• 25/06/2021


When house hunting, you don’t purchase the first property you see. You look for another, better deal – and it is the same with holiday packages! Don’t settle with the first price you see.

Most holiday plans come with a side of cheap flight offers. It is always nice to knock off some pounds when it comes to airplane tickets, and there are many flight comparison sites out there to do that. Some of them are better than others, and we will try to give you the best options to book your trip. After all, it is better to spend those savings while you are actually at your desired destination, right?


Expedia offers an online travel site packed with flight, hotel, cruise, car and activities options. The most important features come right on the home page, and all others can be reached by thoroughly setting your desired filters. Departure/Arrival times, alternative dates, possible transfers, layover times, and much more. Having this knowledge beforehand enables a smooth trip planning all over the world. Expedia owns two other travel websites – Travelocity and Orbitz, each of them suited for different customer needs.

Travelocity offers advanced booking packages while Orbitz displays the most flights in a general search. If anything should happen and you need to cancel your flight, you can do it for any booking on Expedia within a 24-hour period. Some cancellations after this time may result in small fees, varying on the airline company you chose.

An amazing tool of Expedia is My Scratchpad. It is a software extension that saves all of your notes and searches for future use. It comes in handy when you travel to the same destination multiple times, or you want to recommend your trip route to others. This lets you compare prices over time and pick the best option for your holiday at the right moment.


Covering hundreds of respected airlines is not a problem for Skyscanner. Their searches are fast and they offer customization for each trip. Users can pick the booking site of their choice with swift filters which offer a vast variety of options in addition to their speed. You can also choose between direct and indirect routes, all within your initial search.

One of the most pleasant features of Skyscanner is the flexible flight search. It enables you to check flight prices on a monthly scale or even in a yearly table. To top it off, customers can see the cheapest flight from any departure point and the most efficient flight routes to a certain destination.


A perfect mediator between you and all available airlines, Kayak offers a simplified minimalistic website with a lot more options than one would think. Starting with only the search bar, booking tabs, and popular destinations rates, the website has an expansive filter menu. Your first search is followed by a list of basic filter options which grow into e multi-layered preference window.

As well as giving accurate information, Kayak is not afraid of the competition. They let you do a cross-search, including other discount websites in their results. Every click to compare prices pops up in a new window, so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by multiple pricings in one tab. If you wish to skip the comparison you can simply toggle it off.

The top Kayak feature is their mobile app – you can get it on all Android and Apple devices, Windows phones, and Kindle Fire. Booking on the go is easy with them, as their mobile version doesn’t lack any of the desktop goodies. Throw in the Explore Tool, responsible for showing prices of most visited destination throughout the year, and you got yourself a fully-packed online travel platform.


Starting from 1996, Cheapflights is one of the pioneers in online travel assistance. With an American branch, founded in 2003, the website covers even airlines which aren’t that common to come by (JetBlue). Being one of the most popular online travel companions, Cheapflights has established a respected and reliable connection with their customers over the years.

The partnership between them and other top online travel sites like Expedia and Orbitz makes them an ultimate tool for finding the best flight for your trip. The website itself is easy to use, with maximum efficiency when it comes to deep filters. Every user can subscribe to a weekly newsletter free of charge – you will get excellent travel deals every seven days, tailored to your previous preferences.


With over a decade of experience, Momondo is one of the first picks for travelers around the world. They work with thousands of flight providers while comparing prices on multiple flight search platforms. Flights, hotels, and rental cars are all available to find on their website. The fresh outlook of the site points out the best prices and dates for your holiday. The interface enables both easy searches and a view of all possible options on a wide screen.

Filters include individual airlines, specific alliances, and the possibility for all types of airports (connecting/departure/destination). Price options let you choose from Cheapest, Quickest, or Best depending on your needs.

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