• 13/04/2021


The Kenmore Elite 61633 truly lives up to its name. Its advanced, highly intelligent features, Energy Star rated level of efficiency, and enormous load capacity truly make it one of the elite as far as dryers go.

This dryer gives you gives you the ability to control and customize your drying cycle based on the type of load that you’re drying as well, and all with the simple touch of a button. Kenmore truly did not disappoint with this modern design, and in this article, we’ll be taking look at some key features, pros, and cons of this dryer.

Who is Kenmore

Kenmore is a brand that guarantees trusted performance and takes pride in the innovative, exclusive features that they offer in their appliances. They have been around for 100 years and still strive to constantly continue to evolve and use the latest technology to make their appliances perform at an even higher level, making things easier on the consumer. They want all of their customers to live an easier, all around better life thanks to their easy to use, high performance appliances.

Kenmore knows how busy life can get, so they want to make the day to day parts of life such as cleaning and cooking a more enjoyable experience so that it doesn’t take away from all of the other parts of life that keep people so busy. They have been the recipient of many different awards including the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award, five different Women’s Choice Awards, and both the Best of Year and Editors’ Choice awards of 32 Reviewed.com.

Dryers are not the only appliances that this company has created successful, innovative designs of though. Kenmore also designs and manufactures washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, grills, air and water treatment appliances, garbage disposals, and a variety of cooking and floor cleaning appliances like vacuums, ovens, and microwaves. They even have a line of Smart Appliances that truly take innovation and intelligence to a whole new level.

What is the Kenmore Elite 61633 Dryer?

The Kenmore Elite 61633 electric dryer is a top of the line dryer equipped with high tech features that make doing laundry much easier. It is available in a sleek black design with silver details and has modern electronic touch screen controls and LED lights to let you know which cycle you’ve selected. It has a whopping holding capacity of 9.2 cu. ft. as well, making it perfect for families who want to dry two loads at once or for drying bulky items like bedding

Despite its high capacity and ability to do heavy duty drying jobs, this dryer is actually extremely energy efficient. In fact, it received an Energy Star from the EPA. Its efficiency is due to all of the highly intelligent features that it is equipped with such as SmartDry Ultra Technology and Steam Refresh, both of which make drying and steaming your clothes extremely easy. In fact, you won’t ever need to iron again because the Steam Refresh feature removes all wrinkles for you, leaving your clothes fresh and wrinkle free.

I know this probably all sounds too good to be true and that you’re probably wondering just how much

such an intelligent, innovative, high quality dryer like this goes for. Well, it certainly is not cheap. This dryer runs on the very high end of the pricing spectrum, but you do get what you pay for with this model.

Dryer Features

This dryer comes equipped with all kinds of great features including SmartDry Ultra Technology, Steam Refresh, Wrinkle Guard,10 different drying cycle options, 5 dryness level options, and 5 temperature control options. All of these features create a truly customizable drying experience that is perfect for all of your drying needs from your thin delicates to your bulky towels and bedding.

The SmartDry Ultra Technology feature monitors both the moisture of the laundry and the temperature of the dryer and automatically adjusts the heat and time of the drying cycle so that it is perfectly catered towards that specific load of laundry. This saves on energy as well as ensures that your laundry does not over or under dry. And if you aren’t able to get your clothes out of the dryer as soon as the cycle ends, there’s no need to worry because the Wrinkle Guard will keep them on a heatless tumble to prevent any wrinkling from occurring until you’re able to get them out.

The Steam Refresh feature is a great way to remove wrinkles from clothes or touch them up quickly if you’re in a rush to leave. It freshens up clothes, removing any musty odors as well, so if you want to wear your favorite blouse again but don’t have time to wash, dry, and iron it, you can just throw it in the dryer on Steam Refresh and remove all the wrinkles and odors from your last wear. It does this all in only 20 minutes too.

This dryer comes with a variety of different drying cycles too, along with 5 different temperature and dryness level options. The cycles range from delicates to bedding to normal to heavy duty to quick touch up, meaning that there is a cycle setting that is perfect for nearly every type of load you could need to dry. Another cool feature that gives you control over the drying cycle is the damp signal which alerts you when your clothes are halfway done drying in case you want to remove anything halfway through to air dry the rest of the way.

This dryer has a one year warranty as well which covers any defects of the materials or defects in workmanship during installation for the first year after you purchase it. This is a fairly standard warranty among most dryers. However, most dryers do not cost as much as this one does, so it could stand to have a bit of a longer warranty.


only true downside to this dryer is how much it costs and how short the warranty is based on that cost. I would highly recommend this dryer to anyone who is able to afford it because it has the intelligence and innovation to cater to just about every type of drying setting you may need as well as the ability to remove wrinkles and odors from clothes in less than half an hour.

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