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One of the many top-loading washing machines which have received consistently favorable reviews is the Kenmore 28132 model. It offers a sizable capacity and relatively low price, along with energy efficiency and useful features.

Kenmore began more than 100 years ago, during which the company has been providing customers with a wide range of household appliances. The brand prides itself on delivering innovation and exclusive features, along with exceptional customer service. Kenmore started manufacturing washing machines in 1927, and since then, they have not disappointed customers.

There is a diverse number of Kenmore top load washer reviews on the Internet, more particularly, Kenmore 28132 reviews so we have compiled the ultimate analysis, discussing the company’s background and the washing machine’s features in greater detail.

Who Is Kenmore?

Kenmore originated in 1913 with a debut line on sewing machines, and slowly progressed through the century to experiment and create more household items. Some of the other products in their repertoire includes refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, hoods, small kitchen gadgets like microwaves and trash compactors, as well as cleaning and laundry tools like vacuums, washers, and dryers, and more.

On their official website, it states that since the 2000s, 1 in 3 American homes has a Kenmore appliance which is an incredibly impressive achievement. To add to this measure of success, the company has received numerous awards in the past few years, including from Women’s Choice, Reviewed.com, and Consumers Digest. The award-winning quality of those specific items extends to the entire Kenmore range, including the 28132 Top-Load Washing Machine.

About the Kenmore 28132 Top-Load Washing Machine

The Kenmore 28132 unit is only available in white. The regular price is around $1,179, but you can find it for closer to $800 depending on sales. This top-load washing machine has a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, making it larger than many other washers available in the market. As such, it straddles the line between being too large to easily fit in your laundry room and offering enough capacity for even larger families with plenty of laundries. The measurements are as follows: 27.5 inches wide, 27.9 inches deep, and 38 inches to the top of the cabinet. Furthermore, with the lid open, the height increases to 57 inches. The lid is glass while the basket is stainless steel.

This Kenmore washing machine gives users a sleek and modern design that works well in nearly any home. Due to the 5.3-cubic-foot capacity, this model is able to handle loads of any size, from the smallest selection of delicates to a full load of sheets or jeans. The size means that it is able to fit fluffy comforters, bulky towels, or just your entire week of laundry at once.

There is a Direct Drive motor for durability and power, combined with quietness. That motor also reduces vibrations for a peaceful experience that does not take you away from your other activities. The capacitive touch controls are easy to use, allowing for a responsive washing experience. There is also status lights which let you track the cycle. If you want to have a full Kenmore washer and dryer set, then there are two dryer options compatible with this model, one is a gas unit and the other is electric.

Washing Features


The cleaning action comes from the Triple Action Impeller from Kenmore. This impeller relies on a three-part wash motion that easily cleans laundry of all soil levels. A combination of features leads to an improved clean while minimizing water consumption. This comes from the combination of nine powerful spray jets, bursts of concentrated detergent, and the wash basket motion. All these features help move your laundry continuously throughout the cycle, resulting in cleaner and fresher results.

The StainBoost feature from Kenmore in this 28132 top-loading washer makes it simple to get stains out without having to put in the extra effort. It does the job, even with tough stains, with the help of the extended wash time. When washing whites, you will appreciate the appliance’s Timed Oxi Dispenser that boosts the cleaning effort for bright whites.

There is also a convenient Deep Fill option that will adjust water levels automatically based on the size of the load. This feature optimizes the usage of water without sacrificing the cleanliness of your clothing.

Energy Efficient

The Kenmore 28132 is an Energy Star Certified washing machine so those who use this appliance can count on it consuming low quantities of water and electricity. The estimated yearly electricity use is just 195 kWh. This amounts to about $31 or $16 per year in energy costs with an electric or natural gas water heater, respectively.


When using the Kenmore 28132, you will have the choice of five soil levels, five selectable spin speeds, and five wash temperatures. Those spin speeds can go up to 950 rpm. There is not a color cycle but there is a specialty cycle. There is also a convenient fabric softener dispenser.


Kenmore’s 28132 Top-Load Washing Machine comes with a one-year warranty, covering defects in workmanship and material. This is the average time period offered in the industry for washing machines.


The Kenmore 28132 Top-Load Washing Machine offers a great value, especially if you can find it for the discounted price it is sometimes available at. Given the various features like StainBoost and the Energy Star Certification, plus the 5.3-cubic-foot capacity, this machine is worth every penny. It eliminates stains effortlessly and with the use of burst sprays and concentrated detergent, users are guaranteed to receive thoroughly cleaned and fresh clothing following every wash.


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