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It isn’t long before Black Friday 2019 is upon us, and that means one thing – some of the best deals around, from electronics to cosmetics. Every year, millions of consumers will shop the best deals on the market, but before you get swept up in the rush of this year’s sales frenzy, take a little time to read our round-up of the deals and tips you need to give your shopping the boost it needs. Whether you want to save more money than you initially thought possible or learn how to shop smartly, we’ve got the lowdown on how to make Black Friday as lucrative as possible for you. Here are our top tips to ensure Black Friday is a success:

Find out when discounts aren’t actually good deals

It’s easy to look at sales items during Black Friday and believe you’re getting a bargain – after all, if an item has the words ‘Special Offer’ or similar next to it, it’s got to be worth looking at, right? Unfortunately, that special offer which has you hooked may not be as special as it sounds. If you have some specific items you’d like to get discounts on during Black Friday, do your research beforehand and find out what the current market price is. You can keep an eye on the pricing by setting price alerts for products and similar items. That way, you can compare dips in pricing – seen in usual sales – with the pricing you get during Black Friday. It’s possible that TV which is on ‘Special Offer’ may not be giving you as much bang for your buck as you’d hoped.


Get social with your retailers

Those who are particularly smart with their spending throughout the year will recognise the benefits of this tip no matter the occasion, but you will find that it’s especially useful during the holiday season. So what’s this tip? Simply follow your favourite retailers on social media. Find out where they’re most active – whether that’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – or, if the activity is fairly regular across all platforms, then follow them on the channel you frequent the most. This way, you can start regularly checking your retailers for sale announcements and Black Friday offers. If you use Twitter for this tip, you can set up a private list of all your retailers, so you can browse a specially curated feed of upcoming specials.


Plan your shopping spree smartly

Getting swept up in the excitement of Black Friday can be easy, but this is a sure-fire way to end up rushing through stores in no particular order and heading home with a bunch of items you didn’t need – and a larger bill than you were expecting. To avoid this outcome, plan your shopping smartly. Work out which locations are the closest and most convenient, and go there first. Prioritise superstores where possible – such as Walmart and Meijer – as these places will have lots of departments with low prices. Warehouse clubs such as Costco will also have decent pricing. Furthermore, factoring in enough time per location will help hugely. Where possible, allow yourself more time than you think you need, as shopping malls which are already prone to plenty of people traffic are bound to be nothing short of chaos when it’s Black Friday.

Get your shopping done with friends and family

If the list of items you’d like to get during Black Friday has grown so much that tackling it alone feels daunting – don’t do it by yourself. Get friends and family involved, so you can delegate tasks and get everything ticked off more quickly. You could ask someone who is also planning for Black Friday for their list, so you can pool lists and divide them up between you according to category – so one of you could be shopping cosmetics while the other is over in electronics. This means you’ll save time, get into stores ahead of the crowd and land the best deals.


Start your shopping as soon as possible

Many of us will be making the most of Thanksgiving, but this is precisely the time when plenty of retailers will be open during the afternoon and evening. If you can squeeze in some time ahead of the evening meal with family, or head out before closing after you’re done, you could nab some deals before anyone else has even started. Do a little research ahead of time and check which of the stores on your list will be open during the holiday. If you can’t find this information easily online, ask on social media or go into your local store and ask one of the workers.

Shop online in private mode

There are many benefits to using an incognito window when shopping online. If you’re browsing some deals at work, you’ll avoid ticking off your boss by leaving your shopping habits in your internet history – and making it clear you’ve been slacking off. Furthermore, if you’re in private mode, retailer websites won’t be able to track your internet browsing habits using cookies. As a result, they won’t be able to tailor offers to you – and this could result in you seeing items for a lower price.

Research the products you want to buy

It can be easy to get swept up in the hype of a deal which looks great on major retailer websites, but even if something is selling out fast, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to provide you with the features and quality you need. This is where researching products beforehand will help a great deal – you can use our reviews to find out a wealth of information about the top brands in a variety of sectors. For example, we have lists of the best small gas grill brands and air fryer reviews to browse. If you want to improve your sleeping setup, we’ve got the Purple pillow reviews you need, and the latest information on Bear pillows. If you’re looking for the best side sleeper mattress or an overview of the Helix mattress, just check out our dedicated section. Looking for some home improvements? Check out our Select home warranty reviews, or the Sommer Direct Drive garage door opener. From the best front load washing machines to the best moving containers, there is plenty you can read up on to make an informed purchase – and even save money in the process.

Don’t be afraid of using your credit card

If your plan is to head into the Black Friday shopping maze with no particular ideas of what you’d like to purchase, then running up a high credit card bill isn’t the best idea. However, if you’re smart with your money and you’ve planned out how much you’d like to spend, as well as some key items you would like to purchase, then it can be beneficial to use a credit card. For example, a lot of credit card companies will offer consumers with warranty coverage – so you could end up with double or triple the manufacturer’s warranty on a product you buy during Black Friday at no extra cost. Furthermore, while some stores have reduced the amount of time in which a customer can return a product, credit card firms can offer a guaranteed refund on a product for up to 90 days. Finally, you could benefit from sales price protection – in other words, if a product you buy is marked down below the price you paid within a particular time frame, such as 60 days, you will be refunded the difference.


Find out if retailers will offer price matching

There are retailers out there that will match prices on Black Friday deals. You are more likely to find this is the case with stores that have a physical branch, as opposed to those which are online only. If you’re not sure whether a store offers price matching, or has such a policy in place, you can try asking them in person about a price drop if this happens soon after you’ve purchased a product. You may get lucky and find that they’ll offer to refund you the difference.

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