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Front loader washing machines like Electrolux EFLW317TIW offer several different advantages, including being space savers, automatically adjusting the amount of water inside the drum to match the load, and rinsing the clothes in water (top-loaders rub the clothes against each other). This review will discuss whether Electrolux washer is a smart purchase.

Electrolux is a Swedish brand that has recently celebrated a century of existence. The company focuses on making appliances for both home and professional use, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and ovens are their specialty. They are one of the most reputable brands in the market with their products being widely-known for their quality and durability. Although they focus on manufacturing small appliances for home use, they also offer professional-grade products used by businesses throughout the world.

This detailed analysis will differ from other online Electrolux front load washer reviews because it will delve into the mechanics inside the washing machine, its features, and then conclude with a pros and cons summary for why this washing machine is a must-buy product.

About the Electrolux EFLW317TIW Front-load Washing Machine

If you are looking for an Electrolux front load washing machine, you will have the option of choosing between several models. However, it is the EFLW317TIW model which has earned the most favorable reviews and comes most recommended. The price for this model is $999 on their official website, this is one of the more affordable units designed by Electrolux.

The appliance offers a generous capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, which means you can wash a lot of laundry in a single wash. The manufacturer used its patented LuxCare system, which guarantees optimal washing every time.

The overall dimensions of the unit are 38 x 27 x 32 inches, although the height increases to 52 inches with the pedestal. The door opens on the front, and when they are entirely open, the depth increases to 53.5 inches. The overall weight of the unit is 235 pounds.


When considering which washer and dryer appliance to buy, it is important to understand the features it offers. Here’s what you can expect from the Electrolux front load washer.

LuxCare Wash System

This is the best and most important feature designed by Electrolux. The manufacturer created an innovative system that ensures an optimal washing process to deal with all types of laundry efficiently.

The result is LuxCare Wash System, which ensures that all of the user’s clothes are thoroughly cleaned. As part of this system, the machine will automatically adjust the temperature depending on the cycle that is selected. Additionally, it will consider the load weight and adjust the drum movement accordingly. All in all, this means that the noise from the machine will not be overpowering. The Luxury-Quiet sound package ensures that the washer is never louder than necessary.

Energy Star Rating

Manufacturers invest a lot of time, effort, and other resources to design washing machines that will be energy efficient. This sought-after feature means that the appliance is eco-friendly as well as reducing the user’s utility bills.

Five Different Cycles Available

Once you have loaded up the drum of the washing machine, you have five cycles to choose from, this is to accommodate a number of different fabrics. To be frank, it is a little less than other front-loader washing machines in the industry. However, we assure you that programming the washer couldn’t be simpler. The available cycles are normal laundry, heavy-duty clothing, delicate fabrics, and a rinse and spin option.

You make all the adjustments by using the touchscreen commands on the front panel. The LED display shows all the details needed to understand the cycle. The touchscreen also has a safety feature i.e. a key combination to lock the machine, in case that for children running around and to prevent them from messing or opening the washing machine whilst it’s in mid-wash.

Delayed Start Feature

Electrolux front-load washing machine is among the products that allow you to program the machine for a delayed start. The maximum delay is 12 hours, which means you can program the machine in the evening, and let it do its magic while you are at work the next day.

In addition, you can adjust the spin speed, soil level, and temperature. For all these functions, you have three different adjustments available to best suit your needs.

The machine has a maximum spin speed of 1,100 rotations per minute. The classic pull-to-open design is used for dispenser drawer, and you can add fabric softener and bleach if necessary. The EFLW317TIW model accepts both liquid and powder detergents.


The best way to confirm that the company trusts the product they designed is to read the warranty, i.e. how long they expect the machine to be running. Electrolux warranty covers 10-years for the motor and a lifetime guarantee for the tub.


There are many good things that this front load washing machine does well. If you are unfamiliar with using an Electrolux washer, you will be happy with its simplicity, everything is controlled via the touchscreen controls. Going with this appliance is a smart investment, considering that it comes with two wonderful warranties and its LuxCare Wash System is good for the environment and your wallet.

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