• 28/10/2020


U-Haul has been operating as a truck rental company for over seventy years and has locations all throughout the United States, making it convenient for nearly anyone in the country to rent from them. If you are planning to move on your own without the help of a moving company, U-Haul is a great place to rent a moving truck from because of their wide variety of truck sizes and convenient 24/7 pick up and drop off times.

U-Haul knows that different people have different needs when it comes to moving which is why they offer things like towing equipment to tow your car on the back of their trucks and trailers to tow on the back of their trucks for extra space.

A lot of the things that U-Haul offers is similar in comparison to what many other truck rental companies offer. However, one thing that really sets them apart from the rest is their U-Haul Truck Share option. This option allows you to rent one of their trucks any day, any time, day or night through your cell phone.

They also designed their trucks with their customers in mind. They want to make the moving process as easy and stress free as possible for people, so their trucks are low to the ground to make loading and unloading them easier. They also have rounded corners, chassis skirts, and comfortable cabs for added safety and comfortability.

What Does U-Haul Offer?

U-Haul understands that not everyone can get to a truck rental company during normal business hours, which is why they offer their U-Haul Truck Share option. The flexibility that this option gives you is unique to most other truck rental companies which require you to come pick up from them during their office hours. They also offer both In-Town Truck Rentals and One-Way Truck Rentals depending on if you’re moving somewhere nearby or long distance.

U-Haul offers a wide variety of truck sizes as well, ranging from a pickup truck to a cargo van to moving vans which are available in lengths from 10 feet to 26 feet, meaning that there is a truck to fit everyone’s needs. All of the trucks 15 feet and longer come with a loading ramp to make loading and unloading them easier too. They also offer trailers that hook on to the back of their trucks in case you need more space than their largest truck has to offer. If you need to tow your car to the back of your moving truck, they offer towing equipment as well.

They also offer storage and something called U-Box moving containers. These containers get shipped right to your door, and all you have to do is fill them up and then ship them off to wherever you’re moving. The storage that they offer is free for the first thirty days too, but they start to charge you for it after that.

They do offer insurance plan options so that you will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur to the truck or to your belongings inside of the truck. One downside of U-Haul though is that there are some hidden fees, meaning that their pricing isn’t really as cheap as they advertise it to be. Instead, it’s more moderate pricing.

The Moving Process

You can reserve your U-Haul van by either going online or giving them a call. When you go to reserve the van online, you first choose the date, time, and location that you’re going to pick it up and drop it off at. Then it will ask you whether you want to do a mobile pick up or a counter pick up.

The mobile pick up means that you are choosing their U-Haul Truck Share option, which allows you to pick up and return the truck at any time, even times that are outside of their store’s normal business hours. The counter pick up option means that you must go into one of their stores during normal business hours and pick the truck up that way.

Once you choose from either the mobile pick up option or the counter pick up option, you can add your insurance plan as well as any moving equipment you may need like a dolly, furniture pads, or boxes. The ability to add all of these things online with the click of a button makes the entire truck rental process much easier.

After checking out, you can either go pick up the truck from the store at your designated reservation time if you chose counter pick up or go pick up the truck from one of their pick up locations using your cell phone if you chose mobile pick up. You do still need to reserve a date and time for mobile pick up, but this date and time can be outside of business hours.

You return the van back in the condition that you received it in and with the gas filled back up to where it was when you got it, and as long as there are no issues or damages, you can be on your way.


Overall, U-Haul is a great truck rental company that offers lots of things to make your move easier and more convenient. The only major downside to this company is that a lot of their fees are not advertised on their website, so you may think you’re only going to be paying a certain amount for a rental but by the end of the check out process, they’ve added fees that raise the price to more than you were expecting.

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