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Moving a household on your own can be extremely stressful and tiring. You are required at hundred different places to make thousand petty decisions. From packing to transportation to unpacking—the whole process is nerve-wracking. This is why more and more households tend toward professionals. In 2018 alone, 43 percent of residents of the United States benefited from professional moving companies while relocating their homes and offices.

Ever been in one of those situations where you couldn’t find the ideal company to ship the odd sized objects you own? It is always tricky to have the best professionals shipping for your exotic pets, pianos, antiques, cars and family heirlooms. uShip is not a moving company; it’s a broker-concern which makes the best moving companies’ ship your valuables for you. You will be provided with an accurate price and service comparison to help you decide which brand will be suitable for you.

What does uShip offer?

The most significant advantage of using a mid-service company is that you get to know about hundreds of options on a single platform. uShip will let you know which moving company has the best customer service by comparing the reviews and ratings—it will let you know if the full-service move covers the cleaning of your new house or not—if you have any discounts to avail and above all, which company is giving the best service in the least price.

uShip is on your side:

It mostly acts as customers’ advocate during the whole process of moving. Want to gauge the extent of their enthusiasm? Check to see what lengths they have gone to resolve an issue. Read the online reviews and see what the unhappy customer has to say after USHIP has reached them back to resolve their complaint.

 How to benefit from uShip:

The first step is to acquire the uShip cost estimate; use the comparison method to evaluate your options from different moving companies.  Following is a step by step guide on how to use uShip.

  1. Select the items you want to ship. Say you want to ship your car to the other state. Select car from the given options. The service does not entertain shipping pets or illegal drugs.
  2. Provide accurate details on quantity.
  3. Mention the right model, a manufacturing company, accurate measurements, desired delivery date and other details.
  4. Give them the best references to yourself; provide them with your name an email address, a phone number to make them send the best price comparisons.
  5. Once the moving companies are contacted, you’ll get some definite answers on your query.

Components of the price:

The price you are going to pay to ship your unique belonging is basically composed of four factors.

  • Value of the object:

The moving company which you have selected to ship the car will ask you to ensure the vehicle. Here, the face value of the item plays a huge role. Say you have to send the 2016 Honda Accord from Las Vegas to Seattle; you will have to ensure that car is ensured at price-plus-more so that it benefits you in case of the damage.

  • Physical form of the object:

Pianos, antique wall clocks and painting, furniture, boats and bikes, and several other items are priced keeping in mind their weight and size. The shipping process is directly related to the physical form of that object.

  • Distance:

One basic rule of transportation applies here; more costs for longer routes.

  • Technical requirements of the move:

If the company has to have storage facility to keep the shipped items in between the movement, that will bring up extra costs, obviously.

 What is a bell curve graph—why does uShip uses it?

The graph will show how much other moving individuals have paid for a similar type of move. You can choose to get prices from the companies, and you can set your own price as well.

  • Setting your own price:

Use the graph to guide you to the point where you can propose a price and the companies will bid for your work. This method is best if you have a tight budget; let the movers know what you can pay them, if anyone interested, you will be contacted.

  • Getting the quotations:

Ask uShip to have quotations for your work, and at this point, you’re good to choose a mover.

The moving process

  • Once you have hired the company, a representative will visit you to see what kind of belonging are there in your luggage. This service is a consultation and is offered by most of the companies for free; however, if they are charging for the visit, they will mention it prior to the agreement.
  • The supervisor will guide you into the moving process, clearly stating what value of insurance you need to have for your belongings.
  • Once the service agreement is signed with the company and the pickup day is scheduled, the staff will arrive at the site to pack your belongings. This step is only a part of the full-service move and if you want to save a little on the cost, pack your belongings yourself.
  • The loading will be done by the moving assistants.
  • You will be required to sign an authorization letter, to let them have the possession of the goods temporarily; however, a delivery date will clearly be mentioned in the form.
  • The shipped item/items will be delivered on the desired location on the set date, if not, get in touch with your company. They are liable to ship the item on the said date

Pros and Cons

Where it is ideal to have professionals work for you, the bad part is that you have to pay them for their work. Following is a table depicting the whole process considering a factor called cost.


Moving a household can be hectic. The stress of getting everything done on time, and to manage all of it on your own can drain the enthusiasm out of the most energetic mover. This is where you need pros.

uShip can be your best bet if you’re not in a hurry and everything is planned.

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