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There are few people who love doing laundry. Besides being tiring, it’s time-consuming, and it can be a pain in the neck – especially if you have a busy schedule. But Maytag has this in mind, so if you’re looking for the best front load washer, and are checking out Maytag MHW6630HW reviews, find out how this model has the perfect solution for all of your laundry needs.

Maytag laundry appliances are not only trendy, but they are tough enough to handle whatever you throw them. Additionally, Maytag is officially certified, with all of their products designed to stand the test of time while still giving you the perfect level of performance that you can trust.

These washing machines are the perfect choice to help you power through all your laundry loads. Not only will they help you fight tough stains, they’ll leave your clothes feeling fresher than ever.

About Maytag Corporation

If a company has a good reputation, it’s viewed more positively by consumers, as they’re believed to provide a better experience overall. Maytag has over a century under its belt with a positive reputation, with its heritage built on great brands and products, great distribution channels and value for money.

Maytag Corporation is a leading manufacturer of major appliances in the United States. It deals with machine washers, ovens, dryers, refrigerators, soft-drink vending machines and floor care products among other appliances.

What makes Maytag Corporation unique is that it designs and manufactures products that make life simpler, easier and more convenient at a friendly budget. It focuses on meeting your domestic needs to ensure you can focus on enjoying life.

Maytag MHW6630HW – Overview


The Maytag MHW6630HW washing machine is perfect for a range of laundry loads. It comes with advanced technology and features, designed to make completing your laundry as easy as possible. Here’s what you can expect to enjoy with the appliance:

Extra power button

If you are having trouble dealing with stains, then the MHW6630HW might be a good choice for you. This model comes with an extra power button, which is designed to get rid of stains on all wash cycles. It dissolves stains with both hot and cold water in a single load.

Pause button

If you forgot to include an item of laundry in your load which you need to wash, you can press the start button to pause the washing cycle. This gives you the chance to add in any last minute additions before setting it going again.

Great price

The Maytag MHW6630HW washing machine is relatively budget-friendly. You can get it from major retailers such as Amazon for between $899 and $999 depending on whether it’s on sale. This may seem like a large price point for some, but when you look at this machine’s high level of functionality, the cost is worth it. For example, it’s one of the few washers in this price range that offers steam cleaning options.



This is one of the most important considerations when going to purchase a new washing machine. As a general rule, bigger is not always best if you don’t have large loads. Instead, you will end up paying higher water and electricity bills than you need to. The Maytag washer MHW6630HW is designed with a 4.8 Cu. Ft capacity, which is perfect for your household needs. It’s even enough to handle 30 towels at once.

Water and energy efficiency

This is another critical feature when it comes to determining how much a washing machine will cost you in the long run. A higher energy efficiency rating means a more efficient and cost-effective washer. The MHW6630HW is Energy Star certified. Therefore, it offers decent value when compared with EPA standards.


Here is another reason you may want to buy the Maytag MHW6630HW washing machine. It comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty, applicable to the direct drive motor and stainless steel wash basket. This is a bonus you will seldom find with other washing machines. Such a strong warranty will give you peace of mind for many years to come.

Multiple cycle options

The MHW6630HW comes with a range of different cycles, so you can customise your wash to suit your needs. Here are some examples:

Quick Wash cycle – a 15 minute wash with extra high spin speeds, designed for small loads which are lightly soiled
Sanitize cycle – removes 99.9% of household bacteria with the hottest water temperatures this manufacturer can provide
Wrinkle Control cycle – washes clothes with warm water and low spin speeds in order to help prevent wrinkles
AFFRESH cycle – use an AFFRESH Washer Cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach after every 30 washes to ensure the inside of the washer is thoroughly cleaned

The Fresh Hold option

This feature helps you to keep your laundry fresh if you aren’t able to remove it from the machine straight away. So if you are worried about your clothes getting mildew due to staying in there for a little while, you can use this option to tumble loads periodically for up to 16 hours. The laundry load is tumbled with an internal fan and intermittent function which keeps air circulating through clothes.

Internal heater

For those who want increased action on tough stains, the MHW6630HW features an internal heater. This boosts the power of detergent and helps it to work hard on laundry stains due to the increased water temperature.

Advanced Vibration Control Plus

Makes use of a ball-bearing balancing ring and six-point suspension system to automatically redistribute unbalanced loads. Advanced software works to adjust and recalibrate for each new load you insert into the machine.

High quality materials

Thanks to Maytag Commercial Technology, your MHW6630HW machine will be built using commercial grade parts. You can expect it to work at an incredibly high quality year after year, with the 10-year warranty available to claim at any point within this time period.

Combine functions

You can tackle stubborn stains by combining the steam function with the Extra Power button, or select cycles, to give your laundry cycle the extra boost it needs.

Cycle Memory

The MHW6630HW gives you the freedom to create a bespoke wash that will achieve your laundry goals. If you have a wash set up that meets your needs already, there’s no need to reconfigure it once you have a fresh load. The Cycle Memory function stores the last settings you had and applies them for your next wash.


Wash Cycles:

  • Whites
  • Towels and Sheets
  • Permanent Press
  • Sanitize
  • Speed Wash
  • Normal
  • Heavy Duty
  • Drain & Spin
  • Delicates
  • Colors
  • Bulky Items
  • Washer Features

High-efficiency detergent needed

  • End of cycle signal
  • Front Control
  • Control Lock
  • Cycle Status Indicator
  • Door Window

Front load vs top washers

It’s historically been more common to see top load washers, but now front load washing machines are making a comeback. There are many benefits to purchasing a front load washer, and these include:

  • Water and energy efficient: These washers use a third of the water, energy and detergent compared to top loaders. This means you will make a higher investment to start with, but you will be saving money in terms of bills over time.
  • Fit more into the machine: Front loaders have a larger capacity than top loading machines, which means you save time and money by doing fewer, larger loads.
  • More features: Models such as the MHW6630HW come with additional features such as steam settings, fresh hold options, multiple cycle choices and an internal heater.
  • High quality cleaning: Front loaders tend to do a better job of cleaning clothes – and because they don’t have a central agitator like their top loader cousins, clothes are less likely to be damaged. With top loaders, you may find that the agitator can make threads stray or cause small rips, but front loaders have a much gentler wash thanks to the help of gravity.



  • Long warranty (10 years)
  • Tough on stains




  • There are similar washers with better energy and water efficiency
  • No delayed start options



Considering the low initial price and ongoing costs of the Maytag MHW6630HW, this model provides good value for your money. Although there are front load washing machines out there which may better suit you, the designs and features of the MHW6630HW still have the potential to take care of all your household needs.

On top of major plus points such as a strong 10-year warranty, this machine is compact, with a 4.8 cu. Ft capacity that allows you to handle a range of loads easily. Additionally, it’s designed with a range of cycle options, enabling you to decide how you get your laundry done. Whether you want a quick wash to freshen up your laundry or a specialised wash to remove wrinkles, the MHW6630HW has you covered.

The Maytag front load washing machine also comes with a power wash system to provide additional cleaning functionality with an internal heater. Finally, Maytag has taken long-term costs into consideration, and that’s why it has designed the MHW6630HW to be more water and energy efficient.

If you have a range of washing loads to get through from week to week and want a range of laundry options to choose from, the Maytag MHW6630HW front load washing machine is the way to go.

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