• 01/03/2021


Twenty-first-century grilling has just become easier with the Vermont casting signature grill. Not only has this brand acquired the best of the latest technology to make them lead the chart of top gas grills, but they have also made sure that in doing so they adopt the sleekest of structural designs to serve as the cherry topping.

Nothing sounds better than knowing that you can do more grilling at a time using Vermont multi-burner gas grills designed to beat outdoor grilling odds and to help you maintain adequate heat consistency needed to keep your food uniformly prepared. With 15000 BTU side burner, 15000 BTU for each burner and a general BTU of 67,500, you can then be sure that Vermont casting signature gas grills is indeed one of the most powerful gas grills that are currently in the market.

The ‘USA made’ product has come to dazzle us with their latest easy flame Ignition technology that makes the grill easy to operate and allows for even distribution of heat. Although, there are no official years of warranty of this product the over thirty-five years of excellent craftsmanship of Vermont casting assures you nothing but sure durability. However, for a buyer on a tight budget, getting a Vermont Castings five burner gas grill might be quite on a high side as it ranges between $2000- $2500.

Features of the Vermont Castings Signature 524 gas grill

The craftsmanship employed in building this gas grill is almost unrivaled in terms of its consideration of outdoor usage. Vermont casting has put late night grilling into consideration when it included a LED light in the structural design of the gas grills. Isn’t that awesome? Well, that is not all as this led light comes with an adjustable feature that allows you to flex the light to the direction you want the light to shine on. The control knobs are also aesthetically designed to reflect adequate light at night as well as reveal the heat temperature so as to prevent any cooking mishaps.

In terms of space, Vermont casting signature gas grill comes with enough room to make outdoor grilling less tiring as you can get to achieve a lot per cooking surface area than any gas grill you will find in the market. With a primary cooking area of over 650 square inches as well as 230 square inches of warm racking area, it is certain that you might find it hard to find a gas grill that would beat this in terms of space. This translates to mean that you absolutely have enough cooking area to grill your steaks and prepare delicious hamburgers to the delights of your guest in a very little time. By enough space, I am talking about having enough space to grill thirty-six burgers at a time. You can scream out that ‘wow!’ again.

Is this all this gas grill has got to offer? Absolutely Not! To complement Vermont casting signature gas grill’s aesthetic features, the makers ensured that pure stainless steel materials are used to design and finish the exterior and other essential grilling components of this gas grill. The heat consistency of this gas grill must be overemphasized. Whether you are slowly grilling your tender chicken or salmon over indirect heat or whether you are going hardcore on the heat level of your steak be sure of best outcomes. The gas grill also offers you side burner where you can try some fresh vegetable or cook some sweet corn. It all depends on what you want, the spacious cooking area and the consistency in the heat level has got quite a lot than you perhaps need.

It is important to reiterate the need for product warranties and even though Vermont casting seems to be offering a lifetime warranty for this gas grills, it seems to offer about the five-year warranty on the specific part even though users have repeatedly reported the difficulties they encounter in receiving replacements. Also, the five burner gas grill wonder operatives effectively when used with natural gas or profane.

The Vermont casting signature gas grill is designed for outdoor durability with its anti-rust features, very sturdy appearance and well-balanced frame to withstand the pressure of outdoor cooking. Its durability has been tested in salt water environment and the durability of Vermont casting signature gas grills prevails itself by lasting for more than ten years in that condition when put in active use. You surely won’t be wasting a dime and you can as well consider it as an investment when you buy one of Vermont casting signature gas grills.


Everybody wants to buy top brands that offer a lot more for a lot less but this isn’t Vermont casting signature gas grills as it offers a lot more for a price so many people might see as expensive. However, the truth remains that having one of these gas grills is more of an investment that the regular liability you might incur when buying one of the cheap ones. This is essential because this gas grill seems to cater adequately for all outdoor grilling activities by offering tested solutions using excellent craftsmanship as well as technology.

Be rest assured that a single purchase of Vermont Castings gas grill will serve you for years no matter how consistent you put it to use. It is created to serve you through thick and thin. Although it is quite expensive, the price is nothing but adequate, especially when judged from the angle of all that it has got to offer, from durability to effective heat circulation and top-notch lighting system that makes grilling fun.


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