• 28/02/2021


The Ducane Affinity 4100 is a grill that is a top choice for its durable body and the features it offers. The manufacturer’s reference number is 30741101.

It has a simple but very sleek design with top-notch features that makes it one of the best gas grills. It has a grilling area of 693 square inches, which is enough space for most meals and parties. The primary cooking area measures 526 square inches, and the warming rack measures 167 square inches, they were both taken into account to get the measurement for the grill area.

Because of the size and weight of this grill, it is not considered to be a portable grill it is not as convenient to carry around compared with the other grills made for portability. It is easier to move it with the four casters attached to the bottom of the grill.

This grill has two side shelves which can come in handy when dealing with lots of ingredients and equipment. This makes it convenient for food to be prepared before grilling. This grill is no longer in production so accurate prices cannot be suggested, but the manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $399.

Features of the Ducane Affinity 4100 gas grill

This grill was designed to be used by everyone, a first-time griller or a seasoned one should not have any problems in the use of this grill. The dimensions of this grill measure as 29 * 58 * 62 inches with the lid open. This s a mid-size grill and it weighs 160 pounds. The fuel used for this grill can be either liquid propane or natural gas, depending on the type the user owns. This grill is ideal for barbequing and will produce excellent results. The heat flux of this grill is 91.25 BTU per square inch which is a better measure of determining how much heat a grill can deliver in relation to its grilling space. High temperatures can be reached on this grill without consuming too much fuel.


This grill is very sleek, simple and made for serviceability. This grill is constructed with top-notch materials that make the grill remain in good condition for a long time. The body of the grill is made of black porcelain-enameled steel which makes it resistant to rust. The sides of the grill are made of cast aluminum. The control panels and the side tables are made of stainless steel. This grill is very solid equipment, which has scratch resistant surfaces, which means it will be in good condition after extended use for a period of time.


The control knobs are located in front of the stainless steel burners and line up from left to right. The panels are made of stainless steel.


This grill has four burners that are capable of delivering the heat of up to 48,000 BTU. These burners are made of stainless steel and are very durable. The burner is turned on by electric ignition powered with the use of batteries. The cooking grates are made of ¼” stainless steel rods which are resistant to rust. This makes it easy for them to be cleaned and still retain their quality after use. The removable warming rack is standard wire racks, this is different from most grills that use a small grate. The heat distribution plates, located in the area below the cooking grates are porcelain-enameled. These plates are very large and cover most of the space below the cooking grates. This is, therefore, an advantage because of the searing quality and hotness of the surface increase with closeness to the cooking surface.

Additional Features

Some other features were added to the grill to increase its functionality, in addition to the strong and durable body this grill has. It is equipped with a grease catch pan, which is useful for gathering all the spilled grease or run-offs while preparations were made. This grill also has two locking and two swivel casters which help in easy movement of the grill. A built-in lid thermometer is pre-installed, which helps to determine the temperature of the grilling area and monitor the progress of the cooking. The stainless steel stamped warming rack keeps food at appropriate temperatures until it is needed. The NG model also has a 10 feet flexible hose.


This grill is bought with a 5-year limited warranty.

Last Words

The Ducane Affinity 4100 grill is a suitable choice whether you are grilling for just yourself or a large group of people. It will make your grilling efficient and effective. Some of the best features are summarized below:

  • The grease catch pan prevents grease and food runs off from dirtying the cooking area.
  • The built-in lid thermometer helps to estimate the cooking time and determine the desired temperature for cooking.
  • The scratch resistant surfaces and ease of cleaning of the grill keeps the grill looking good.
  • This grill has two models based on the fuel used- liquid propane and natural gas. This gives the user preference when selecting to choose the most convenient model.
  • The stainless steel stacked warming rack helps to keep food hot till when it is needed.
  • The heat delivered by the grill is adequate for grilling most foods.
  • It does not consume large amounts of fuel to get to high temperatures.
  • Even with a weight of 160 pounds, it is equipped with casters for moving it around as needed.

This grill is a simple, functional, and durable grill that is worth its suggested retail price. The grill is good for large group gatherings or just for a small group of people. The cooking space of the grill makes it easy for large quantities of food to be cooked.

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