• 27/10/2020


Are you moving to another part of the city where you bought a bigger house? Perhaps you are changing states or countries because you accepted a better job offer? Either way, you will need a reliable moving company. In this review, we are trying to figure out whether Allied Van Lines would be the right choice. Keep reading to find out all the details about this company and the quality of their moving services!

Allied Van Lines was established in 1928, which means they have been in the moving business for over nine decades. The ownership has changed over time, but what always remained is an outstanding service they try to provide to each customer.

It explains why many often mention this company among the most reliable movers out there. 9Kilo Moving placed them second on the list of the best coast to coast moving companies in the USA in 2018. According to their website, Allied Van Lines is particularly proud of their customer service. They claim to be willing to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We expected that the company of such reputation and tradition is licensed and bonded, and Allied Van Lines delivered. They also have insurance coverage so that you do not have to worry in case anything goes wrong. As for the other claims, they pinpoint that they always stick to transparent pricing. The long list of references and positive reviews they have speaks in favor of the claim that their customer service is outstanding.

What Does Allied Van Lines Offer?

When you are looking for a moving company, you should aim to find versatile movers that can offer different types of services. Here is an overview of the moving types that Allied Van Lines support:

  • Local moving – although this is a basic service for the movers, the company will still ensure that every single detail is taken care of so that your move to a new home or property can be as stress-free as possible.
  • Interstate and long-distance moving – when you are moving an entire household, and you need to cover a large distance, that is where things get tricky. It is also where the experience of these movers comes in as they can offer guidance and help to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Cross country moving – the fact that this is a large moving company is what makes it possible to organize cross country moves quickly. They are ready to use vast resources to ensure that you can move from one coast to another effortlessly.
  • International moving – working with a wide network of agents across the country is what enables the company to assist you in moving between countries or to another continent.
  • Corporate relocation – they will take care of everything, including moving sensitive data and company records. In the shortest possible timeframe, your business will continue working in the new location.

Not only Allied Van Lines supports your moving needs on every level, but they give their best to take care of each request you may have. Some of the additional services include fragile packing, vehicle transportation, and item storage. If you have a special request, feel free to ask the company to design a customized solution for your move.

The Moving Process

If you are interested in using services provided by Allied Van Lines, you can take advantage of their free quote estimate. Their website offers a simple form that you need to fill to get a free estimation on the cost of your move.

The process works like this – you start by entering your current location and the desired destination (both can be anywhere in the world). You also provide some basic information, including data about the size of your current home and how the company should contact you. A representative will get in touch sooner than you expected and you can start working on the details.

Everything starts by choosing your desired packing option. You can ask the company to pack everything in your home or office for you. In the case of fragile items, feel free to mention so that they can be treated with special care. You can also choose to pack the items yourself, but the movers are ready to provide all supplies you may require in that case. Crates can be extremely useful for large and electronic items.

Once you agreed on all details related to packing, you are proceeding to the actual moving process. That typically involves loading, transportation, and unloading of all the items in your home. You will schedule the desired pick up time, and arrange the preferred delivery date.

Allied Van Lines offers a storage service you can use to store your items for up to 90 days (it can be extended if necessary). After the agreed time expires, the company will deliver everything to the preferred address. Once the shipment arrives, the movers can assist in reassembling the furniture and other items that require assembling.


Ultimately, Allied Van Lines is a company you can trust with your moving needs. Thousands of home and business owners do the same every day, and the majority of them is delighted with their quality of services.

The movers have a large network that supports all types of moves ranging from local or international ones. They are ready to create a customized solution that fits your needs, which means you can choose a basic plan, or pick from a wide range of additional service. The agents are friendly to customers, and they are ready to guide you throughout the entire moving process.

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