• 29/10/2020


You would be surprised to see the stats about the effectiveness of online dating platforms. The future of dating is here: data helps you match with the perfect partner you’ve always desired.

Cougar dating is a preference for many and in today’s world of dating apps and websites, you will be flooded with plenty of options. Platforms like Elite Singles make things quite easy and can be customized to your specific needs and preference.


Women who are looking for someone young with no strings attached or a stable relationship with a young man can find plenty of dating platforms that will do the matchmaking for you. Similarly, for men interested in older women, Elite Singles can be a good platform to meet older, mature and interesting women to spend some quality time with. It is completely normal if you cannot find a compatible older woman or a mature young man within your community. Dating apps nowadays will do the research for you and match you with your potential partner.

Hobbies and interests

You would think that the age difference might be clear when it comes to hobbies and interests, but we’re here to inform you that you are completely wrong if you believe in this notion. There is a reason why young men find older women attractive. It is not just about sexual desires or physical intimacy. Older women tend to be more mature and provide you with the personal space you need. A connection can happen at any age or any time in life. Being compatible and having similar interests and hobbies is not a rare combination to find in the age of online dating. Let websites like OurTime or Zoosk find an ideal choice for you. For example, Our Time is a platform dedicated to people in their middle ages. Here you’ll be matched with women who are maybe looking for younger men for a fun relationship.

Cougar dating is increasingly popular (Picture: iStock by Getty)

Similar desires

It is completely natural to want a fling, someone to share moments with or something stable and long-term. The choice is yours. Sites like Zoosk will take your interests into account and, using their behavioral technology system, they will present suitable partners for you.

There is always someone out there who is looking for the same things as you. All you have to do is communicate the right type of message to your date. Be open about your preferences and your choices in life. You will be amazed to find out that many people have similar goals.

Cougar dating is usually more casual. It takes a couple of dates on average for a budding relationship to become something more serious. However, in terms of getting to know a person, cougar dating is no different from conventional dating.

It’s not a social taboo

The good news for all the young men and cougars out there is the fact that cougar dating is not a social taboo anymore. People are more accepting of people’s differences and uniqueness. In fact, cougar dating is not just a trend anymore, it is a conscious relationship decision that older women and young men make today to find true love or fulfil their emotional or sexual needs.

What’s different about cougar dating?

Woman embracing her boyfriend

In cougar dating, you will find the flexibility or stability that you are looking for in an individual. For instance, if you are cub looking for a career-driven cougar who wants nothing serious, dating apps will filter out the older women looking for something stable. Hence, you actually do not have to waste two or three dates to know what your dating partner is looking for.

In the world of cougar dating, mutual respect and admiration is the key rule to follow. Of course, human beings need real connections and blindly following pre-established rules should not be part of a healthy relationship. Just remember, it is completely okay to have standards set for yourself regardless of the label “cougar”.

Cougar dating is less of a taboo these days (Picture: iStock by Getty)


The good part about cougar dating is the fact that your happiness comes first and your life choices are respected here. Older women and young men tend to be more rational when they are together. Prioritizing your feelings and choices over societal pressures is not a bad thing to do. You do not have to opt out of cougar dating if your community looks down on it. At the end of the day, it is your choice and happiness that is of the utmost importance!

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