• 25/01/2021


Two Men and a Truck was started by two brothers in high school back in the 1980s as a side job to make some extra cash. Little did they know that over thirty years later, it would blow up into a huge franchise with locations popping up all over the United States.

Now, there are over 350 locations worldwide, and they’ve used this success that they’ve gained from this business to give back to the community and donate to a charity called Movers For Moms that they founded. They collect donations at all of their stores across the country which they give to women’s shelters on Mother’s Day. So not only does this company take care of all of your moving needs; they also use their platform to do positive things for the world.

Two Men and a Truck is unique because they are a family owned business, and even though their company has expanded greatly over the years and turned into a franchise, they still adhere to the same values that the two brothers who started the business had. They operate their business while adhering to something that they call “The Grandma Rule”. This rule basically states that you must treat everyone the way that you’d want your grandma to be treated.

They also use a pay by the hour system rather than the traditional pay by the day system that a lot of other truck rental companies use. This system can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re only moving across town and don’t need to use the van for an entire day or more. Between this affordable pay as you need system and their kind, hospitable customer service, this company is truly unique when it comes to truck rental.

What Does Two Men and a Truck Offer?

Two Men and a Truck is different than other truck rental companies because it is a moving service moreso than a truck rental. They are the ones who load and unload the truck, a service that is included in the price, as well as the ones who drive the truck. They do offer packing and unpacking services too, although this service does cost an additional fee.

If you are moving further away and only need a one way rental, they can do this as well. Their team of movers is well-trained and friendly, so you can trust them with all of your items, but just to ease your mind even more, they include a protection plan in the cost of moving. You can even opt for their Value Flex plan when moving somewhere long distance to get a cheaper rate, although this option does take longer than the Expedited option.

This company offers more than just moving services though. They also offer storage, shipment of items, and delivery of items.

The Moving Process

Unlike other truck rental companies, Two Men and a Truck comes straight to your front door so you don’t even have to leave your house. To set up a time and date for them to come, you can either book online or give them a call to set something up. Then all you need to do is be at home during the time you scheduled.

If you decided to purchase their packing and unpacking service, then make sure you’ve organized your things at least somewhat to make the packing process easier for them. If you’ve decided to do the packing yourself, then just make sure that everything is already packed when they arrive. Be sure to also leave a pathway for them to walk through in the house and bring all of your boxes to the lower level of the house to make the moving process quicker and easier for them, which will in turn make it less expensive for you since it’s pay by the hour.

When they arrive, just sit back and relax while they load up the truck. Try not to get in their way or disturb them while they’re loading it too. Again, this will help the process go quicker, which will save you some money.

Once the truck is loaded, they’ll drive it over to wherever you’d like it delivered and you can drive your own vehicle over there to meet them. When you all arrive, they’ll begin unloading the truck and bringing your items into your new home. If you’ve paid for the unpacking service, they will unpack your boxes at this time as well.

If you are moving somewhere long distance, then they will still do everything nearly exactly the same. The only big difference is how long it will take for them to arrive at the place where you need your things delivered. This will depend on whether you went with the Expedited plan or the Value Flex plan.


As you can see, there really aren’t too many cons for this moving company. The only one is that you don’t get to be as involved in the moving process as you would be if you were to rent a car and move everything yourself. For lots of people, this is more of a pro than a con, but if you’re someone who likes to do things yourself, then this becomes a con. However, if you want a company who will take care of the entire moving process for you, from loading the truck to driving it to your new home to unloading it, then this company is a great choice.

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