• 27/11/2020


Moving stuff from one residence to another can sometimes be hectic and stressful. PODs Company is one of the best dealers in moving containers. The company focuses on an incredible range of resources.  They are located in the United States of America and offer moving services to transfer your commodities to the place you desire.

PODs storage containers help you to carry your awkward –shaped items to make work easier. It is designed in different sizes and weight limit depending on the type of commodity you want to move. PODs moving containers are different from the other brands as they are weatherproof meaning you can use them regardless of the weather conditions of your place. They are readily available and at decent pricing.

Using PODs moving containers is pretty much more comfortable as it sounds. You only need to call the PODs to come and pick a container, and you will get your moving component delivered to your doorstep. The PODs also delivers your commodities to your new destination. Also, you can use them as a storage unit maybe when you have to leave some stuff behind as you move to another nation. PODs are well known for guaranteed safety and protection of your goods.

The Moving Process

The moving process is easy. You only order your unit, and it shows up on time, you fill it up, and after a few days, it arrives at your home safely. The first step of the moving starts when the customer finds a place to pack the moving unit. You should pack your staffs depending on the size. You should ensure storing your items on a legal parking place to avoid amassing a million of tickets while you move. Also, you should know the weight of everything keeping in your mind that the bigger the POD, the more restrictive the weight limit.  The company helps you to move your products and assures you peace of mind during the whole moving process. Each PODs shipping container offers a ramp-free loading and is equipped with tie-downs, steel locking latches, and a lock and a key. Customers can either store the PODs container on their property or at the company storage location. You can keep the moving container at your current or new residence until you are ready to move. This helps you to organize your stuff without rushing.

The PODs offers multiple sizes of containers, meaning you won’t have to try to pack two rooms into a one-room container or order an extra for just a little bit more staff. The PODs are great for those people who easily forget the activities that have accumulated as it offers a longer duration for loading and unloading.

PODs are the best moving container company. They usually make your life much more comfortable. Their services are readily available. They can move your staff to a particular destination or store them in their facility if you have no place to accommodate them. Some of the important services that the POD container moving company offers include loading and unloading which takes approximately thirty days. They also offer insurance options to cover any damage including lightning and fire. The insurance is provided in two levels one to protect their stuff and the other to protect yours. The company also offers steel –framed and resistant moving containers. This improves the efficiency of moving — container material for one to store their items efficiently.

The pricing is cheap, fair and affordable. You only need to fill a particular form online and get a price quote directly from the PODs the company’s representatives are extremely nice and helpful to assist you in acquiring the price quote for your items. The pricing is determined by various activities such as the distance of the move, the date of move, move size, deposit and price without packing and unpacking.

Pros and Cons

Despite the PODs Company being one of the best in container movement, it has some disadvantages. The main con of using Pods is that it lacks better terms. This affects the flow of items and destroys the relationship of the company with its customers.

Another disadvantage of using PODs is that they lack guaranteed delivery dates which can effect the moving plans.

Also, failure to move the items at the required time, right amount and at the right place affects the company’s relationship with its customer leading to lack of customer satisfaction and creating a bad image for the company.

Another con of using PODs is that you must pay for all the PODs even if you did not use them. Also, this method of moving is a bit costly in that regard and thus requires a tremendous amount of money to cater for movements.

Some of the pros of using PODs container movement is that they are cheap. The company charges a price that is fair and affordable to every customer depending on their unit size and weight. Rather than make you choose between expensive service movers or driving heavy rental trucks, PODs movers offer the services at a minimum cost.

PODs Company assures secure storage centers, and thus you have not to worry about anything like being overly concerned about the safety of your stuff.

They also assure you quality services which will satisfy your requirements. Unlike most movement containers PODS are available to most people for both national and local moves.


PODs are the right moving company for you. If you are looking for moving container consider using the PODs.The use of PODs is becoming a more popular way to move stuff from point A to Point B The main reason for its popularity is that it is cheaper to rent a Pod Moving container that to hire a professional company.  The company gives the customers for flexibility with their moving timelines.

It offers a simple way of moving your units to your required place. The company guarantees timely delivery and proper communication throughout the moving process.

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