• 28/02/2021


Hotpoint is a sub brand of the General Electric Company, and they design and manufacture a wide variety of different appliances, the HTX24EASKWS electric dryer being one of them. This brand has been around since 1918, although the history of how this brand came into existence dates all the way back to 1903.

The Hotpoint HTX24EASKWS dryer, along with all of the other appliances that this brand develops and manufactures, was created with a versatile, compact design that can fit easily into most spaces. It isn’t pricey by any means, but also isn’t a budget buy either. It falls more in the average price range category.

In this article, I’ll be going over the history of how Hotpoint got started, as well as some key features and pros and cons of the HTX24EASKWS model dryer they’ve designed.

Who is Hotpoint?

The birth of Hotpoint started all the way back in 1903 when a meter reader/electric power plant superintendent named Earl Richardson designed and developed a smaller, more light weight version of the original electric iron that was invented in 1882. He ended up naming this invention of his Hotpoint because the heated tip of the iron allowed for pressing things as delicate as pleats, ruffles, and buttonholes.

Around the same time, a journalist named George A. Hughes was working to create an electric range that would ultimately transform the abilities we have to cook at home in our kitchens. These two men got together in the year of 1918 and merged with General Electric, who was an already established company at the time, to form their very own brand that they named Hotpoint after Richardson’s original invention.

Since then, they have continued to develop and manufacture a variety of different appliances including things like washers and dryers, air conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, and a few different cooking products like microwaves, vent hoods, and both electric and gas range ovens. All of their appliances are constructed with a simple, easy to use design, not including all of the bells and whistles of more high tech appliances, but still remaining reliable and functional.

What is the Hotpoint HTX24EASKWS Dryer?

The Hotpoint HTX24EASKWS electric dryer is a pretty basic dryer that is only available in white. It uses old fashioned rotary electromechanical control knobs to select the type of drying cycle that you want to set it to rather than the more modern electric control buttons that some more advanced dryers come equipped with. There is no digital display of a countdown to help you track the drying cycle either, something that most dryers have these days (even ones with rotary electromechanical knobs), but there is an alert signal that will sound off when the cycle has ended.

The pricing for this dryer falls into the average price range rather than the lower price range, which is a tad bit surprising considering how outdated the design of it is. It does include a limited one year labor warranty as well as a limited one year part warranty though to cover any defects in the materials of the dryer or the workmanship of whoever installed it. The aluminized alloy drum construction helps to prevent corrosion as well which can aid in prolonging the life of this dryer.

Dryer Features

This dryer unfortunately does not come equipped with too many features. It only has three heat selection options to choose from and four different drying cycles to choose from, limiting the amount of control and customization that you have over the dryer settings. The heat selection options are low, medium, and high which is pretty standard among most basic dryers, and the cycle options include casuals, delicates, cottons, and timed dry.

You may have noticed that there is no option specifically catered towards towels, heavy duty, or bulky items. Because of this, it may take two cycles to properly dry bulkier, more heavy duty items such as these ones.

This dryer does include a reversible door and a small 27 inch width length, making it compact and versatile enough to fit in just about any sized laundry room. It has a holding capacity of 6.2 cu. ft. which is pretty standard among most dryers. There really are no unique or standout features for this dryer unfortunately. It is about as basic as you can get as far as dryers go.


If you take a step back and compare this dryer’s features and design with those of nearly any other dryer on the market, you’ll find that it falls pretty low in the categories of innovation and modernity. Despite this fact, this dryer is still priced pretty average, although it should be sold at a much more affordable price due to everything that it is lacking, at least in my opinion.

I wouldn’t recommend this dryer to anyone because of how outdated the design of it is. There are plenty of other dryers out there in the same price range, or even at a lower price range, that beat out this dryer in both design and innovation. I personally would go with any of those before choosing this dryer.

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