• 27/11/2020


Find out what awaits you in the stars for the month of September 2019 with these psychic readings.


It’s a good month for your romantic life, as new dating prospects may pop up from unexpected places. Otherwise, an existing relationship will deepen, or you will enjoy some romantic moments that will become wonderful memories in the future. Money can become an issue in September, so you’ll have to pay more attention to budgeting. If you put in some time and effort, you may prevent some issues down the line. If you’re going through hard times at any point, it may be due to something of your own doing. If you’re being untruthful or hiding something from someone, you will be found out, and the fallout will not be pleasant. Good news on the professional front, however – you are having a really productive month with a lot of accomplishments at work, and that bodes well for a possible future promotion. If you’re running a family business, you can expect success.


It’s a great time for increasing your income, as plenty of professional opportunities are popping up for you. As long as you are disciplined enough and motivated, you can turn these few weeks into a very profitable period and even use this time to advance professionally. You never know when unique opportunities may appear, so be sure you’re prepared to take a leap. This month brings a lot of people from far away into your life, whether they’re loved ones or new figures you’ve yet to meet. Some of them will be your guests, while others are in for meetings that may prove interesting for some personal projects you are working on. Remember that the right connections can get you far. There is a very big conversation happening at some point during the month with an important person about future plans, whether this is personal or professional. Unfortunately, you may find that you walk away disappointed.


It’s a great time for travelling, so a trip may very well be on the cards. However, take note of the fact that you are not necessarily going to make this trip when you planned it; a delay is certainly possible, but not for any negative reasons. Your practical spirit and DIY skills are coming into play over these next few weeks, as you take on a project of restoration, decoration, or improvement on a home, office, garden, or a different property. This will leave you feeling fulfilled and may also be an opportunity for a source of money. A trip to an institution will be necessary, as there are some issues to be solved there with some official documents. The resolution will be positive, so there is no need to worry. An old lover may make an appearance, causing you to dig up some old, possibly unresolved feelings and memories.


Some conversations with people outside your workplace can create some very interesting ideas for a personal project or collaboration for a professional project. Always remain open to ideas and input, and even possible partnerships – September is a great month for those looking into entrepreneurship. In other news, your past is coming back to haunt you in ways you may not expect. Whether it’s a person from your personal life, a work situation, or a mistake you’ve made in the last few years, you have to be prepared to face this. Cancer women are enjoying a lot of parties, social events, and happy gatherings this month, while the men are significantly more stressed about both personal and professional matters. It can be a difficult month for the Cancer, emotionally, so some strength is definitely required over the next few weeks.


If money is tight and you’ve been looking for ways to supplement your monthly income, this may be the time to do it. If you’re resourceful enough and know when to take advantage of opportunities, September will put several chances at your disposal. Make the most of them and you may very well see your earnings flourish. There are some changes happening in the next few weeks, particularly on the professional front. Whether it’s a change in management, moving office, or even taking on a new role, stress will accompany this change, so you need to work on your patience and understanding. Losing your temper at work is not a good look. Speaking of stress and losing your temper, your personal life isn’t immune to that, either; but be careful not to damage your relationships irreparably, because they may be more difficult to replace than a job.


It’s an emotionally troubling time for you, as your thoughts and feelings are confusing you and really affecting the way you act. A state of sadness is to be expected in September, because all these feelings may be overwhelming and that will take a toll on you. There are major changes that are happening this month, and some big decisions to be made, so you may want to brace yourself. These changes and decisions are most likely personal, but they could also be in other areas. Control may be slipping away from you in some matters, but remember that’s not the end of the world. Hope will appear even in the darkest of times, from where you least expect it. Do not allow the tension of this month to break you down, as there are many more things to be excited for in September, for both male and female Virgos.


You will be financially entangled with a female figure this September, whether that’s due to helping her out with some money, paying her for a service, or working together on a project which will be lucrative for both of you. A family member or friend of yours is struggling with a health issue over the next few weeks, and you are trying to be there for them. You will never regret helping out someone you love. Speaking of support, some friends who live far away will come to your aid in ways you perhaps hadn’t anticipated. Conversations with them could reveal some new opportunities for personal or professional projects. Despite a lot of stress over the course of the month, you will ultimately enjoy positive developments and results, so you’ve got something exciting to look forward to.


Socializing plays a major role for you this month, as you will be meeting and talking to a variety of individuals and groups. This could include friends, acquaintances from far away, relatives and even potential business partners. You will not only have the opportunity to create closer bonds and relationships, but you will also learn more about the people in your life. Your financial situation is favored this September – more income is coming in or a money problem is unexpectedly resolved. That leaves you more than enough to cover some outstanding bills and ease your mind a bit. Remember that someone’s health will be a concern: not necessarily yours, but perhaps that of a close friend or loved one. It may be your responsibility to help out with doctor’s visits or appointments. All in all, September is a month that teaches you a lot of new skills and exposes you to unknown territory, which all leads to personal growth.


Luckily for you, September is granting you a break from the drama and the stress that your life has brought this year. You’ve had a hard time lately, and this is your chance to recover, regroup, and do some much-needed planning for the future. You will be able to tick some important things off your to-do list, so that will be a big personal accomplishment for you, especially in light of recent problems and an inability to carry out tasks to completion. However, not everyone is doing as well as you are right now – someone you know is experiencing a major rift, fight, or even break-up with a loved one, and it is up to you to be there for them in any capacity you can. In more positive news, someone is having a happy event, whether that’s a birthday, wedding engagement, or a different celebration that requires a gift and a congratulations.


September is bringing you some thoughts about loved ones, both living and departed. You may find that there is unfinished business with someone, so you may want to ease your mind by attempting contact with this person. A visit is not out of the question. It’s a month of healing for you, in many ways, as you are seeking personal improvement and development after long periods of introspection. You are seeking to mend soured relationships, patch things up, and make up for any mistakes you may have made or people you may have wronged. Some home improvement plans are on the cards for the next few weeks, as you may find yourself involved in a particular project, whether it’s to sell or just make your home a better space. Feelings of anxiety will crop up in relation to a health situation, but it will almost certainly be positively resolved.


A lack of communication could create some issues in your relationship, and some unwanted tension. You may need to put a bit of extra effort into communicating with your partner, as not doing so may be interpreted as a sign that you are taking them for granted and not appreciating them enough. You’ll also want to be careful about listening to other people’s input about your romantic life – your love life is your own, so you don’t need external commentary. If things don’t end well and it’s not the first time this has happened, it may be time to take a break and focus on something else for a while. September is a great month for your professional life, though, and for organizing your life and tasks in general. You will have the necessary discipline to achieve some personal goals, and that’s a great start to the month. Feelings about your personal life may spill over into other relationships, so remember to keep your emotions in check.


If you’re experiencing any sort of legal battle at the moment, September will see you witness positive results, which will be a great relief for you. There are some issues that may arise related to travel, so if you were planning to go anywhere in September, it may be best to postpone this until further notice – the risk is not worth it. However, a visit from a family member or friend is not off the cards, so you may just find that you are surprised by someone dropping in. Make sure the guest room is ready. Some tension at work will affect your productivity and may make things uncomfortable for you, so it’s best to try and resolve that as quickly as possible, instead of spending weeks avoiding your colleagues. You are finding your love life more confusing than ever, as a former lover is in your thoughts constantly, causing you to doubt yourself and what you are feeling.

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