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Weber has, over time, created their image in the minds of many people as a brand that is consistently after excellence and quality, and this long-lasting impression isn’t fading any time soon. This is because the brand has constantly updated its range of products to include products that proffer adequate and timeous solutions. With their wide range of gas grill products, they leave us in no doubt that they are one of the ace brands in that niche. Weber Spirit being a gas grill from them also buttresses the point of quality that I am trying to raise.

The Weber Spirit falls in the category of average priced gas grills that perform more than they cost. With a price range that is below $500 in most retail outlets, Weber Spirit then becomes one of the most desired gas grills that must be possessed by all essentially because of its durability and heat retention capacities.

Talking about the gas grill’s heat consistency, the three main burners deliver as high as 30,000 BTU of heat per hour input that stays evenly distributed in order to ensure that your food is perfectly and delicately grilled. The heat retention mechanism ensures that you necessarily do not have to keep the flames burning at all times which results in fuel efficiency.

Features of the Weber Genesis II E-310 gas grill

A good gas grill should be able to distinguish itself with one or two very unique features that would separate it from the thousands of other product that is out there. A durable product must be able to boast of far-reaching warranty and I am glad to tell you that in furtherance of Weber’s aim of quality, they offer this gas grill with a comprehensive warranty of ten years covering all aspect of the grill. The ten-year warranty isn’t just an attestation of durability but also serves as an attestation of quality. You shouldn’t encounter any problem during the installation steps as the gas grill is quite basic to install with an average set up time of three hours. Upon successful installation, be ready to explore the premium sturdy nature of this unique gas grill that comes with the classy stainless steel finishing.

The three burner gas grill comes with a total cooking area of about 529 square inches that provides enough space to grill at least twelve uncooked hamburger patties on the cast-iron and porcelain covered grill grates. The cooking space is also spacious enough to grill some decently cut ribs for a family of five. The gas grill also has amazing preheating features even after opening the lid, making it a trend over all other gas grills in its category.

Some of the shortcomings of this Weber Spirit gas grill is in the area of accessories as it lacks basic grill accessories such as side burner and it doesn’t also have the capacity to be hooked directly to a natural gas source making the initial price which seems affordable quite questionable. As if to provide for this shortcomings and in furtherance of bending modern aesthetic design with technology, this Weber Spirit gas grill is compatible with the iGrill 3 which is a grilling Bluetooth thermometer that allows you to keep track and monitor your grilling activities. Although this technology doesn’t come with the grill it is commendable that it has the feature as it allows for anyone interested in the feature to invest in the device. Adopting this technology affords you easy multitasking as you can easily monitor your grilling activities on connected smartphones.

As a unique innovation to differentiate this Weber gas grill from a host of other, you will find a spider prevention screen attached to your grills essentially for outdoor purpose. This is to ensure that no spider, big or small, creeps into your grill.

This gas grill is definitely for you if you are looking at saving a lot in space as the design generally helps to foster its compatibility. The grill comes with two side table designed to help you achieve some prep works. Interestingly, one of these two side tables is foldable, making it easier to save more space. The general design structure also makes the gas grill very lightweight all thanks to its two wheels that makes the movement of the grill very much easier and at the same time ensures for a solid frame when stationed on a spot.

One of the highlights of the design is the grease management system that allows for the collection of all drippings during the process of grilling to be funneled into a removable tray. This makes the cleaning process after grilling very much easy.


If you are looking at investing in a gas grill that can essentially cater to a small gathering and little family functions, then this Weber gas grill might be your best options. This gas grill lives up to the respected reputation of the Weber brand in terms of temperature control, preheating capacity and unique sleekness. This gas grilled is equipped with more than basic necessities required of a gas grill. From a steady heat consistency system to a general structure that allows space management and a Bluetooth oriented thermometer that gives you stress-free monitoring access, this gas grill stands tall from other comparable brands.

Although an average three burner gas grill costs way less than $500, a Weber spirit gas grill is no average gas grill especially with over ten years warranty that speaks credibility to its already recognized durability and its spider prevention and grease management system, Weber spirit gas grill has shown that it is an entirely different class of its own as far as gas grills are concerned.



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