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A busy lifestyle that includes work, family time, and social events means fewer chances to fit in a barber’s appointment. Also, it is something that needs to be frequently done to keep a fresh and fashionable look, but this can become quite expensive, too. Thus, it is normal if you wonder how difficult it might be to cut and groom your own hair.

This is the main reason why we put together a comprehensive guide. Read the following lines to find out everything you need to know, especially if you are about to cut your own hair for the first time. Whoever said that you need precious time and money to look good was wrong and we are ready to prove it. This guide is divided into 9 easy steps, follow them and you will look as stylish and neat as ever.

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How to Cut Men’s Hair

Before starting with the process, you must know the length numbers on your clippers. They can also be known as ‘guards’ and most hair clippers come with a set of 8 pieces. These components are numbered from 1 through 8 and they can be either built-in or attachments.

Guard sizes determine the length of your hair, using a smaller guard results in shorter hair. If you are unsure what the sizes mean, it might be useful to keep in mind that each guard size represents one-eighth of an inch. Make sure to consult the hair clippers’ documentation so that you get the best results after every cut.

Step 1. Wash Your Hair

Dirty hair is harder to cut, so taking a shower before you start cutting is essential. Greasy hair tends to stick together and get caught in the clippers. Wash your hair and condition, if possible. Make sure to comb and completely dry your hair. This is also necessary since dry hair does not look the same as wet hair, and cutting it when wet can misguide you.

Step 2. Find A Comfortable Place

Find a place in your home that is comfortable for you to cut your hair. Have access to a mirror and bring some water before starting to use your hair clippers. If your hair is quite unruly, you can use a few drops of water to mist it, but do not make it too damp. Start by sectioning your hair the usual way or how you wish to have it.

Step 3. Start the Cutting Process

After you decide on a hairstyle, set your clippers to the adequate guard size to start cutting. The first place to start cutting is the side of your hair. Trim the bottom of both sides to the top using the blade’s edge.

To create a fade, simply tilt the hair clipper at an angle as you progress. Repeat this action on the other side of your head before moving to your back hair. Always check in the mirror that both sides are equal.

Step 4. Trim the Backside of Your Head

With the sides are finished and you are happy with the results, it is time to trim the back of your head. This is done with a movement that starts from the bottom to the top, the same way you used for the sides. Doing it by yourself takes a lot of practice as it is the most difficult section, so make sure you take it slowly. Have a mirror behind your head so you can constantly see your progress and make sure the cuts are evenly done.

Remember to set the guard on the same length that was used on your sides, unless your desired hairstyle requires uneven parts.

Step 5. Time for A Fade

The next step is to move over the lower part of your head using a lower guard set on the clippers so that the fading process can begin. Take things slowly and work your way up. Do this by using the hair clippers so the fade is as even as possible. It is crucial to lift your hair when you approach your earlobes and temples.

Step 6. Use A Comb or Scissors

Grab a pair of scissors and start trimming in sections at the top of your hair. Typical scissors cannot do the job as they are often blunt and might damage your hair. The comb is used to lift your hair from the top of your head in a position where it is parallel to your frontal hairline. Go slow and careful, cutting around 6 millimeters (or one-quarter of an inch) sections. This can also be done using your fingers but a comb is more precise and it offers consistent results.

While trimming, you need to pull a small section of the previously cut hair as a guideline for the new section. Start small and slow, as conservative cuts allow you to make corrections if unwanted cuts take place.

Step 7. Refine It

After completing the cut, check the back and sides of your head to make sure it is properly done and even. Comb your hair properly as the next steps require this.

Grab a horizontal level from the same point on both sides and check if they are the same length. One golden rule says that cutting less and doing the final touch up later is the best way to do it.

Step 8. Time for Your Sideburns

Depending on your style, use a razor or your hair clippers for your sideburns. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the desired length. Depending on your cheekbone, you can determine where you should set the bottom line of your sideburn. As always, check if they are the same length using your fingers and if they aren’t, do the adjustments.

Step 9. Final Touches

This involves your beard trimmer or hair clippers if you do not have the first. Taper your neck or neckline slowly. The first step is to graze a cut right where your neckline starts and progressively cut closer towards the tape. Once the cut is finished, make sure to rinse any loose strays caught in your hair or on your neck.  Wash your hair again and towel dry it.

Your new haircut is done and you can style it as you desire.

Tips for Cutting Your Hair at Home

  1. Remember to go slow and take your time at first. You need to get used to cutting and trimming, and also familiarize yourself with all your head grooves.
  2. Teach yourself to cut the sides of your head using the non-dominant hand.
  3. Cut against the direction in which your hair grows, always.
  4. Take your time and stop from time to time to check the clippers. Hair tends to get caught and irritate if the clippers are not working properly.

Trim Your Beard


The beard is a bold statement and you should always take care of it just like your hair. As a bonus, we provide a small tutorial on how to trim your beard at home as well. It is easier than a haircut and it has to be done on a more regular basis.

Trimming is the process that gives the beard its shape. Following a correct way for trimming it, you should obtain an even length, a proper neckline and, a good mustache and lip line, but also a trim that blends well with your new haircut.

Step 1 – Wash Your Beard

Wash your beard and towel dry it. For a good trim, you need to start with the longest hair length and gradually bring it down. On your beard trimmer, set the longest setting and trim all your beard. For best results, go against the direction in which your hair grows and remove any excess. Repeat this process until the length pleases you.

Step 2 – The Neckline

The second step for a perfect trim is to take care of your neckline. Put your index finger horizontally just above Adam’s apple. Start by trimming a vertical strip below this line. Work your way slowly outwards the jawline on one side first, after which, you return to the center and repeat on the other side. The neckline matters when trimming a full beard, but if you are sporting a stubble, this step can be ignored.

Step 3 – Shaving

The third and final step is to shave off the trimmed hair that is located right below the fresh neckline. Remove all of them and you got yourself the new and fresh look. A beard trim is easy, taking only a few minutes and the results can make a huge difference. It can be a thing of beauty when properly maintained and taken care of.

Step 4 – Moisturizing

Make sure to finish the whole process off with beard oil which will moisturize your facial hair, while also making it look chic. Run a beard comb after applying the oil to distribute it evenly and style your beard how you want. Additionally, this process helps to reveal any strays that might have escaped the process of trimming and can be taken care of using a pair of scissors.

Time to Grab your Trimmers!

All in all, learning how to cut your hair from home is not such a difficult task after all. Remember to take your time, always check yourself in the mirror. The practice is the key to success but once you learn how to do it, you will save lots of money on haircuts!

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