• 28/02/2021


The KitchenAid KRSF505ESS refrigerator is one of the most energy efficient side-by-side models on the market, though it is also one of the most expensive compared to similar models.

While the KitchenAid KRSF505ESS isn’t as feature-rich as some of the other side-by-side options out there on the market, it is easily one of the most energy efficient. That said, you’ll have to pay quite a bit more upfront for that level of energy efficiency, and the KitchenAid is considerably more expensive than comparable side-by-sides—that is, several hundred dollars more expensive.

One thing we really liked with the KitchenAid is that it comes in three colors: stainless steel, black, and white. This will make matching your appliances and kitchen décor much easier. This is a fairly unique feature for the KitchenAid, as very few comparable side-by-sides offer any colors beyond the standard, and most popular, stainless steel look.

Of course, you’ll have to decide whether you prefer the side-by-side design of this refrigerator over your other option: French doors. A French door refrigerator has two refrigerator doors that both swing out away from each other, as well as a large freezer drawer. Conversely, a side-by-side has, as the name suggests, a fridge door side-by-side with a freezer door. Both have their pros and cons, but benefit of the side-by-side design is greater visibility with the freezer. On the other hand, a French door style refrigerator usually comes with much more freezer space. So, if you don’t have a stand-alone freezer and don’t intend to get one, a French door style fridge might be a better option for you.

Features of the KitchenAid KRSF505ESS side by side refrigerator

As we mentioned, the KitchenAid side-by-side doesn’t pack any very many features, though it does still feature all of the standard features you would expect from any side-by-side of its type.

As for capacity and storage space, the KitchenAid side-by-side fits somewhere in the middle of the pack, with 24.8 cubic feet of interior space. While this is pretty average for a side-by-side, we felt that the arrangement of shelves and drawers was intuitive and well thought out.

It features five door bins, two of which can accommodate gallon milk jugs or two-liter bottles. Another nice feature of this side-by-side is the wire bottle racks underneath the shelves. This is a good place to put wine or other bottles to keep them out of the way, saving you space and making organization of your fridge that much easier. It also features three drawers, two of which are humidity-controlled crispers to keep your fruits and vegetables extra crisp and fresh for much longer than standard drawers. On top of that, the KitchenAid also features a quite large deli drawer that is easy to see through to its contents. This is somewhat rare, as many comparable side-by-sides don’t include a deli drawer.

Like any side-by-side, the KitchenAid also has an ice and water dispenser, complete with a child lockout feature that will prevent pesky little hands from making messes when you’re not around. You can set the lockout feature to prevent ice and water from dispensing at different times, like after bedtime, for instance.

As for warranties, those offered for the KitchenAid follow the rough industry standard. That is, you’ll be getting a one-year warranty for parts and labor and a five-year warranty for the sealed system. While this is mostly standard, there are other side-by-side models that offer more generous long-term warranties than that offered by KitchenAid.

Further, the KitchenAid comes in three colors (stainless steel, black, and white), so matching your fridge to your other appliances or kitchen décor and color scheme will be no problem. This is somewhat rare for side-by-sides, as most just come in stainless steel.

We also really liked that KitchenAid offers several convenient customer service contact options. You can choose from telephone communication, email, and our personal favorite live chat. We found the customer service representatives friendly, knowledgeable, and very willing and able to help answer any of our questions and concerns. So, if you’re somewhat shy when it comes to telephone calls, you have other options for getting your questions answered without that direct personal contact.

Energy Efficiency

With its Energy Star rating, this KitchenAid side-by-side will only cost you an estimated $73 per year to run—that’s a mere 610 kilowatts per year! That’s considerably less than the annual costs in the mid-$80s range that comparable side-by-sides cost to run.

Add to that convenience features like the door alarm that will alert users when the doors have been left open longer than a predesignated span of time, and you have a truly energy efficient appliance in the KitchenAid side-by-side.

Indeed, the KitchenAid side-by-side is the most energy efficient model we considered in our evaluations. Its energy efficiency is especially impressive given its relatively spacious interior. We were somewhat surprised, though, at the lack of additional features. Other models, like the Electrolux EI26SS30JS, offer tons of additional luxury and convenience features and still maintains an impressive level of energy efficiency. Considering they are both at the higher end in terms of upfront cost, it was somewhat surprising how few extra features the KitchenAid offers.


If you’re looking for a solid side-by-side fridge that boasts some of the highest levels of energy efficiency in the industry, the KitchenAid KRSF505ESS is definitely where you should start. Our only major qualm with this excellent product is its relatively high price tag. While you are getting great energy efficiency at that price, we would expect quite a bit more in terms of additional convenience features for such a high asking price.

That said, this is still an excellent option for anyone who is looking for optimal energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. It may cost quite a bit more upfront than other comparable side-by-sides, but the long-term energy savings should offset this initially higher asking price.

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