Goldsboro, Tucson Area, L.A. & San Fernando Valley, Woodbridge Area, Norfolk Area, San Diego County, Venice/Port Charlotte, Orange County, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and Phoenix Area. They are basically everywhere and no wonder they use the slogan “Bekins Moving Solutions is your trusted neighborhood mover

Summary of their services:

  • Moving residential house stuff
  • Moving offices
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Workstation and furniture installation solutions
  • Local moving (within the same state)
  • long distance moving (across states)
  • Storage services
  • Logistics (project management services)
What is Bekins?

If you are looking for a different moving experience, then Bekins is your best choice. Though not one of the cheapest moving companies around, it offers some of the best services you would need to move your office/workstation or home.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why Bekins is your best choice:

  • Bekins has a long proven track record in the moving industry. They didn’t just start the other day. They know what it takes to give you the best moving experience.
  • Unlike most moving companies where you are supposed to set up long calls with customer support to get a moving quote, Bekins offers free online quotes just by filling their online ‘Request a FREE Quote Now’ form on their official website. The quote is then emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • In addition to moving, Bekins moving staff also do all the packaging, loading to the moving trucks, offloading and unpacking your stuff. But that is off course if you want them to do all that for you. They always give you the freedom to choose what you want to be done.
  • It is an IOMI Certified professional office mover. You can trust them with moving and planning your new office no matter how much equipment or furniture you have in the workstation.
  • They also offer a variety of lucrative discounts for shipping in off-peak seasons, for members of organizations that they have partnered with, and for their moving supplies.

What does Bekins offer?

Bekins can be classified as a full-service mover. They can basically offer any moving services that you may require. Talk of moving your home, office, car, need of storage services since you are out of space, packing assistance, anything.

Some of the services are included in the move by default while others require you to cough a little more coins. Below is a summary of the included and paid for services.

Rough online quote approximation Packing and unpacking
In-home moving estimate Moving supplies
Loading and unloading Full-value replacement coverage
Basic liability coverage Auto and specialty item transport
Shipment tracking Storage
Online moving resources

The moving process

Let us look at what the moving process would entail.

  1. Request for an online quote

Firstly, you would have to request an online quote to get a rough estimate of what you should have as the moving budget.

If you visit their official website, you shall see the ‘Get a Free Quote!’ button at the top right corner. You will need to fill in your names, the zip code of the place you want to move from and the zip code of the destination. Then you have to enter a correct email address since the quote will be sent via email.

  1. Schedule for an in-home estimate

The in-home estimate gives you the exact amount of money you should pay to Bekins for the move. During this meeting, the representative from Bekins will enquire the services that you want included in the move so as to come up with an exact quote for the whole process.

  1. Logistics

If you plan on moving a business office, you will require sufficient planning to ensure that your business operations are not interrupted. Bekins provides you with a project manager to oversee the moving operations so to balance the moving and business operations.

  1. Packing and unpacking

You will have to pack all your stuff before the moving date. It is recommended you start packing early so that you will have sufficient time to pack everything well especially if you are doing this by yourself. If you decide to do the packing by yourself, it could take you about two weeks.

But in case you require Bekins packing services, you will have to pay for the services but it is worth it; it will give you a break from the rigorous and tedious packing process. You will have to discuss this with the staff that comes for the in-house estimate meeting.

  1. Loading and unloading

This is putting the packed things into the moving trucks. It is done by Bekins staff and you don’t pay anything extra for it.

The duration will depend on the amount of stuff you have for moving. Also once the truck arrives at your designated destination, the staff also unloads the things for you.


As a full-service mover, Bekins offers a solution to people looking for a moving services company that can offer a combination of services for their move experience.

If you are looking for a mover to do the packaging and unpacking, logistic planning, offer storage facilities in case your things are too many to store as well as excellent customer services, then Bekins could be a great choice.

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