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This is a portable gas grill that is ideal for road trips. The National Park Foundation limited edition was released in 2016 during the National Park Service centennial. It then became the official grill of the Foundation.

It is one of the most ideal gas grills for camping because of its ease of use, storage, and cleaning. It weighs 44.8 pounds which makes it easy to lift and carry and its scissors legs which are made of steel have off-road wheels that can handle any terrain and can be folded back when not in use. The grilling area is large at 285 sq. in and is capable of cooking a maximum of eight burgers at a time. The grill grates, made of cast iron and coated with porcelain are easy to clean and reduces meat sticking. The heating power which is 20,000 BTU is good relative to its size. It is equipped with Even-TempTM burners that radiate heat consistently and equally across the grill. The equipment’s dimensions are 52.5 * 20 * 13 inches and you can get your hands on it at a price range of $167.39 – $252.

Features of the Coleman RoadTrip X-cursion LXE gas grill


As the name suggests, this grill has several features that make it a good choice for tailgating, picnicking, and outdoor activities that involve grilling. Consistent performance is maintained with the PerfectFlowTM technology, which ensures satisfactory results even in extreme conditions.


The grill is attractive to look at judging from the outer design which is also very convenient and practical. The dimensions and weight of the grill make it a compact grill that is suitable for travel. The handlebar is on one of the side tables of the grill and when not in use, it folds into a neat form to become portable. This makes the use of the grill to be more hygienic as the handlebar is far away from the ground. The grill is made of plastic and stainless steel, which is astonishing because it is still very rigid and stable.


Most of the controls located in front of the grill and are easy to use and understand. The grill is propane powered and it works almost like a spark ignition engine that does not need a battery to power up. It is equipped with an InstastartTM push-button ignition for matchless lighting.


The burner is turned on by pushing the control knob 90 degrees anti-clockwise to open, the push igniter button is then pushed repeatedly until the burner lights. The level of heat desired is dialed-in on two independently adjustable burners. It gives users the opportunity for several meal options with the SwaptopTM interchangeable cooktops. This gives the option of using the grill grates either with a griddle or stove grates. It can last for up to one hour with both burners turned up to the highest while running on a 16.4-oz cylinder. The heat output is rated as 10,000 British thermal units per burner.

Additional Features

Another reason why this grill is very portable is its addition to a side table. The side table is large enough to keep the tools and ingredients close-by while cooking. This grill is ideal for making burgers and for smoking. When you are done with cooking, the DripTrapTM removable water pan would have gathered all the grease that has accumulated while cooking. It also uses NullaFlareTM technology to decrease flare-ups while cooking. This makes it easier for cleaning by just detaching the water pan and removing the grease before washing.


With the features discussed above, this grill provides great value for the price it goes for. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty for the burner and other parts. This warranty only covers manufacturing defects, and will not cover damage from use including rust. The pros and cons of this grill are summarized below:


Coleman RoadTrip X-Cursion grill is an excellent option for any activity that requires a portable grill. These are the best features of the grill:

  • It has PerfectFlowTM technology which gives excellent results. It ensures that the same quality of food is produced, even when used in extreme conditions.
  • InstastartTM push-button ignition for matchless lighting. This enables it to be easily turned on with just one push as it doesn’t require a match to light it. Although, if the grill is wet the igniter might not spark. Then, a match can be used to light the burner.
  • It can be equipped with SwaptopTM interchangeable cooktops. This gives the user several options and varieties in cooking.
  • It is equipped with a DripTrapTM removable water pan. This gathers all the grease accumulated while cooking.  It can then be easily removed from the pan and disposed of.
  • The NullaFlareTM technology works with the DripTrapTM removable water pan to reduce the flare-ups while cooking.
  • It provides more power than the other portable grills of the same variety with the burners. It has two burners that are independently adjustable and give control to two heat zones. The burners ensure heat is radiated equally across the grill.

This grill can be purchased for a price ranging from $167.39 – $252. This is a reasonable bargain for the services offered by the grill. The power delivered by this grill is higher compared to other portable models. Some things will have to be purchased separately such as the fuel canisters and the SwaptopTM cooktops. This grill is recommended for road trips and portable use since it is easy to transport.

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