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Sometimes back, washing machines were regarded as luxury appliances for the rich. But this is no longer the case. Currently, washing machines have become an essential part of daily living. And with the variety of washing machines in the market today, it’s almost impossible to make a decision any of them especially given the fact that all these brands brag about being the best.

But we have a solution for you. Samsung Front Load Washing machines are considered as one of the best and most efficient washing machines in the market. Samsung washers are specially designed with advanced technology and unique features to suit all your needs.

Who is Samsung?

Samsung manufacturers have some of the finest products out there in the market. In fact, it’s almost impossible to miss a Samsung product on major stores such as Amazon.

Samsung is a South Korean manufacturer, and it’s ranked among the top largest manufacturers of electronics devices. It specializes in the production of a wide range of electronic devices including but not limited to home appliances, memory chips, digital media devices, semiconductors, and integrated systems.

Research suggests that Samsung is the most reputable technology-based company. It contributes about 5th of South Korea’s total exports. Without doubts, most Samsung products have always stood up to the expectations.

What is Samsung Front-load WF5000AW washing machine Review?

After going through some Samsung front load washing machines, here is a review of the Samsung WF5000AW, one of the many remarkable products of Samsung.

If you are wondering about what makes this product some of the best washing machines, here are some eye-catching features that will definitely drive you to get this machine.

A delay end option

With this option, you can handle your loads when the time is convenient. It allows you to set up a cycle to end at a particular time.

A child lock feature

Young children have a tendency of messing up things. That’s why Samsung WF5000AW comes with a child lock feature to help keep off those little hands from interfering your laundry loads. However, this feature is optional – you can deactivate it if you prefer.

Smart Care app

Samsung has developed this app, and it’s downloadable to most smartphones. This app is designed to diagnose common device problems, in case of any error message, just take a pic and the phone will recognize the error code.


Compared to similar front load washing machines, the low price of Samsung WF5000AW of approximately $800 is much of a giveaway. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a washing machine at that budget with such a combination of features, overall design, and energy efficiency.

Washing features


In case you have a limited budget, but still, you are in need of an upgrade, then Samsung WF5000AW is an excellent value for your money. It has a big capacity, and it’s energy-efficient. You can manage large loads of approximately 2.8 laundry baskets at a time.

Besides being large, it’s sizable with dimensions of 27 inches wide. It’s designed to save space. Additionally, it has installed patented sound reduction features to regulate the amount of noise emitted. So you can be sure you won’t have problems with your neighbours for doing your laundry at odd hours.

Energy and water efficiency

Compared to other washing machines in its class, Samsung WF5000AW is more energy and water efficient. On average, this front load washing machine cost about $17.85 to run per year.

Based on the readings of the Integrated Water Factor, WF5000AW is water efficient as the measure is quite low at 3.2. Compared to other similar machines, it falls below average. At average, it uses appropriately 3,927 gallons per year.

Plenty of cycles

Even though WF5000AW lacks unique features as such steam wash cycles, it still has other plenty of cycles to choose from. Beside the sanitize cycle that has almost the same effect as a steam cycle, different cycles include quick wash, bedding, active wear-specific, and delicate cycles.

During the cycles, you have other additional settings to help you get the best for your load. You have four different temperature settings to allow you to diversify your options.

Rinse hold option

This option allows you to hold/soak your laundry in the final rinse water. You can then opt to for spin cycle or a drain before unloading. You can as well opt for No spin in case you have delicate loads that can’t tolerate even the slightest spinning.


To guarantee your peace of mind when buying and using the WF5000AW, Samsung offers 10-year coverage on the motor and 3-year coverage on the tub – real long-term investment. The rest of the washer has 1-year coverage. Compared to other similar brands in its class, Samsung WF5000AW has a strong warranty.


Although Samsung WF5000AW Front-load Washing Machine lacks a few extra features, it offers such impressive capacity with many modern features.

For instance, it’s energy and water efficient, thereby saving you money. Additionally, it has many wash cycles and temperature options that allow you to handle specialized tasks.

The 10-year coverage on the motor also indicates that Samsung WF5000AW is a high-quality and durable solution for your loads at such a friendly budget.

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